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Bungie: ‘Destiny’ is the same game across all platforms

Bungie Producer Peter Parsons ensures that Destiny will deliver the same in-game content across all platforms, with resolution being the only notable differences.


I, for one, am over the moon for Destiny (and on September 9th, hopefully you will be too). The concept of a vast open interstellar frontier is alluring and magical in of itself, but when combined with online FPS RPG action it becomes a whole new delicacy altogether–one that millions of fans can’t wait to sink their teeth into.

But will next-gen gamers have all the fun, leaving Xbox 360 and PS3 owners out in the moon dust?

According to Bungie Producer Peter Parsons, the digital playing ground will be leveled-out and equal across all platforms. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners won’t be getting huge boosts of extra content–things will be even-Steven. But of course there will be leaps in graphical fidelity between the console generations which is rightly to be expected.

Destiny shoot the moon

In a recent interview with Game Master (spotted courtesy of Reddit) Parsons affirmed that Bungie had a very specific stance on keeping content for current- and next-gen consoles on an even keel. This platform equality is very important to the studio, and Bungie was able to pull this off by some clever usage of what they call “ambitious technologies”.

“Hopefully players will be pleasantly surprised by how appealing it is on [last generation hardware]“, Parsons began.

“It’s the same game, that was hugely important to us. Part of some of the really big, ambitious technologies set up for this… all of this lives on one set of servers. There’s one world that we’re building, and that is extended out to multiple platforms.”

While Destiny is indeed proportionate across PS4 and Xbox One, Parsons continues by discussing some of the ways Bungie is taking advantage of the PlayStation 4’s unique features including the DualShock 4’s lightbar.

“We’re taking advantage of the cool things Sony’s doing with the [PS4] platform. The Share feature’s great – I love that thing,” Parsons added.

“We’re also doing some cool lightbar stuff that’s extremely subtle. If you didn’t look for it you wouldn’t see it: when your health’s low it’s pulsing red, when your super’s ready it’s flashing yellow, when you go into Hive areas it’s pale green. A lot of people aren’t going to notice it but it makes the experience richer, and when the fans notice that stuff we love it.”

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This news is great for last-gen gamers who might have been worried about missing out on some extra playtime. Even some next-gen games like Watch Dogs are being packed in with an extra hour of platform-exclusive content, but that won’t be the case here.

PS4 and Xbox One owners on the other hand are raising their eyebrows and questioning how much better Destiny could have been if it was a next-gen exclusive. Bungie catering to both sides fits in line with Activision’s strong multi-platform stance but this can also be a double-edged sword especially considering many gamers aim to pick up new console hardware for the expansive Fall lineup.

In any case, the renown creators of Halo assure us that their new creation will be an epic adventure across the stars set in the tune of sci-fi MMOFPS splendor, and they’ve done everything in their power to make sure all gamers across all platforms enjoy it.

Bungie is expected to deliver more details on Destiny at this year’s E3 Expo, and is slated for a release on Sept. 9, 2014. Remember that pre-ordering the game locks you into Destiny’s open beta scheduled to begin in July.

Source: Reddit

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