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Bye-bye Gallardo, sexy will never be the same again

The Lamborghini Gallardo took its final bow recently as the last of its kind was driven off the factory floor.


The final Lamborghini Gallardo drove off the production line recently, marking an end to one of the Italian car maker’s most successful run.

Initially, the Italian automaker was churning out just 250 of these 5.0-liter V10 pick-her-upper a year.  As the Gallardo brand caught on, however, the factory vamped up its production to 2,000 of these sexy machines a year.

Ten years later, and the last bright red Gallardo, marked as 14,022, made its way off the factory floor and into the hands of someone who, hopefully, will drive the hell out of it.

Lamborghini has been teasing car enthusiasts with the supposed Gallardo-replacement for quite some time.  It’s sad to see the Gallardo go, but if the renderings and leaks of the supposed Cabrera are accurate, then Lamborghini is doing exactly what it needs to do to fill the void.

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