Distracted driving rules in California were first put in place in 2006, but a court has admitted that times have changed and the laws should be updated. 

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A California court has ruled that checking maps or navigation on your mobile phone while driving isn’t against the law.

This comes after Steven Spriggs, a driver, was fined $165 for using his mobile phone for navigation while stuck in heavy traffic. He was found guilty of breaching California State laws regarding distracted driving, was fined accordingly, but decided to appeal the fine.

The driver’s appeal worked.

A court ruling on the case claimed that times have changed since these laws were originally put to place back in 2006.

“When the statute was enacted in 2006, most wireless telephones were just that—a telephone—rather than an electronic device with multiple functions,” an excerpt from the ruling read.

Spriggs was naturally quite relieved by this verdict and claimed that he was against people texting or talking on the phone while driving.

 “If our distractions cause us to drive erratically, we should be arrested for driving erratically,” he is quoted as saying.

This could be a landmark judgment by the court which would allow users to navigate to their desired destination using their smartphone without fearing the authorities.

Via: Ars Technica


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