The latest patch for Call of Duty: Ghosts drops its earlier 6GB RAM requirement for Windows, and introduces a number of new multiplayer-related features.


Call of Duty:Ghosts doesn’t exactly have the graphical quality that would require so much memory: the game barely uses 2GB of memory at any point of time, and a crack introduced after the game was launched has allowed some gamers to play on systems with less than 6GB.

Sure, a couple of maps (both single player and multiplayer) are quite large, but the texture detail is rather abysmal for a “next-gen” game (unsurprising considering Infinity Ward used the same game engine as used in previous games, except for upgrading it in a few areas), making the 6GB RAM requirement a rather unneeded one in the first place.

While an official changelog isn’t available, the patch also adds eSports rules to the game and and a new Broadcaster mode, which allows users to record videos from first-person, third-person, and over-the-shoulder viewpoints. The update comes in at around 400MB, and is now available on Steam, so if that 6GB RAM requirement has kept you waiting, well, you know what to do.



Source: Reddit, Infinity Ward