Call of Duty: Ghosts gets a new co-op multiplayer mode called ‘Extinction’ in which players must fend off a horde of aliens.


The Call of Duty games developed by Treyarch have included the fan favorite Zombies mode even since World at War, which was released back in 2008. However, Infinity Ward never went out of their way to include a more goofy side in their own internally developed Call of Duty titles. It looks like that is about to change with Call of Duty: Ghosts. 

A new co-op multiplayer mode has been announced for the highly anticipated blockbuster. Titled “Extinction”, the mode sees teams of four stand off against extraterrestrial invaders in a survival focused horde mode style reminiscent of the Zombies mode of previous Call of Duty games. The news may not come as a surprise to some, seeing as how leaked videos of the mode have been making the rounds at youtube for the past 3 weeks or so. The team over at Infinity Ward, however, have finally made it official with a trailer showing off what players can expect from this new offering.

From what we’ve seen so far, it seems that the pace of Extinction mode will be much quicker than what fans are used to. These foes are super quick, and they can climb on buildings, so players will have to be wary of incoming threats from all sides this time around.

There’s just a few days left before the game’s 5th November launch date, so it won’t be long before gamers everywhere get a chance to shoot some aliens in the face.

Source: Destructoid