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Canadian Mountie shoots wife over Wii bet

The Nintendo Wii is serious business in Canada, where a Canadian Mountie ended up shooting his wife over a sex-bet they made over a video game.


The Nintendo Wii has seen some strange headlines since its debut in 2005, but this one is making a claim for the strangest, and possibly most tragic. Keith Wiens, a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, shot his wife over a game of Wii, or rather, over the consequences of a bet he made with his wife during the game: That the loser would have to pay up in foreplay.

Wiens told a jury in  British Columbia that he was acting in self defense and that his wife, Lynn Kalmring, had attacked him on the fateful night in August of 2011. The couple were drunk at the time and had been making sexual wagers with each other, which then led to a rapidly escalating argument.

Wiens eventually went upstairs to go to bed and encountered several sex toys which had been placed there. He brushed them aside, apparently not in the mood for sexual activity because he had a golf game early the next day. “He said Kalmring became upset when she saw that he was not in the mood to settle the bet,” reported the Penticton Western News.


Remember Due South? Good show.

Kalmring accused Wiens of not being attracted to her anymore, and though Wiens says he assured her that was not the case, she rushed out, went to the kitchen, and got a knife. At this point, Wiens armed himself, apparently fearing for his life. Kalmring then supposedly rushed him and he shot her in the head.

A forensic pathologist testified that he believed the knife had been placed in her hand after death, because she would likely have dropped it when she was shot.

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