Canon is rumoured to be announcing two new DSLRs, the 600D and the 1100D, at the CP+ show in Japan in February.

But get too excited just yet because according to the rumoured specs, nothing much has been changed.

The 600D will get the now-familiar 18-megapixel sensor which is found in the 550D, 60D and 7D, a 3.7 frames per second burst rate and DiGiC IV processor. Also like the 60D, the 600D will get the 3-inch Vari-Angle LCD screen.

The 1100D on the other hand, will be getting a 12-megapixel sensor and DiGiC IV processor as well and will not be getting the Vari-Angle LCD screen. However, it will be available in red and black, which is interesting as it is uncommon for Canon to release DSLRs available in more than one colour, which is black most of the time.

Another interesting thing to note, there will be a redesign of the model nameplate too. Although there is no mention a price, I am led to believe that the 1100D will be in the sub-S$1000 range, making it a direct competitor of the Nikon D3100.