The Canon Expo 2011 is officially opened today, and marked the last stop of the Canon Expo global tour following the events which took place in New York, Paris and Tokyo during September-November last year. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

Hideki Ozawa, managing director of Canon Inc., president and CEO, Canon (China), gave an opening speech and said that it was a prompt time for the company to have this type of big, comprehensive global expo for the Asian region.

"Asia is becoming the world's new economic centre and its growth have become the power engine of the global economy. It is for sure Asian market have become bigger and it is the reason why it is important to the contribution to Canon's growth. By taking the opportunity of this expo, we would like to let you know of what Canon is all about and also to give our agreement to strengthen our business in Asia," Ozawa said.

Asia's superstar Jackie Chan was at the ribbon-cutting ceremony with Fujio Mitarai, chairman and CEO of Canon Group; Jing Dunquan, vice chariman of The Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, vice chairman of Sino-Japan Friendship Association; Tsuneji Uchida, president and COO, Canon Group; Jane Le, president and chairman of Le Bao Minh, Vietnam; Irwan Kamdani, president director, PT DataScript, Indonesia; and Hideki (Howard) Ozawa, managing director of Canon Inc., president and CEO, Canon (China), to officiate the opening of the Canon Expo 2011 at Shanghai International Convention Center. 

Chan was appointed the publicity ambassador of the Canon Expo 2011.


The Canon Expo 2011 in Shanghai is presented to visitors in the shape of a luxury cruise ship. The “Canon Imaging Voyage”, and various exhibition areas are designed to be reminiscent of a cruise ship, including the “Main Deck” and “Captain’s office”.