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Canon Introduces Brightest LV-7590 Projector

Canon IV7590G

The latest Canon LV-7590 claims to be the brightest projector designed for huge venues such as office boardrooms, ballrooms and even auditoriums. It can deliver 1800:1 contrast ratio, 7000 lumens of brightness and comes with a range of five interchangeable lenses.

Canon has unveiled LV-7590, the brightest addition to its LV Series of LCD projectors. Replacing the existing LV-7585, the new LV-7590 delivers 7000 lumens of brightness making it the brightest Canon projector to date. Equipped with an improved 1800:1 contrast ratio, Automatic Gamma Adjustment capabilities and a new in-built Colour Control Device, the Canon LV-7590 is set to lead the range of Canon LV series projectors. 

A New Level of Clarity: The Canon LV-7590
Improving on the traditional LCD panels, the LV-7590 comes with a new Colour Control Device, which adds yellow to the traditional red, green and blue colour panels of LCD projectors. This new Colour Control Device independently controls yellow components, adjusting the quantity of yellow light and automatically selecting for brightness of colour reproduction, ensuring precise colour reproduction. In addition, the projector has an advanced Colour Management feature that provides manual control over specific hues. Up to eight different variations can be stored at once, making this an ideal tool for situations where fine tuning colour is a must.

This new model also features the Automatic Gamma Adjustment, a picture-control function that monitors average brightness on a frame-by-frame basis and adjusts gamma levels accordingly for greater emphasis of black tones, added clarity and sharper text.

Suitable for Any Room or Venue: Providing More Options and Flexibility
Catering to the most challenging environment, the new LV-7590 comes with a range of five interchangeable lenses, ensuring that every installation scenario is covered. When purchasing the LV-7590, customers will be able to select the lens that best fits their needs.

These optional lenses include:
Ultra Wide-Angle Lens (LV-IL01)
Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (LV-IL02)
Long-Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL03)
Ultra Long-Focus Zoom Lens (LV-IL04)
1.3x Zoom Lens (LV-IL05)

The LV-7590 comes with a powered lens-shit function that enables projection from tight angles when placed upright or in its vertical position.1 User-adjustable vertical and horizontal digital keystone correction is also available. Due to its flexible design, the LV-7590 can even be used for more unusual installations, such as projecting vertically downwards onto the floor.

The projector comes with multiple image modes that provide the user with a wide range of display settings, to suit the user’s needs. The four selectable Image modes available are: Standard, High Contrast, Cinema (video) and Custom (computer/video).

The Canon LV-7590 also displays content in either the standard 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, and even provides the option to customize aspect ratio settings for specialised imaging.

Projector Control and Connectivity
The projector features a range of the latest industry-standard connections, including a 5BNC terminal and a DVI-D (HDCP) high-speed interface that offers an all-digital connection between the LV-7590 and an input source.  Video signals supported include 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480i, while digital computer signals include (but are not limited to) SXGA, WXGA and XGA.

The LV-7590 is also equipped with an audio output for relaying audio to external speakers. This is particularly useful when a DVD or PC-input source is linked to the projector.

Low Maintenance, Low Energy Consumption
The Canon LV-7590 comes with an integrated auto-cleaning air filter with a service life of up to 10,000 hours, significantly reducing the projector’s maintenance requirements. In addition, the LV-7590’s Fan Control automatically monitors and adjusts according to the room temperature thereby reducing energy consumption.

The LV-7590 has been specifically designed to perform quietly at a low volume of 40dB. Perfect for meetings, the ‘Silent Mode’ reduces fan noise even further to an ultra-quiet 35dB, which is perfect for smaller rooms and situations that require minimum distraction.

Another useful addition to the LV-7590 is the new Mechanical Shutter feature that covers the lens completely, eliminating unwanted light leakage when there is no video data to display.

Pricing and availability
The new Canon LV-7590 is available at authorised Canon dealers at the retail price of S$9,900. The five interchangeable lenses are sold separately.

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