Carmageddon is Back

Several months ago, we received news that Stainless Games received rights back for the Carmageddon franchise. The team went on Kickstarter to find some funding and lo and behold, they beat the goal with 10 days to go.

Without any doubt, crowdfunding might represent the biggest threat to the current concept of venture funding, and in terms of computer games – publisher sponsored, or publisher backed development. The team behind the Carmageddon, ultra-volatile driving game managed to gather the required $400,000 in just couple of days. With 10 days remaining, the team reached its goal and will be funded on June 6th.

Over 11,000 people backed the game, and looking into profile of backers, there was an interesting presence of high backers – two pledged more than $10,000, while the amount of people that pledged with over a $1,000 investment (for a computer game) reached 20 investors in total.

Time will tell did those people made a wise or emotional investment, but if you are a software or even hardware developer (e-Ink watch, for example), taking the traditional route of banks and venture capital backers just might not be the right choice for your project.