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Case review : Corsair Graphite 600T

The interior of the Corsair 600T case is all dark, down to the case cables and thumbscrews, with the exception of the two 200mm fans. This is probably as dark as a case’s interior may ever get. The motherboard tray is cut behind the CPU area, allowing the installation of large CPU coolers without having to remove the motherboard from the case.

The area at the left and bottom sides of the motherboard tray is littered with oval shaped holes covered by rubber grommets, allowing the routing of most, if not all, cables behind the motherboard tray.

Two of the exhaust fans can be found mounted inside the case. The rear fan is a standard 120mm fan rated at 1200RPM maximum speed and the top fan is a clear 200mm white LED fan rated at 800RPM maximum speed.

A total of six HDD trays are present at the lower front part of the case, divided between two cages. The top cage is removable and held into place by two black thumbscrews, while the lower cage is not. By removing the top tray the user can also install very, very long PCIe cards; that long that none are commercially available today. The HDD trays are made out of plastic but they have anti-vibration rubber rings and their quality is acceptable.

The PSU area can be seen at the bottom rear part of the case. A movable metallic bracket holds the back of the unit installed, which we would love to see it improved by implementing rubber or any other soft component as the hard metal will certainly put a couple of dents on the PSU.

The second clear 200mm white LED fan is mounted at the front of the case, cooling all of the HDDs and serving as the system’s main intake altogether.

Our ICTT system fits inside the Corsair 600T case with ease. Plenty of room is being left for working inside the case and for cable routing and management, even with the most complex of systems and when using water-cooling solutions.

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