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Samsung goes to great lengths to highlight Galaxy S6 durability, but drop test refutes claims

Not just any drop test, but one conducted using a professional machine and pitting the non-edgy GS6 against Apple’s iPhone 6. What, because Samsung effectively quashed Galaxy S6 Edge “Bendgate” speculation, you figured the endurance controversy was over? Think again, as a newly emerged sturdiness experiment delivers quite the vexing

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Is the Galaxy S6 Edge prone to easy, ‘daily’ bending? Not according to Samsung

The company's “official” three-point bend test shows both the S6 and S6 Edge gracefully handling 80 pounds of pressure applied to their front and back sides. You didn't really think Samsung would let extended warranty service provider SquareTrade slander the build quality of the first half-metal/half-glass Galaxy flagships in history

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