• Epson updates new iPrint app for Android users

    Epson has released the new version of their iPrint app which allows Android smartphone and tablet users to conveniently print their documents, web pages and images to selected Epson inkjet printers with just a few touch. Free to download, the new application supports online cloud services like, Dropbox and Evernote.

  • Google South Korea office gets raided by Korean regulators

    South Korean regulators has raided Google office and from news reports, the reasons weren't clear. However, the country's top two Internet companies have filed complaints with the Korean Fair Trade Commission (KFTC) in April, accusing Google of stifling competition in the local mobile phone search market.

  • New update for Angry Birds Seasons – Mooncake Festival

    The Angry Birds Seasons has been rather quiet with no new update until few days ago. Well, there are only so many festivities in a year and we would assume that there won't be any more to add to the game. The good folks at Rovio has announced the new "Mooncake Festival" stages for Angry Birds fans.

  • Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray pre-orders began; retails on 9 September in Singapore

    Sony Ericsson has a booth at the COMEX Show 2011, located on level 6, hall 602, booth number 6341, to showcase their current offerings which include the Xperia Arc, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro and Xperia Play. But if you were at their booth, you would notice a banner that says taking pre-orders of the Xperia

  • Samsung refreshes Galaxy S II and Galaxy Tab 8.9 with hardware support for 4G LTE

    There is no denying that the Galaxy S II is one of the better smartphones on the market today, but leave it to Samsung to kick the S II's 'awesome' factor up by yet another notch with its recent announcement. Apparently, the Korean Electronics giant has revealed its plans to showcase a variant of its

  • Upcoming Galaxy W smartphone shows off its (white) rear

    Samsung may have announced its plans to release a chunk of new additions to its bestselling Galaxy line of smartphones, but one aspect which the Korean electronics giant has seemingly kept mum on is about the availability of various colour choices for the new smartphones, if at all. And as luck would have it, it

  • Toshiba to release an ‘iPad-killer’ at IFA 2011?

    Even though it has already released a handful of tablets for sale, Toshiba remains relatively unknown in this particular market segment, although it seems that the Japanese electronics company about to make an attempt to change that situation. Apparently, word has it that Toshiba is planning to release an 'iPad-killer' of sorts come IFA 2011,

  • Lenovo Singapore unveils 3G version of K1 and ThinkPad Android tablets

    It was only last month when Lenovo launched the K1 Android tablet that comes with Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor and 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity in Singapore. Today, the company unveiled the 3G version of K1 and the highly anticipated ThinkPad Android tablets.

  • SoftBank announces availability of 009SH smartphone in Japan

    Mobile phones produced by Japanese manufacturers seldom, if ever find themselves being put up for sale on retail shelves in other countries, but that does not mean that people from all over the world cannot drool about how the Japanese always seem to have a knack for producing some extremely well-designed handsets. That being said,

  • More images of HTC’s Bliss smartphone show up online

    Remember the stories we had ran about HTC's upcoming ladies-centric Bliss smartphone for the ladies? Well, it seems like the trickle of information about that particular smartphone is not about to run dry any time soon, and the latest piece of news seems to confirm that fact, for some decent-looking (i.e, non-Blurrycam) images of the

  • ZTE shows off 4G-capable smartphone in China

    4G-capable mobile networks are not expected to see mass deployment any time soon, but if anything, it is clear that smartphone manufacturers are already gunning up to ensure that their products will be capable of taking advantage of such wireless communication technology when 4G networks are eventually made available to consumers. And from the looks

  • Images of a Coolpad N950 smartphone show up in China

    Are you 'cool' enough to own a smartphone? Apparently not, especially if you have not heard about this new smartphone that is currently making its rounds in China. Known as the Coolpad N950, this new smartphone, which is apparently powered by Google's Android operating system, is reportedly designed for business users who desire a phone

  • Images of LG’s upcoming Enlighten smartphone show up online

    Have you heard of an upcoming LG smartphone known as the Enlighten? Apparently, some details about this mystery phone was first leaked onto the Internet way back in the early parts of August, although that information was limited to little more than a solitary image and a specifications sheet. And today, it seems that the

  • SingPet iPhone and Android app now available

    If you are pet owner, you probably would have heard of SingPet online pet centre which was started by a company of veterinarians and vet nurses, who wanted to bring great prices and convenience to pet owners. And recently, SingPet has launched the free-to-download app for iPhone and Android devices.

  • Sharp announces availability of new RW-T107 enterprise tablet

    With more users attempting to blur the lines between enterprise and personal computing, it should be of little surprise that OEMs are starting to pitch typical personal computing devices like tablets as tools which are suitable for enterprise use after a few tweaks to its feature set. And it seems that Sharp is all set

  • Sony Ericsson announces availability of new Live With Walkman smartphone

    Can't live without having those earphone plugged into a mobile phone or portable media player while on the move, even if the commute from one place to another is extremely short? If so, there will be much to look forward to, especially if you are a fan of Sony Ericsson's smartphones, for the company has

  • LG announces availability of new Optimus Sol smartphone

    Have you had enough of LG's Optimus One, Optimus 2X, Optimus Black and Optimus 3D smartphones that have been making headlines all over the Internet in recent months? Well, the good news is that the Korean electronics company has got yet another Optimus-branded smartphone up its sleeves which it reportedly plans to release for sale

  • Android-powered Hello Kitty smartphone shows up in Japan

    Another day, another interesting piece of consumer electronics-related news from the Land of the Rising Sun. And this time, the whole hoo-ha comes in the form of the world's most popular cat without a mouth from Sanrio endorsing a smartphone that is produced by Sharp and is powered by Google's Android operating system. Kind of

  • unveils new Android app and revamped WAP portal for job seekers

    Need to look for a job in a hurry? Well, don't worry, there is an app for that, and it comes in the form of's new Android app which reportedly allows both employers and jobseekers to search got candidates and jobs respectively while on the move. According to, the aim is to provide

  • Forget Google phones; SoftBank unveils “Yahoo Phone” in Japan

    So the Android operating system is a hit and even Google wants to get in to the game by releasing the occasional 'Google phone' that boasts premium hardware and access to the latest firmware version of Android. But for a smartphone OEM to churn out a “Yahoo Phone”? Don't be surprised, but that is exactly