• Apple’s new iMac’s uses Intel’s Z68 chipset

      You got to love iFixit, it's barely a day since Apple announced its Sandy Bridge based iMac's and we already have a full teardown of the 21.5-inch iMac. Although much of the bits inside didn't hold any real surprises, we almost choked on our dinner when we read “Intel BD82Z68 Platform Controller Hub”. Yes,

  • JCE unveils high definition mobile social game “Rule the Sky” for Apple iPad

    JCE has announced their first mobile social game, "Rule the Sky", in US two weeks ago. And the company has launched the high definition version of the game for the Apple iPad. "Rule the Sky" is available for download in the Apple Store.

  • Apple white iPhone 4 arrives in Singapore tomorrow, followed by iPad 2

    Apple has said that the iPad 2 will be available in Singapore in April. And till now, the product is yet to be on sale. Today, the company has issued a release that indicates that the iPad 2 will be retailing this Friday. Better yet, the white version of the iPhone 4 will be selling

  • MacBook clone running Android OS selling at US$76

    A Macbook Air clone has been spotted in China, and it looks to be running Android operating system. But the most appealing factor is not the design or the OS; it is selling at an affordable US$76. Read on for the details.

  • Awind McTiVia Review

    Ever wanted to watch this interesting video online or show off your game scores you have on your desktop on the flatscreen in your living room? Well, you can drag your system out from your room and connect it to your flatscreen display in the living room. Or just get McTiVia. Today, we lay our

  • Glass-free 3D on the Apple iPad 2? Yes, it is possible

    The Apple iPad 2 does not come with 3D display technology, but from the folks at Engineering Human-Computer Interaction Research, it is possible to achieve glass-free 3D effect on the tablet device. Read on for the details.

  • Chacha launches new iPhone app with new UI and location-based features

    Real-time question and answer service provider Chacha has launched their new iPhone app that sports a refreshed look and offers location-based features. Besides asking questions, user can also see "live" questions being asked in his or her vicinity.

  • Apple to introduce its own proprietary version of USB3.0 and DisplayPort?

    Once again, leave it to Apple to throw existing standards out of the window by choosing to implement its own ports which attempt to combine two interfaces into a single “hybrid port”. And according to the latest patent awarded to the Cupertino giant, it seems that the next 'hybrid port' that is expected to debut

  • Apple’s 7th generation iPod nano may come with built-in camera

    A leaked photo from a Taiwanese Apple-related blog,, shows an iPod Nano with a camera hole. If that is believed to be true, this means that the portable digital media player could also take videos (and even images) like its 5th generation sibling.

  • Latest OS X Lion developer preview features new ‘About This Mac’ windows

    With OS X Lion well on schedule for its eventual release, it will be of little surprise that the occasional screenshot leak of Apple's upcoming operating system will eventually start making its rounds around the depths on cyverspace. Indeed, the latest leaks seem to indicate that certain features in Lion will now be presented in

  • Apple posts job openings for iOS mapping application developers

    Well, it seems like the whole 'Apple vs Google' saga is about to enter the next stage, especially after both companies have been reported to be attempting to foil each other's business acquisitions through various methods. And with Apple posting of job openings for iOS map application developers, could this be a sign that the

  • Apple iPad 2 coming to Singapore next month

    Apple have announced the iPad 2 earlier this month, and while it is already retailing in US, the tablet is making its way to Asia too. And Singapore is one of the countries to get it. In case you're asking when? The iPad 2 is set to arrive in April next month. 

  • New Apple iPhone ads look to mock indirectly at users who do not own one

    Apple has a new iPhone ad which shows that if you do not have an iPhone, you cannot do a lot of things. Somewhat indirectly mocking users who do not own the phone and missing out on the wonders of what the iPhone can bring. Read on.

  • Rumour: iPad 3 to debut in September this year?

    Sure, Apple's iPad 2 has just been released to widespread fanfare across the world, but it seems that the Cupertino giant is not about to stand still, especially with the competition in the tablet space is starting to heat up. Once again, leave it to the rumour mill to churn out a never-ending stream of

  • Apple iPad 2 selling at an outrageous US$2,000 in Hong Kong

    If you think US$900 for the first spot in line to buy the Apple iPad 2 is ridiculous, in Hong Kong, the tablet device is going for US$2,000. (The 64GB Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi+3G is selling for US$829).  

  • Apple’s iPhone 5 will not support NFC technology

    When so many websites devoted to sniffing out rumours about Apple's upcoming products seem to agree on a certain point, it is almost always the truth, right? Well, apparently not: the rumour that Apple will be supporting NFC in its upcoming iPhone 5 has seemingly been debunked by reports claiming that the Cupertino giant has

  • Woman sells her first spot in Apple iPad 2 queue for US$900

    If the Apple iPad 2 is going to be selling at a store near you, will you queue and later sell your spot for cash? Well, one college student did, after waiting in line for approximately 41 hours, and for US$900.

  • White Apple iPhone 4 coming in April. For real?

    The white version of the iPhone 4 was rumored to launch for the longest time and until now, there has not been any official word from Apple about this. The last known news was that it should be available around end February, but it looks like that the phone will be delayed until next month, according to

  • Apple releases iOS 4.3 update

    Apple today has push their iOS 4.3 for all users running on later iOS device hardwares. First mentioned last week at Apple's iPad special media event, you can now update your iOS device to iOS 4.3 through iTunes.

  • Apple 64GB iPhone 4 prototype spotted

    A prototype 64GB Apple iPhone 4 has reportedly been leaked from Foxconn factory in China, but don't expect to see it on retail shelves soon. It could just be a phone for test purposes and not for sale.