• Last minute MacBook Pro rumours

      The MacBook Pro rumours continue to appear all over the web and the latest one bring with them some additional details that may or may not prove to be true, although it seems like we won't have to wait too long to find out what's true and what's not. On top of that, Intel

  • Apple scheduled media event to unveil iPad 2 on 2nd March?

    Numerous reports have surfaced suggesting that the California-based tech giants have plans for a media event on 2nd March to introduce the much-anticipated next-generation iPad. Update: The rumours are true, Apple has started to send out invites.

  • Refreshed 13-inch MacBook Pro specs leaked, Intel’s Light Peak known as Thunderbolt?

    Earlier today, leaked photos and specs of Apple's upcoming 13-inch MacBook Pro hit the Internet and through the leaked images, we discover this shocking symbol. Is that Light Peak? Well…

  • No delay of iPad 2 and iPhone 5?

    Just yesterday, there were a pair of analyst reports that suggests Apple's upcoming iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will see a delay on their launches due to "issues" with production. But now, there is a chorus of denials on those claims.

  • Apple iPad 2 shipments delayed from April to June?

    Apple's upcoming next-generation iPad is expected to be announced later this month and shipped out to consumers' hands by April. But according to a note, the iPad may be delayed from April to June.

  • New MacBook Pro to be lighter, have larger trackpads and dedicated SSD to boot Mac OS X?

    Yes, as mentioned in the (mouthful) title of this news, these are the latest rumours to the upcoming MacBook Pro that is expected to drop on us later this week. A lighter machine with larger trackpad and a dedicated SSD just to store and boot the Mac OS X?

  • Mac OS X Lion to feature a “Safe Deposit Box”?

    Not much new features have been known to the public prior to the expected Summer release of Apple's upcoming OS, Mac OS X Lion. Besides Launchpad, Mac App Store, Mission Control and full-screen enabled apps, what else is installed for us in Lion? According to reports, Apple has patented an application. Is that headed for Lion

  • Largest Apple retail store to open in Shanghai?

    If you have been following closely on "Apple retail store" related news, you would have heard about the largest Apple retail store to be located in Manhattan's Grand Central Terminal in the States. But now, it seems like Apple have set their eyes on China instead to build the largest Apple store.

  • Apple to adopt Light Peak soon?

    Various hardware vendors have already adopted USB 3.0 as the choice for the next-generation high speed connection. Nowadays, USB 3.0 peripherals and computers have started popping up but Apple has yet to adapt it? A report is now pointing that Apple will adopt Light Peak instead of USB 3.0 for its products "in the near future".

  • Apple’s iOS Subscription Policies Investigated

    A new report claims that Apple's App store subscription policies are being examined by US regulating authorities. Read on.

  • Jetstar Airways to offer in-flight iPad rentals

    Perhaps the first of its kind around the world, Australia's Jetstar Airways is going to offer in-flight iPad rentals on every aircraft in its fleet starting as early as April. And you can experience all of the fun that Apple's tablet can offer on-board for a mere AUD$10.

  • Five new MacBook Pro models to arrive next week?

    A new series of claims have surfaced and continues to point to tightening supplies of the current-generation MacBook Pro line. The latest rumour is that the upcoming refresh of Apple's MacBook Pro line could arrive as early as late next week.

  • NYTimes: “Apple is not currently developing a smaller iPhone”

    Contrary to reports published by Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times published a report that claims that Apple is not planning to launch a smaller iPhone. However, they did report that Apple is planning on launching a cheaper iPhone.

  • Apple iPhone 4 awarded “Best Mobile Device” at MWC

    You can say that the Mobile World Congress isn't one of Apple's territory; arguably more of an Android-centric affair this year. But despite the lack of appearance of the iPhone makers, the company was awarded the award "Best Mobile Device" for the iPhone 4.

  • Transform your iPhone 4 from black to white

    Do you happen to own a black iPhone 4 and still have a burning desire for the white one? Well, there are several options out there. You can strip your phone apart and change the panels from a third-party supplier. Or, you can consider a vinyl decal.

  • MagicWand magically ‘stitches’ your Apple Magic Trackpad and Wireless Keyboard into a single input device

    Now that Apple has both a wirelesss keyboard and a Magic Trackpad which both feature near identical design philosophies, it should be only natural that users would attempt to pair both devices together as a single piece of hardware for maximum aesthetic appeal. And while Twelve South's new MagicWand accessory does not exactly make use

  • Windows Phone 7 Connector: Now Available for OS X

    What are the odds that a loyal Mac user would actually think of using a smartphone that comes with Windows Phone 7 preloaded on it and not iOS? Well, apparently Microsoft thinks that the number is high enough: after all, why else would the software giant's Windows Phone 7 Connector software app for Windows Phone

  • What is Apple planning for MobileMe?

    While the Wall Street Journal has previously reported that Apple is planning to revamp its MobileMe to include a cloud-based media streaming service to iOS devices, it seems that the Cupertino giant has more things planned up their sleeves.

  • iPhone 5 to look like this?

    With rumours of the next iPhone to include a 4-inch display floating up recently and other reports of the iPhone 5 without the home button, how exactly will the next-generation iPhone look like?

  • MacBook Pros available in early March?

      There are reports that the new MacBook Pros, which are due for refreshment, had already undergone production and that volume shipment will begin as soon as the start of March.