• Soltek EQ3801 nForce3 250Gb SFF

    Soltek officially launched its EQ3801 series, the First NVIDIA nForce3-250Gb based mini barebone system available to the market. Featuring the next-generation architecture complementing the latest AMD Athlon 64 CPUs, the EQ3801 series offers an unparalleled range of system performance and media processing abilities. The EQ3801 series adopt Nvidia nFORCE 3 250GB chipset, and support AMD

  • Shuttle New SS56L & SK83G XPCs

    Shuttle is proud to announce the XPC SS56L. This slickly styled, value-enhanced SFF computer delivers 800MHz FSB, DDR400 compatibility and powerful integrated graphics capabilities. Advanced Real 256E integrated graphics, the SiS661FX-based XPC SS56L offers incredible value and performance, while blending seamlessly into nearly any environment. Further, SiS® HyperStreaming™ technology offers low latency, concurrency, pipelining, real-time

  • Shuttle XPC Case Modding Kits

    Shuttle Inc, a leading designer and manufacturer of SFF computers, accessories and motherboards, has announced the latest addition to the company’s popular line of XPC Accessory peripherals and upgrade kits — the PN15 Wireless LAN Module. This fully IEEE802.11g standards compliant, user-installable kit makes setting up peer-to-peer and access point networks a snap. In addition

  • Soltek Qbic 2004 Spring Collections

    Combining the beautiful profile, the ingenious artwork, and the superlative body quality, Qbic 2004 Spring Collections announces the arrival of a brand new life style. The brave, unconventional colors and a wide array of panels distinguish Qbic Spring Collections from others. The quietness, coolness, and stability make it an unforgettable experience using Qbic. In addition

  • Soltek Qbic Mirror White Series

    Soltek Qbic now has a new look combining the elegant mirror-finish front panel with pure white chassis. While the Mirror-Black Qbic delivers a sedate and elegant impression, the new Mirror-White Qbic keeps the elegancy but adds the new flavor of purity into the design. The new Mirror White Qbic is a new option to match

  • EPoX eX5 Mini Me Review

    Today, we have in our test labs the eX5 Mini Me. “The Mini what?!”, you may ask. (Does Austin Powers pop into your mind?) The Mini Me is Epox’s new SFF PC. How does Epox’s first foray into the SFF market compare to similar offerings from Shuttle, Aopen and Soldam? Let’s find out…

  • FIC Ice-Cube Athlon 64 SFF

    FIC announces a cool new twist to our popular and award winning Ice-Cube. The FIC Ice-Cube now supports the latest Athlon 64 CPUs using NVIDIA’s nForce3 chipset. NVIDIA’s nForce3 provides a core system technology that delivers maximum performance, reliability, and compatibility for the 64-bit computing environments enabled by the Athlon 64 platform. The new Athlon

  • Sun Offers Free AMD Opteron Servers

    Sun Microsystems today announced the Java Enterprise Developer Promotion for the Sun Developer Network community. The promotion includes a free AMD Opteron-based server plus extensive tools, support and services to develop and test enterprise applications. This announcement marks the first time Sun developers have been able to get hardware, software and development tools from a

  • Shuttle XPC Zen (ST62K)

    Shuttle has introduced the XPC Zen (ST62K). Built around the revolutionary ATI RADEON 9100 chipset, this highly-advanced SFF computer delivers leading-edge integrated graphics performance and redefines the standard for low-noise, low-temperature operation. This completely new, re-engineered SFF computer delivers slick consumer styling and incredible integrated graphics performance. Further, with support for Intel Pentium® 4 and

  • TYAN Transport GX21 1U Rackmount

    Tyan® today launched the Transport GX21 series, robust multi-purpose server systems designed for the 1U rackmount. Designed with accessible features in a compact 21.5" deep chassis, the Transport GX21 servers are user-friendly systems engineered for a variety of mission critical server needs. The systems feature Hot-Swappable Serial ATA drive bays, front and rear access USB

  • AOpen Mini-PCs Plans

    AOpen expects to deliver 500,000 mini-PCs this year, 20 times the 25,000 units sold in 2003. AOpen extended its production to notebook computers in early 2003 and then mini-PCs in October. Mini-PCs are mainly sold in the clone market, with global demand estimated at one million to 1.2 million units for this year. Apart from

  • Shuttle Silent X PSU For SFF

    Shuttle is proud to announce the arrival of Silent X, a family of computer heat and noise reduction technologies designed exclusively for Shuttle’s XPC line of SFF computers. The Silent X 250W PSU is available immediately as an integrated component in select XPC models. It’s also available as a value-added upgrade for Shuttle’s G and

  • Soltek Qbic IQ3601/IQ3602 Barebones

    Mirror and Aluminum panels are the available choices on the new Qbic IQ3601/IQ3602 series. The mirror panel cooperated with the black cover tells you a sedate Qbic while the aluminum panel cooperated with the aluminum cover reflects the taste of high technology. Inside the beautiful chassis of Soltek Qbic, IQ3601 and IQ3602 are embedded with

  • FIC Condor Cube Mini PC

    FIC announces the newest addition to our innovative line of products – the small form factor Condor Cube. The Condor is definitely a gamer’s PC, offering both power and performance in a compact, portable design unlike any other! Nothing about this system will get in the way of pure gaming performance and excitement. The Condor

  • MSI Mega 180 Barebone System

    MSI will begin selling the Mega 180, a mini-barebone system supporting the AMD Athlon XP processor, in January. The Mega 180 is a combination of PC, stereo, MP3 player and DVD/VCD player. In addition to an AMD Athlon XP processor, the Mega 180 features an Nvidia nForce 2 integrated chipset, an LCM panel and a

  • Shuttle SB75G2 & Soldam Altium RS4 Review

    Shuttle for the past few years has established a brand name which most people would associate when it comes to SFF PCs. Soldam on the other hand is less heard of by most people, however, they are no doubt the top SFF manufacturer in Japan and they have produced a line of very sleek looking

  • Shuttle Announces New Revamped XPC BIOS

    Shuttle Inc has just released an updated BIOS for its SB61G2 and SB65G2 XPC’s. Improving on previous versions, these new BIOS — SB61G2 (FB61S03A) and SB65G2 (FB65S009) — offer P-BIOS with Turbo mode and the new versions support a broader range of FSB and memory settings. These new, improved BIOS can be downloaded directly from

  • Dell Inspiron 600m – New Light and Slim Notebook

    Dell announced the release of their latest thin and light Inspiron notebook. The Inspiron 600m includes Intel’s new Centrino(tm) Mobile Technology, built specifically for mobile computing, with integrated Wi-Fi® 802.11b capability. The new technology enables impressive battery life, approximately four hours, and a thinner and lighter form factor that delivers seamless portable connectivity. For additional

  • Soltek Releases New Qbic Barebone EQ3402

    Based on Intel 845GE, the Qbic EQ3402 series is Soltek’s latest addition to their barebones lineup. It uses Soltek’s SL-B8A-F Mini Form Factor mainboard and supports Intel’s HyperThreading technology. The mainboard comes with an integrated IntelR Extreme Graphics Card. Soltek Qbic 3402 The Qbic 3402s are avaliable in either aluminium or mirror panel. More information:

  • IWILL ZPC64 Mini Athlon 64 System

    IWILL Corp. launched latest mini PC for AMD Athlon 64 processor, ZPC64. Powered by NVIDIA nForce 3 chipset and featured with NVIDIA Ge Force FX5600 graphic solution, ZPC64 presents what a remarkable achievement can be for Athlon 64 in such a slim case. The slim PC with 64-bit computing power from AMD Athlon 64 CPU