• SilverStone Unveils Temjin TJ11 PC Chassis

    SilverStone Technology, manufacturer of high-end zcomputer cases, power supplies, and other peripherals for PCs, has launched its Temjin TJ11 PC chassis.

  • Freecom introduces world’s thinnest Mobile HDD

    Dubbed the ‘Mobile Drive Mg’, Freecom introduces what appears to be the world’s thinnest mobile hard disk drive, with models listing USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and FireWire support.

  • Enermax Releases Hoplite Chassis

    Enermax has announced its Hoplite mid-tower PC chassis.

  • Antec Introduces the One Hundred Gaming Case

    Antec, one of the global leaders in computer hardware and accessories, has announced a new addition to its wide list of award winning cases — the Antec 100. The newest gaming chassis from Antec designed to cater to the PC gamers and enthusiasts market by offering substantial  cooling and performance without breaking the bank.

  • Thermaltake Unveils the Level 10 GT

    Following the success of Thermaltake’s Level 10 case in terms of design, functionality and ergonomics, Thermaltake revealed the cheaper variant – Level 10 GT. The new Level 10 GT takes after its older brother, where hardware components are compartmentalised for more efficient heat dissipation and a sleeker look.

  • Corsair releases Obsidian 650D Mid Tower Casing

    Based on the success of the full tower Obsidian Series 800D, PC hardware maker Corsair announced their new 650D mid-tower at the Consumer Electronics Show 2011. The new Obsidian 650D mid tower boasts various innovative features and sturdy build quality for the water-cooling enthusiasts and case modders.

  • BitFenix Announces Colossus Venom Edition and Colossus Window

    BitFenix is not done with the Colossus just yet. Check out their latest updates to the Colossus inside.

  • Cooler Master Preps CM 690 II Advanced NVIDIA Edition PC chassis

    Cooler Master is preparing to release its CM 690 II Advanced NVIDIA edition PC chassis, targeting hardcore gamers.

  • Thermaltake Unveils Dokker PC Chassis with SATA HDD Dock

    Thermaltake, leading provider of CPU and GPU thermal solutions, has announced the Dokker PC chassis, targeting mainstream users. Measuring 470 x 200 x 485mm and weighing 6.1kg, the all-black, SECC chassis features four 5.25” drive bays, five 3.5” bays, one 2.5” bays, seven expansion slots, holes for cable routing management, two rear pre-drilled holes for

  • Logitec Readies 2.5″ External HDD Enclosure

    Logitec Corp of Japan is preparing to release its LHR-PBGU2 external HDD enclosure, targeting mainstream users.

  • Xigmatek Readies Pantheon Mid-tower Chassis

    Xigmatek is preparing its Pantheon mid-tower chassis for release.

  • Aeocool Unleashes XPredator Full Tower Case

    Aerocool Advanced Technologies has announced the PGS B series XPredator full tower case, targeting gamers and enthusiasts.

  • Zalman Readies Z9 Series PC Cases

    Korean cooling specialist, Zalman, is preparing to launch its Z9 series of mid-tower cases.

  • Spire Announces Epoxi ATX Mid-Tower Case

    Spire Corp has launched its Epoxi ATX mid-tower case, targeting PC enthusiasts and gamers. Measuring 595 x 215 x 580mm and weighing 13.5kg, the steel case features an aluminum mesh front panel, six 3.5″ drive bays, five 5.25″ bays, tool-less installation for drives and expansion cards, four rear holes for water-cooling tubes, anti-vibration drive mounts,

  • GIGABYTE Unveils Sumo 5112 Full Tower Enclosure

    GIGABYTE, well-known amongst enthusiasts for its motherboards and graphic cards, has announced the Sumo 5112 full tower enclosure, further expanding its product portfolio.

  • Xigmatek Adds Windowed Side-Panels to Asgard and Asgard II

    Xigmatek’s Asgard and Asgard II mid-tower chassis have undergone a refresh and are now available with X – shaped windowed side panels. The Xigmatek Asgard / Asgard II with side windows can now be purchased from for 39.90 Euros / 41.90 Euros respectively. Existing owners of Asgard or Asgard II can also buy the

  • Spire Corp introduces Savit 6003 gaming case

    Spire Corp has introduced the Savit 6003 chassis, targeted at gaming enthusiasts who are looking to build a high-end and well-ventilated system.

  • Corsair announces availability of Graphite Series 600T mid-tower casing

    Corsair has announced the general retail availability of the Graphite Series™ 600T mid-tower computer case. The 600T first made an appearance at COMPUTEX 2010; the casing features dual 200mm fans, eight PCI-E expansion slots to accommodate multiple graphics cards, and plenty of room for large, power-hungry components.

  • BitFenix introduces Survivor mid-tower PC casing

    The new BitFenix Survivor chassis stands out with its blend of elegant styling and rugged build. We are pretty sure the Survivor can survive our clumsy work environment and still look good with all hardware intact after many months! Supporting huge 200mm fans, a chunk of hard drives, extra-long graphics cards and even being able

  • Lian-Li announces PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F Mini-ITX chassis

    Lian Li has announced two new cases from its Mini-Q lineup – PC-Q09 and PC-Q09F. These two models are designed for convenience and style, and for those who have space constraints. There are four colors to choose from, and both cases can be mounted on the back of your monitor to turn your machine into an all-in-one