CPU Coolers and Fans

  • Cooler Master V8 GTS CPU Cooler Review

    How big is too big? With their latest V8 GTS, Cooler Master is pushing the boundaries of size when it comes to CPU coolers.

  • Corsair Hydro H80i & H100i CPU liquid coolers review

    Through the ready-to-run kits, liquid cooling is becoming more and more accessible to the general public. Today VR-Zone looks at two of Corsair’s most popular kits, the H80i and H100i.

  • Putting Intel’s upcoming Core i7-4771 through its paces

    Intel is planning on launching its Core i7-4771 in the fall to take its premium line to 2014 when it plans to launch a refresh of Haswell. VR-Zone got its hands on a copy of the chip early to run some benchmarks.

  • Shuttle launches Haswell powered barebones mini-PC

    Shuttle’s SH87R6 mini-PC case supports Intel’s Haswell, PCI-Express x16, dual slot graphics cards and comes with a 300W power supply.

  • Cooler Master Seidon 240M Liquid Cooler Review

    Looking for lower CPU temps? Today we are having a look at the Seidon 240M, a pre-fabricated dual radiator water cooling system from Cooler Master.

  • Cooler Master raises the bar with upcoming liquid and air cooling systems

    Cooler Master was showing off several new additions to their liquid and air cooling portfolio at their Computex showcase.

  • CPU cooling in tight spaces – Noctua NH-L9(i/a) and Phanteks TC90LS

    Do you have a hard time finding space in your slim HTPC, ITX or mini-ITX system? Noctua and Phanteks may have a solution for you with their new ultra low-profile NH-L9 and TC90LS coolers, designed to fit where no other cooler can. We take a thorough look at them in this review.

  • Corsair Hydro H55 & H60 CPU Liquid Coolers Review

      Liquid cooling used to be an unattractive solution for amateurs and everyday users for many years, until the recent release of closed loop, ready-to-run products. Today we will be having a look at two such watercooling kits from Corsair, the H55 and the new H60.

  • CM Storm Scout 2 and TPC 612 Mini-Review

    Two of the most crucial components in any enthusiast PC build are the chassis and cooling system. After all, the last thing you want happen when trying to win an in-game clutch situation for your team is your computer melting or falling into pieces. We see if the CM Storm Scout 2 is the case

  • Cooler Master Seidon 120M and Hyper T4 Mini-Review

    Today we take a quick look at two inexpensive aftermarket CPU coolers from Cooler Master – a regular heatpipe tower heatsink that is the Hyper T4 and a closed-loop water cooling kit called the Seidon 120M. How well do they perform?

  • Prolimatech Genesis CPU Cooler Review

      It is well known that nowadays CPU coolers come in all shapes and sizes but today we are going to present you one of the largest and weirdest designs ever to hit the retail market. This CPU cooler is no other than the Prolimatech Genesis, a hybrid design of massive proportions combining a C-type

  • Phanteks PH-TC14CS CPU Cooler Review

    Phanteks is a company which entered the CPU cooling market suddenly a few months ago and managed to surprise everyone with their PH-TC14PE super tower cooler, which competed and even outperformed the most popular products from well-known manufacturers at the time of its release. There have been many who hinted that the excellent performance of

  • Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler Review

    Prolimatech is a company offering a large variety of cooling-related products, with their focus being on high performance CPU coolers. Most of the CPU coolers that the company currently offers, from the slim Lynx to the enormous Megahalems Rev C, are being offered as stand-alone cooling bodies and the user is asked to purchase the

  • Noctua NH-C14 CPU Cooler Review

      Ever since its release, Noctua's NH-D14 is one of the most popular high performance CPU coolers amongst enthusiasts. However, the massive height of the cooler frequently is a source of concern for users, who possess cases too narrow for the cooler to fit, or for HTPC builders, who are limited by the height of

  • The Battle for Liquid Cooling: Asetek Sues CoolIT, is Corsair in Danger?

    It looks like we have entered an era of not innovation, but rather innovation litigation. Companies are suing each other for technologies which were a part of the enthusiast movement not too long ago. The latest case in point is Asetek Holdings, which sued CoolIT Systems for US patent #8,240,362.