CPU Coolers and Fans

  • Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU Cooler Review

      The competition over high performance CPU coolers has been relentless lately as numerous companies, both old players and newly founded, are continually releasing new high performance and/or innovative products. It is in the midst of this fierce competition that Phanteks was founded, a company which will be focusing on high performance cooling-related products for

  • ARCTIC releases the Accelero Hybrid 7970 graphics card cooler

    Today ARCTIC released their latest graphics card cooler, the Accelero Hybrid 7970. As the name suggests, the innovative cooler is a hybrid between a closed-loop watercooling system and a normal 120mm fan, with the watercooler taking care of the graphics card's core cooling needs while the 120mm fan is cooling the RAM and VR chips.

  • EKWB Outs Water-Blocks for EVGA SR-X and MSI R7970 Lightning

    Slovenian PC water-cooling specialist EK Water Blocks (EKWB) launched a trio of products, the EK-FB KIT SR-X Nickel and EK-FB KIT SR-X Nickel+Acetal water block sets for EVGA SR-X dual-LGA2011 motherboard, and the FC-R7970 LTG for MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning graphics card. 

  • Mobile Ivy Bridge HD 4000 and Trinity A10 – Can they handle CS:GO on the go?

    One month before the official launch of Valve's Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (August 21st), we put two reference laptops from Intel (Ivy Bridge Ultrabook) and AMD (Trinity A10) to the test to see if we can comfortably play this season's hottest multiplayer shooter on the go.

  • Zalman Set to Launch CNPS14X by Late-July

    Although shown to the world at this year's Computex event, and reviewed by a select few sources, Zalman's new CNPS14X dual-stack CPU cooler will be generally available only towards the end of July. 

  • Noctua NH-D14 CPU Cooler Review

      Undoubtedly, overclockers and hardcore hardware enthusiasts are the most demanding target group, especially when it comes to cooling, since they rarely settle for anything but the best. One of the most reputable CPU coolers among enthusiasts is the Noctua NH-D14. Noctua’s behemoth has been available for some time now and always is amongst the

  • Thermaltake Outs BigTyp Revo Top-Flow CPU Cooler

    Thermaltake is looking to cash in on the PC enthusiast community's newfound love for high-end top-flow (down-draft) CPU coolers. The company rolled out the BigTyp Revo, a large C-type CPU cooler, along the lines of Noctua NH-C14.

  • GELID Releases 50 and 60 mm Silent Series Fans

    GELID Solutions expanded its Silent series fan lineup, not with newer, bigger, or quieter models, but for a change, with smaller, sub-80 mm ones. It launched the Silent 5 and Silent 6, which measure 50 mm and 60 mm, respectively. Although in sizes that scare away silent-PC enthusiasts, particularly users of compact HTPC cases, GELID

  • Prolimatech Intros Black Series Genesis CPU Heatsink

    Wacky, high-end heatsink designer Prolimatech announced a new black variant of its Genesis CPU heatsink, famed for its asymmetric design. The new Black Series Genesis has been launched exclusively through a certain European retailer, and will be generally available soon.

  • ARCTIC Freezer i30 CPU Cooler Review

      A few weeks ago we tested and reviewed one of the most basic CPU coolers ARCTIC offers at this point of time, the Alpine 11 PLUS, which proved capable of satisfying basic user needs. Today however we are going to have a look at the nemesis of the Alpine 11 PLUS; the large tower

  • Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 PLUS CPU Cooler Review

      ARCTIC (formerly known as Arctic Cooling) has been a leading cooling products manufacturer ever since 2001. Today the company offers a wide variety of cooling solutions for CPUs, graphics cards and other components. However, even though ARCTIC is a popular manufacturer among enthusiasts, they did not limit their lineup to high end products alone.

  • Prolimatech Samuel 17 CPU Cooler Review

    CPU coolers come in all shapes and sizes. For the obvious reasons, here in VR-Zone we usually review cooler capable of delivering very high thermal performance and/or excellent acoustics. Today however we will have a look at the Samuel 17, a product from Prolimatech designed with a different purpose in mind; to be capable of

  • Akasa Nero 3 CPU Cooler Review

      It has been nearly a year since we had a look on the Venom Voodoo, Akasa’s best CPU cooler to this date. However, high thermal performance and a fancy appearance usually are not a priority for mainstream users who are looking for good overall performance at the lowest possible price. Realizing that, Akasa released

  • Prolimatech Megahalems Revision C CPU Cooler Review

      Undoubtedly Megahalems, the first CPU cooler which Prolimatech released in 2008, is largely responsible for the high reputation of the company among enthusiasts and their highly successful market penetration despite the steep competition. Today we are going to test and review the third revision of the Megahalems CPU cooler which, despite the virtually unchanged

  • Be quiet! introduces new CPU cooler generation Dark Rock 2

    Be Quiet! have just announced the release of the Dark Rock Pro 2 and Dark Rock 2 CPU coolers, upgraded versions of the Dark Rock Pro C1 and Dark Rock Advanced C1 which we reviewed a few months ago. With the new coolers the company promises higher performance through the use of 135mm SilentWings fans,

  • ARCTIC Freezer 13 CPU Cooler Review

    Ever since 2001 ARCTIC (formerly known as Arctic Cooling) has been one of the favorite brands among (mostly European) enthusiasts when shopping for high grade cooling products. This is our first review of an ARCTIC CPU cooler in VR-Zone and it is not an article about a monstrous high performance cooler; instead, we are going

  • Thermaltake Frio Extreme CPU Cooler Review

      It has been 9 months since we had the opportunity to examine and review one of Thermaltake’s best CPU coolers, the Frio, which was one of the best air coolers available at that time. Thermaltake has been a company which traditionally tries to satisfy even the most hardcore of enthusiasts and they almost never

  • Prolimatech Lynx CPU Cooler Review

      It was only four years ago when Prolimatech was founded and the company initially offered only a single CPU cooler, the Megahalems. That single cooler however was good enough to make Prolimatech famous among enthusiast cycles and allow the company to establish a good foothold in the industry. Today we will examine and review

  • Koolance intro VID-NX680 water block for NVIDIA’s GTX 680

    If you're itchin' to hook up your almighty GEFORCE GTX 680 (or two) to your existing waterloop, Koolance now has a decent looking block for you to consider. The company has just released its VID-NX680 water block to suit NVIDIA's current flagship card.

  • Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler Review

      Today there is an abundance of high performance CPU coolers, with each company supplying several solutions to the market. The vast majority of such CPU coolers however are tower coolers of significant size, making their implementation inside desktop HTPC cases and other tight configuration problematic. In this review we will examine and test a