CPU Coolers and Fans

  • OCZ’s SOE Urban Elite Series High Performance DDR2 Memory

    OCZ Technology Group today announced the PC2-6400 SOE Urban Elite, a premium DDR2-800 part with ultra-low timings of 4-4-3. This exclusive gaming solution is part of the award winning OCZ Special Ops Edition (SOE) family and features an urban camouflage motif heatspreader. Gamers can now benefit from the performance of enhanced latencies and top quality

  • Corsair Enters the Power Supply Market

    Corsair Memory, the worldwide leader in design and manufacture of high performance memory and cooling solutions, today announced the introduction of the Corsair HX Series power supply product line. The HX Series modular power supplies mark a new exciting first for Corsair. With the same focus on performance and reliability that has produced countless award-winning

  • Zalman Reserator 2 Review

    Zalman showcased their new, soon to arrive in market, watercooling kit Reserator 2 at the recent Comptex in Taipei 1 month ago. As usual the highlight of this watercooling kit from Zalman is golden silence. We have just received a sample of this, but you won’t be seeing a single fan inside so “fan” fans

  • The Greek god thunders – Zeus ST85ZF manifests!

    I loved the Silverstone Zeus ST75ZF I have been using for overclocking and review benchmarks for the past few months. But SilverStone- Taiwanese maker of Classy Cases spotting that “clean simple” look and Mythology named Power Supplies- has been silent for a while. Well the Zeus range just pulled upwards with the new flagship, ST85ZF

  • MaReNoStRuM’s Ultimate Cascade Cooler

    Our Forum Member MaReNoStRuM has shared some very interesting details on his on-going extreme cooling project. Building a multi-stage refrigeration computer cooler with 3 cooling heads for 1 CPU and 2 GPUs, he has displayed great innovations and put in huge amount of effort. Enjoy and admire his works here.

  • OCZ develops CPU cooling

    OCZ doesn’t stop and doesn’t sleep at all. The company just announced a CPU cooler and it is going back to its old roots. We remember that it used to have the CPU coolers some 12 to 18 months ago, but they didn’t mess with the new designs that much.

  • Soldam, the PC case manufacturer is bankrupt

    The Japanese PC Case maker Soldam, well-known for is ALU based case branded with the name “Windy” is now bankrupt and stop manufacturing, selling of shipping any kind of product they were used to carry…. This is very sad news to the premium chasis aficionados since Soldam was among the best case manufacturer in Japan.

  • Enermax Releases 1000W Penta-Rail PSU

    The Enermax guys in Taiwan are back with vengance, this time with their “Galaxy” series, with 850W and 1000W models. We caught a glimpse of this monster in Taiwan’s Guang Hua Electronics District, powering some 4 PC system, including SLI, Crossfire and Dual Core CPUs. Impressive!

  • SilverStone ST75ZF @ 950w Continious

    750 Watt at 50°C & 90V AC Input – This is the industrial standard in which the operating temperatures are expected to be in the high 40°C and up to 50°C. In addition to temperature, power supplies becomes more efficient as the AC input voltage increase, as a reference, the power outlet in USA is

  • Coolers & Power Supplies @ Computex 2006

    Feast your eyes on the huge amount of PC Coolers and Power Supplies we covered during Computex 2006!

  • Custom-made Heatsink for 7900GT Voltage Regulators

    The voltage regulators toasting on the back of your 7900GT? Take a look at what one of our members Projectile made to cool them! Check out more details in his thread here.

  • Zalman VGA Coolers Review

    It is very common to find enthusiasts changing out the cooling solutions on their graphics cards to third party alternatives, for the reasons of both performance, and sometimes silence. The Zalman GPU coolers of various models are becoming quite the rage among this group, who are also into overclocking and maximizing the performance of their

  • IBM Liquid Jet-impingement For Chip Cooling

    Scientists at IBM’s research laboratory here have devised a method of liquid cooling of semiconductors using a direct jet- impingement technique that deploys an array of tiny nozzles and a distributed return architecture. Recent experiments with the immersed jet impingement technique have shown cooling power densities of up to 370W/cm2 with a single phase water

  • OCZ GameXStream 600/700W PSU

    OCZ today announced the launch of the extremely powerful GameXStream Power Supplies—a new line of PSUs for performance-minded gamers. The OCZ GameXStream features active PFC (Power Factor Correction) to effectively regulate input voltage and provide superior operation in a wider range of environments and countries with varying voltages. The high-efficiency 600W and 700W GameXStreams feature

  • Mushkin to Launch Power Supply Line

    According to LegitReviews, during a recent conversation with Mushkin, the premium Memory Company, it was discovered that Mushkin is just a number of weeks away from launching thier own power supply series. With SLI and CrossFire systems selling at higher than expected volumes there has been a shortage of quality power supply on the market

  • New Alloy provides Cooling based on Magnetism

    Researchers at the University of Cambridge have discovered a material that gives a whole new complexion to the term ‘fridge magnet’. When this alloy is placed in a magnetic field, it gets colder. Karl Sandeman and his co-workers think that their material – a blend of cobalt, manganese, silicon and germanium – could help to

  • Scythe Mi-ne Multi-Socketed Heatsink Review

    After a long hiatus from some consumer cooling products, VR-Zone brings you some insights on a particular heatsink from Scythe, the Scythe Mine. How would the Mine match up to the Scythe Ninja, which took the consumer PC cooling market by storm a few months back? We shall see in this very review.

  • Dremel Work Station For Modders

    The manufacturers of the Dremel have added yet another tool to the modders workbench, unveiling a $ 44.99 Dremel Work Station that combines a drill press plus a stationary and flexible tool holder. When configured as a drill press, the Work Station also allows the modder to carefully drill perpendicular holes into a piece of

  • Aftermarket 360 Cooling Now Available

    For all those gamers looking to increase their playing time without any interruptions or pesky meltdowns, Nyko has released a nice, stylish gadget for you. The new XBOX 360 Intercooler 360, is a compact snap-on forced-fan, which is now available for $ 19.99. A few other siimilar devices, including the Pelican PL-3619, also sell for

  • Experiments with phase change cooling on GPU Memory

    In pursuit of further overclocks on graphics card memory, one looks into several aspects, such as memory voltages. When it does not help much, we start looking at cooling. RAMsinks are usually used for this purpose, but I was looking for something more cooling… a lot more cooling. I could throw some Dryice on the