CPU Coolers and Fans

  • Cooler Master gets back into the watercooling business with Eisberg range

    It's been quite a few years since we last saw a watercooling solution in retail from Cooler Master, despite the company demoing various solutions over the past two years at all the major trade shows. Now the company has finally decided to make a return to the watercooling business, initially in Europe only with its

  • Boston’s Hardcore LSS 200 blade server is oil cooled

    We’ve seen a fair few whacky cooling solutions over the years, but a server cooled by mineral oil is a new one to us, even though it’s hardly a new idea in itself. Boston was demoing a small unit of its Hardcore LSS 200 blade server solution at CeBIT which uses custom made enclosures for

  • Ultimate 8-core mATX Powerhouse: Xeon E5-2690, R4G, 7970DCii and more!

    "What if I have about US$5000 to spend – Could I have a true 8-core/16-thread CPU in a small form factor setup without compromising on storage, thermals or online gaming prowess?" Well, we show that we can!

  • Boston teams up with Asetek to deliver water cooled workstation

    It's fairly likely that you've never heard of Boston Ltd, a UK distributor and white box server and workstation manufacturer. The company has teamed up with Danish Asetek to deliver a fully water cooled workstation using Asetek's famous water cooling solutions with four Nvidia cards and two brand spanking new Intel Xeon E5 processors.

  • Sapphire wants to bring Vapor-X to the CPU cooler market

    It's funny how one product can lead to a new and quite different product and in the case of Sapphire the company feels that it's Vapor-X graphics card coolers have been so popular that it's highly likely that we'll see CPU coolers using the Vapor-X technology from the company. As such the company was demoing

  • Noctua releases low-profile NH-L12 CPU Cooler

    Noctua is better catering to users requiring a lower profile CPU cooler with the birth of its new NH-L12; a cooler sporting four nickel-plated copper heatpipes that should feel right at home in Small Form Factor and HTPC cases in particular.

  • Thermalright to unleash beastly Silver Arrow SB-E CPU Cooler

    Going a long while back now, Thermalright quickly gained a much stronger presence in the CPU cooling realm when it introduced the almighty Ultra 120 Extreme (or TRUE as it became more popularly referred to) which was arguably the biggest, boldest and best performing air cooler for your Pentium IV or Athon 64 CPU and

  • Extreme Llano A8-3870K LN2 Action: 6GHz Attempt

    A few weeks ago AMD added a few new special SKUs to its Llano lineup, one of which really interested us as it came with an unlocked multiplier. The A8-3870K we have here with us today has been put through one of our famous bench sessions, follow us as we go through what we did

  • Cooler Master introduces a new Vapour Chamber CPU cooler – TPC 812

    Over here at CES 2012 Las Vegas in their Bellagio suite, Cooler Master unveiled their latest products coming this year, including limited editions of the their larger than life COSMOS 2 casings, updated CM Storm Mice and full-sized mechanical keyboards (more on these later), and a new vapour chamber based CPU cooler with performance designed

  • Can Asetek’s Technology Save Billions of Dollars and Reduce Carbon Emissions?

    Asetek launched their concept of liquid cooling for high density servers to be used in datacenters. The idea of server liquid cooling in datacenters is as old as the datacenter itself, but this time we're approaching the tipping point.

  • Coolermaster released their first LGA 2011 cooler

    Coolermaster has just released their first LGA 2011 cooler. Their new product listens to the name Hyper 412S and is a direct heatpipe contact tower cooler utilizing one or two 120mm fans. It also has the option to run entirely silent by slowing the fan down at only 900RPM.

  • Noctua NM-I2011 SecuFirm2 LGA 2011 Mounting Kit Review

    Continuing with tradition, Noctua is offering the new NM-I2011 SecuFirm2™ mountings free of charge to new and existing customers, which is compatible with their whole line of retail heatsinks. We at VR-Zone tested it on our previously reviewed NH-C14 and the new ASUS Sabertooth X79 to bring you the mounting procedures and some idea about ram clearance.

  • First Looks: Cooler Master Hyper 412 PWM CPU Cooler (with LGA 2011 support)

    The Cooler Master Hyper 412 PWM is one of the first air coolers with native Socket LGA 2011 screw-type support to arrive at our test labs. We give our readers a glimpse of the new member of our extensive heat sink collection…

  • Thermaltake releases (yet another) Frio series cooler.

    Today Thermaltake enriched their high end coolers line-up with the Thermaltake Frio Advanced, an improved version of the original and much loved Frio. The new version of the cooler promises better thermal performance and a wider fan operational range.

  • Arctic Cooling announces the Accelero Mono PLUS, a new VGA cooler

    A few weeks ago Arctic Cooling, the well known manufacturer from Switzerland, released two new VGA coolers; the powerful Accelero Twin Turbo 6990 and the passive Accelero S1 PLUS. Today the company announced yet another VGA cooler, the Accelero Mono Plus.

  • Corsair announces new liquid coolers, gaming cases and SSD drives.

    Corsair's media department is on fire today, announcing the release of no less than 6 brand new products. The company announced two new liquid CPU coolers, a new gaming case in two colors and several new SSD drives, vastly enriching their total products line-up.

  • Arctic Cooling released two new VGA coolers

    Arctic Cooling, the well known manufacturer from Switzerland, today released two new VGA coolers aiming at different segments of the market. The first cooler, baptized "Accelero Twin Turbo 6990", is a very powerful dual fan cooler designed especially for the AMD Radeon HD 6990. The second product, the "Accelero S1 PLUS" is a universal, passive

  • Corsair H100 Water Cooler Review

      Even though computer water cooling started off about fifteen years ago, it was not until a couple of years ago when companies first released closed loop, ready to run liquid based coolers for PC components. One of the first companies which released such a liquid based cooler a couple of years ago was Corsair.

  • Antec Kuhler H2O 620 Water Cooler Review

    In the world of home computing, using water cooling started off when a couple of enthusiasts tried to achieve high overclocking performance on their (at the time) top of the line 486DX processors. Within a few months the trend took off and many enthusiasts and overclockers were designing and building their own parts, when companies

  • Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler Review

      Adept PC users are rarely satisfied with the factory bundled CPU cooler, being it because of the performance, noise and/or aesthetics, creating a great demand for good aftermarket cooling solutions. Out of the many products currently available, today we are having a close look at the latest offering from Akasa, the Venom Voodoo CPU