Digital Cameras

  • Panasonic Singapore launches Lumix DMC-GF2 micro four-thirds camera

    Panasonic Singapore today announced the launch of the highly-anticipated DMC-GF2 camera that uses LUMIX G Micro System which is based on the micro four-thirds standard. The successor to the popular GF1 is now retailing in the stores near you.

  • Smartphones cameras will soon feature 16-megapixel image sensors

    Remember the story we ran yesterday about how Sony plans to fit its crop-body DSLRs with new image sensors capable of capturing stills at a resolution of 25 megapixels? Turns out that the company is not the only one with ambitious digital imaging plans: another Japanese chip maker known as Renesas has promised tiny smartphone

  • Rumour: Sony to release 25 megapixel APS-C sensor for DSLRs

    A digital image sensor that boasts resolutions of more than 20 megapixels is definitely one which conforms to the full-frame form factor, right? Not if Sony has got anything to say about it: rumours are abuzz that the Japanese electronics giant has got plans to introduce an APS-C format image sensor that is capable of

  • Need a superzoom camera? There’s a Fujifilm for that

    There is no doubt that camera systems featuring interchangeable lenses such as DSLRs and the Micro Four Thirds system are getting more affordable nowadays. However, there are also people in the market who are willing to forgo that flexibility for the convenience of ‘superzoom’ camera that offers a fixed but extremely versatile lens. And with

  • Olympus releases 7 new cameras for the shutterbug in every individual

    Now that shooting with film has been relegated to a task for only the most hardcore of photographers who need the detail and image quality from 35mm film, just about anybody can pick up a digital camera and start shooting away without worrying about chalking up costs from film consumption. That being said, aspiring shutterbugs

  • Canon launches new Powershot A-series digital cameras

    Aside from tablet devices and Android smartphones, other product manufacturers such as Canon also have new announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Japanese camera maker has recently announced four new digital cameras in the Powershot A-series – A800, A1200, A2200 and A3300IS.

  • Samsung SH100 Wi-Fi-enabled camera lets you share images wherever you are

    Samsung’s latest digital camera comes in the form of SH100 which features 14.2-megapixel rating, 5x optical zoom, 3-inch touchscreen display and Wi-Fi enabled. This lets you share your photos easily without the hassle of first transferring the images to your PC.

  • Nikon D7000 Review: A great mid-class, high-spec DX-format camera

    Nikon has recently unveiled their new highly anticipated D7000 Digital SLR (DSLR) camera for the digital photographer enthusiasts, putting itself between the D90 and D300s lineup. Was it up to our expectations? VR-Zone takes a look at this mid-class, high-spec DX-format camera.

  • Samsung launches new NX11 and lens line-up

    The NX10 was Samsung’s first APS-C crop CMOS mirrorless interchangeable lens digital camera, and in September, the NX100 was launched. Today, the maker has announced NX11, the upgraded model of the NX10 and is compatible with the new i-Function lens, introduced for the NX100.

  • Samsung ultra-slim WB700 digital camera features 18x optical zoom

    The ultra-slim WB700 is the latest addition to Samsung’s line of digital cameras, and boasts an 24x zoom power and 16-megapixel CCD sensor. According to the maker, the WB700 can also capture high definition videos as well as still images.

  • New Sony Patent Hints At NEX Camera With Translucent Mirrors

    When Sony first announced its translucent mirror technology for its Alpha A33 and A55 DSLR cameras, suffice to say it took the entire photography world by storm. And now, it appears that Sony is gearing for its next major headline: a look at certain patents filed by the Japanese electronics giant has revealed that Sony

  • Fujifilm Announces Details About Upcoming X100 Camera

    Most people will probably have a fancy DSLR or a classy point-and-shoot compact camera stored somewhere in their rooms, but all these cameras in the market share a common flaw: they look nothing like the cameras of the classic days. And this is where Fujifilm comes in to fill in a niche in the market

  • Mode dial locking modification for Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D DSLR cameras

    For those who somehow are able to move their mode dial accidentally, or are able to wear it down, Canon is now offering a chargeable service to ‘upgrade’ the mode dials on your EOS 5D Mark II and EOS 7D digital SLR cameras with a center-lock mechanism. This central lock-release button design was first introduced

  • SanDisk, Sony and Nikon proposed standards for Next-Generation memory card format

    Today, SanDisk, Sony and Nikon have jointly announced the proposing of new industry standards for next generation high-speed memory card format – CF6.0. Similar size to the CF card, the new format boasts faster speeds and larger capacities which are suited for high resolution images and high definition videos recording.

  • C3 Singapore 2010 Electronics & I.T. Fair: The Coverage

    The C3 Singapore 2010 Electronics and I.T. Fair is back! Held from 19 Nov to 21 Nov at Suntec City Convention Centre, you would be able to find an extensive range of consumer electronics, IT gadgets, telecom products and household appliances. brings you coverage from the show grounds!

  • Sony Announces New E-Mount Professional “NXCAM” HD Camcorder Concept

    It seems that even professional HD camcorders are starting to take cues from the rapid development of digital lens technology in the still camera world. Four months after Sony announced its NEX –VG10 video camera which made use of the E-mount, the company is back with a variant of its professional NXCAM camcorder which uses

  • Panasonic Announces The LUMIX Softbank 001P: Another Camera-Turned-Phone?

    It seems like LG is not the only electronics company to have thought of squeezing a phone into an actual camera. Apparently, Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has also been toying around with the same idea itself, and today, the results of its research are here for all to see. We take a look at some

  • Nikon D7000 Arriving In Singapore Next Month

    Yesterday, Nikon Singapore held an event to unveil their latest digital cameras and digital SLRs, including the highly anticipated D7000. According to the camera maker, the D7000 will be available early November, in time for consumers looking to buy a digital SLR during the holidays.

  • Sony Releases Firmware Update for NEX Compact Interchangeable Lens Cameras

    Upgrading the firmware on a digital camera is probably something which most users neglect, but the potential performance gains from doing so can sometimes be significant. And the latest firmware update from Sony for the NEX camera lineup is probably something which should not be passed over, considering the number of improvements it is supposedly

  • Samsung Brings Firmware Updates And i-Function Lens Compatibility To NX5, NX10

    Good news for those who previously bought the Samsung NX10 and NX5 mirrorless compact camera. The Korean maker has provided firmware upgrades for NX10 and NX5 to provide compatibility to the i-Function lens, which could only be used with the recently launched NX100.