Graphics Cards

  • ATI Posts Strong Sales & Profits In Q2

    ATI announced a 31 percent increase in revenues and a 20 percent improvement in net income for the second quarter of fiscal 2005 as compared to the same quarter last year. Quarterly revenues grew $ 145 million to $ 608 million relative to the second quarter of fiscal 2004 as a result of strong sales

  • Powercolour X850XT PCIe offer for all VR-Zone members!

    We are having a very special promotion for all VR-Zone forumers, on this ultimate gaming card For more info, please click here

  • Voltage modding the Asus 6200 PCI Express

    Make your Asus 6200 PCI Express overclock higher with some voltage modding tips from our forum member soki!

  • Inno3D 6600GT AGP Voltage Mod

    Want to hit that sweet 600Mhz core mark with your 6600GT? Give it a little boost with just a pencil then!

  • Inno3D Special Offer for VR-Zone Members!

    Inno3D is giving a special promotion for all VR-Zone Members! More info in this thread.

  • Geforce 6200 AGP Voltage Mod

    Give your Geforce 6200 AGP a boost with a simple pencil!

  • Inno3D 6200 AGP Review

    The 6XXX series of graphics cards from nVidia is out to capture every segment of the market, from the high-end to the mid-range to the lower-end. Today we take a look at the lower-end of the spectrum, the 6200 AGP by Inno3D.

  • Sapphire Radeon X800XL ULTIMATE

    Experience the deafening silence of the latest technological advent from Sapphire as the award winning ULTIMATE series comes to the popular RADEON X800XL line. Listen to the sounds echoing from far off worlds without the drone of PC fans, by equipping your system with the near-silent ULTIMATE cooling solution.

  • AOpen Aeolus PCX6600GT-DVH128

    AOpen unveils the latest Aeolus PCX6600GT-DVH128 card equipped with its Silent technology. The technology allows detection of thermal level of the GPU and select a optimum fan speed automatically (8 speeds to choose from) where the quietest operation is at 25db.

  • AOpen Aeolus 6800 Ultra – DVD512MB

    AOpen officially announced “Aeolus 6800 Ultra – DVD512MB”, one of the most powerful video display cards in the world today.The high-end display card is built with NVIDIA’s GeForce 6800 Ultra interface graphics chips, which is the most powerful video display chipset for the next generation gaming and 3D display requirement. The card is the first

  • Sapphire Radeon X850XT/X800XL AGP Cards

    Radeon X850XT AGP Edition Radeon X800XL AGP Edition

  • ASUS EN6800U Dual & EN6600GT Dual Cards

    EN6800Ultra Dual EN6600GT Dual

  • XFX @ IT SHOW 2005 Updates!

    These are the updated prices as received on 13/03/2005 1639 hrs from XFX @ IT SHOW 2005! Today’s the last day! 6800 Ultra PCIe – S$ 1039 6800 Ultra AGP – S$ 999 6800 GT PCIe – S$ 728 6800 GT AGP – S$ 718 6600 GT PCIe – S$ 368 6600 GT GP –

  • Inno3D @ IT Show 2005

    Inno3D offers one of the most competitive pricing on their graphics cards in IT Show today and here are the available pricing that we know of : PCI Express GeForce 6800 GT (256MB) : S$ 687 / S$ 680 (last day) GeForce 6600GT (256MB) : S$ 304 / S$ 300(last day) GeForce 6600 (256MB) :

  • Powercolor & Leadtek Promos @ IT Show 2005

    Ban Leong, the distributor for Leadtek & Powercolor too has one of the best graphics cards offerings at IT Show and some of their graphics cards are bundled with CoolerMaster Aerogate 1 or Aero 7+ . (NEW LAST DAY) Leadtek 6800 Ultra 256MB @ S$ 899 Leadtek 6800LE AGP @ $ 429/$ 399 (Last Day

  • NVIDIA GeForce 6800U 512MB & 6200 AGP

    NVIDIA today expands its award-winning NVIDIA GeForce 6 Series of GPUs by unveiling two new products: a 512MB version of the performance-leading GeForce 6800 Ultra GPU and a new lower-cost AGP version of the GeForce 6200 GPU which brings DirectX® 9.0 Shader Model 3.0 technology to even more affordable price levels. Working with leading DDR

  • S3 GammaChromeS18 PCI Express GPU

    S3 Graphics today announced the availability of GammaChromeS18, the first in the GammaChrome line of GPUs targeted at the mainstream graphics market, featuring full DirectX 9.0 hardware, a native PCI Express interface and S3G’s signature Hi-Def™ native HDTV display capability for the ultimate visual experience. GammaChrome comes equipped with the second generation programmable video engine,

  • Crucial Radeon X850 XT 256MB PCI Express Card

    Crucial today announces immediate availability of the Crucial® RADEON(TM) X850 XT 256MB PCI Express(TM) graphics card powered by ATi®. Crucial now offers gamers immediate access to two of these cutting-edge components: high-performance Crucial Ballistix(TM) DDR2 memory and the Crucial RADEON X850 XT. The Crucial RADEON X850 XT is currently priced at US$ 599.99.

  • XGI To Showcase XG47 PCI-E In GDC2005

    XGI today announces its Volari PCIE Solution in GDC, Game Developer’s Conference (Booth 431). In this major game event, XGI shares its breakthrough hardware & software technology with worldwide game developers. Furthermore, XGI provides the Compatibility Program to provide all game developers co-develop with XGI on a uniform platform. In GDC, XGI will showcase its