Graphics Cards

  • AMD Radeon HD 7770 Performance Preview: Bringing 28nm GCN to the Masses

    Officially launched later today, the AMD Radeon 'Cape Verde' HD 7770 features stock 1GHz core clock speed, previously unheard of on entry level SKUs, along with the introduction of DirectX 11.1, PCIe 3.0 and the use of GDDR5 memory. Read more for our quick performance preview of this new game changer for the masses.

  • NVIDIA to Demonstrate PhysX on GK104, Kepler GPU on Friday?

    From the looks of it, Friday February 17, 2012 will be the first time NVIDIA demonstrates its upcoming Kepler GPU architecture in public.

  • MSI R7950 Twin Frozr 3GD5/OC Review

    Since the official launch of the Radeon 7970/7950 series last month, prices have dropped from their inflated levels and actual stock availability have improved (at least here in Singapore stores). With Nvidia's Kepler based cards not ready anytime soon (or else we'll have them in our pants already), AMD's 28nm Tahiti GPUs remains on the shopping lists

  • Report: AMD Radeon HD 7750/7770 Specifications

    Purported final specifications for AMD's upcoming Radeon HD 7700 series have leaked online. Based on Cape Verde, these will be the cheapest 28nm GCN chips in the HD 7000 family, competing in the mainstream market.

  • Rumour: NVIDIA GK104 Specifications

    German website 3D Center has compiled what are allegedly the tentative specifications for NVIDIA's upcoming GK104 GPU.

  • AMD teases Cape Verde / HD 7700 with… Pills

    In a most unique marketing stunt, AMD is sending out special pills to internet websites. Yes, you read that right, pills. They are no ordinary pills, however, they reveal several details about the upcoming AMD GPU along with a viral website for the same pills.

  • GIGABYTE Battlefield 3 Cup Asia Season 1: Singapore Prize Presentation Ceremony

    The inaugural GIGABYTE Battlefield 3 Cup Asia Season 1 concluded last month, with asian gaming powerhouse emerging as champions after battling through the single elimination knockout stage which included teams from all over the region and Australia. A prize presentation ceremony was held at IBIS Hotel Bencoolen over the weekend for some of the winners…

  • AMD refreshes FirePro series at the entry level with V3900

    AMD's FirePro family of graphics cards for the Professional/Workstation user has just seen a new addition today with the launch of the FirePro V3900 which replaces the V3800. AMD promises best-in-class workstation experiences at an entry level price point with this card – that being a US $119 MSRP at select online resellers.

  • AMD APU/GPU 2012-13 Roadmap

    At its much awaited Financial Analyst Day 2012, AMD has revealed a roadmap for 2012 and 2013 for Client and Graphics Roadmap covering APUs and GPUs over A, C, E & Z series and Radeon product lines.

  • Targus launches dual-display USB 3.0 graphics adapter

    The aptly named Targus USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Dual Video Adapter does exactly what the name suggests; it adds option to add up to two displays via a USB 3.0 adapter. It's based on DisplayLink's new DL-3900 chipset which allows for a pair of display to be driven over USB 3.0.

  • Leo ‘Sneezes the day’ in latest AMD tech demo

    AMD's latest real-time tech demo has just been released for its DX 11-capable Radeon cards. Dubbed Leo, the demo apparently runs fairly well on higher end HD 6000 series cards, but for optimal smooth as glass performance a HD 7900 series card is said to be required.

  • AMD Radeon HD 7000 series roadmap revealed

    With Radeon HD 7950 and HD 7970 now retailing, it is time to shift focus to the remaining HD 7000 family GPUs – Pitcairn, Cape Verde and New Zealand. Luckily, CPU-World has leaked a roadmap from AIB MSI, including prices and specifications. 

  • Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 3GB OC Edition Review: GCN For A Better Price

    Coming almost a month after the launch of the AMD Radeon 'Tahiti XT' HD 7970 and the 'Graphics Core Next' architecture, the Radeon 'Tahiti Pro' HD 7950 is essentially a stripped down version (87.5%, 1792 out of 2048 Stream Processors) of its more illustrious sibling . The extra lead time and lower TDP requirements has allowed the usual

  • ABIT Website to close at the End of February

    There aren't many old-school hardware enthusiasts that didn't own at least one of ABIT's products in the past. Now, one final remainder of the motherboard that brought us the legendary Celeron overclock is dying at the end of February.

  • Report: NVIDIA shipping Kepler to notebook OEMs

    Manufacturing for NVIDIA's next-gen Kepler GPUs is in full swing and the first Kepler parts have begun shipping to notebook manufacturers. The first Kepler powered notebooks will hit retail in April, alongside Intel's Ivy Bridge processors. 

  • Next generation Intel Haswell video engine – covering all the standards in 2013

    With more programmable multi format hardware assisted encode & decode pipeline, future Intel desktop and mobile CPUs are expected to provide pretty decent HD and even 4K (QuadHD) video content creation and playback experience, no matter what standard used.

  • AMD reports Q4 and 2011 results

    AMD has announced financial results for Q4 2011 and full year 2011. Revenue for Q4 2011 stayed flat over Q3 2011 at $1.69 billion, while revenues were slightly up in 2011 to $6.57 billion over 2010. 

  • Revenge is Sweet: PowerVR Discrete GPGPU PCIe Card Coming Later in 2012

    Imagination Technologies is not resting on its laurels after becoming a leader in the handheld and tablet business. The company is preparing its return to the world of discrete GPU cards, this time around with a GPGPU product.  

  • Intel graphics to challenge NVIDIA, AMD in CAD pro space?

    Intel graphics integrated in their CPUs isn't a big deal for serious 3-D gamers. What about CAD professionals?

  • Specifications on HD 7950 shared via GPU-Z

    The launch of AMD's Radeon HD 7950 isn't far away now with just a little over a week remaining. Following initial leaked images and specs which we reported on last week, we now have some more concrete info on specs thanks to the first GPU-Z screenshot of the card making its way online.