• Gigabyte announces updated notebook, netbook and tablet at CES

    Gigabyte’s notebook division has updated a few of its products in time for CES and we’ve already told you about one of them, the Booktop T1132N. The other two refreshed products are the T1006M convertible netbook and the S1081 tablet, both of which have been given a bump to Intel’s latest Cedar Trail-M Atom processors.

  • Ivy Bridge based Ultrabook with Thunderbolt announced by Acer

    VR-Zone was in attendance at a pre-CES Acer press event where they announced the new Aspire S5 ultrabook and 14/15 inch Timeline Ultra notebook  to be launched later this year, featuring the upcoming 'Ivy Bridge' Core i series processors and a retractable I/O panel with a Thunderbolt connector (on the Aspire S5 only). A teaser of the

  • LG to showcase new notebooks and super Ultrabooks at CES 2012

    LG will be showcasing their new notebook as well as all-in-one PCs at next week's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, US. The new products boast breakthrough technologies from the company including IPS display, glasses-free 3D and Super Speed Boot that will improve the personal computing experience.

  • MSI announces new powerful GT685 gaming laptop

    MSI has announced their new ultimate gaming laptop, the GT685, which features the second generation Intel Core i7 quad processor, 32GB DDR3 memory, and  Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M, the world's fastest discrete graphics card in a laptop.

  • Intel WiDi to get cheaper, better and maybe inside TVs

    It's hard not to get a bit frustrated with Intel and its many proprietary technologies, although at least a few things seems to be changing slowly but surely when it comes to WiDi, Intel's video streaming technology over Wi-Fi. We've managed to dig up a fair bit of news as to what to expect in

  • ASUS to launch the second Jay Chou edition laptop N45J

    It was about six months ago when ASUS announced the Jay Chou edition laptop N43SL, and it looks like the company is planning to launch a second laptop endorsed by the Taiwanese celebrity.

  • HP’s Envy Spectre gets teaser video, almost here

    Apart from its Folio 13 it appears that HP has a second, somewhat larger Ultrabook coming which may or may not be known as the Envy 14 Spectre. HP has released a short teaser video of something simply called the HP Spectre.

  • Intel to offer seventh mobile 7-series chipset

    Quite unexpectedly we got our hands on details of a seventh mobile chipset for Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors, a model that has us wondering what Intel is playing at. The chipset appears to be another budget model, yet it offers some additional features compared to chipsets with higher model numbers.

  • Intel changes configurable TDP specs of Ultrabook Ivy Bridge processors

    Although good news in a way for Intel, it seems that the demand for its Ultrabook specific Ivy Bridge processors have been much higher than Intel initially anticipated and the company has as such had to make some changes to the configurable TDP of said processors. It appears that the company can't meet its earlier

  • Ivy Bridge reportedly launching on the 8th of April

    As we've already reported, Intel is about to launch Ivy Bridge in early April and although we didn't specify a date in our earlier stories, Digitimes has now confirmed the April 8th launch date that we'd previously heard. This information is apparently coming from Taiwanese PC makers and we'd say it's pretty much spot on, unless

  • Asus outs the Eee PC 1225B

    Intel's Atom based netbooks might not be overly popular these days and to some degree AMD appears to have something to do with it thanks to the introduction of its Brazos platform. Asus is getting ready to launch a refresh of its 12-inch Brazos powered Eee PC 1215B with a slightly updated model called the

  • Targus first with DisplayLink USB 3.0 based notebook dock

    If you're looking to add some more connectivity options to your USB 3.0 equipped notebook, then Targus might have what you've been looking for in the same of its USB 3.0 dual video docking station. The key feature here is that it sports DisplayLink's new USB 3.0 touting chipset which enables support for much higher

  • Intel said to be dropping Sandy Bridge CPU prices

    With Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors expected to launch in April of next year, it appears that Intel is already concerned about having too much stock of its current Sandy Bridge processors and is as such planning on reducing the price on at least is mobile Core i3 and Core i5 processors. What isn't clear

  • MSI announces GT780DX gaming laptop

    MSI has recently unveiled their new powerful gaming laptop, which comes in the form GT780DX. The gaming powerhouse claims to pack second generation Intel Core i7 quad core processor, Nvidia GeForce GTX 570M discrete graphics card with 3GB GDDR5 memory, as well as SteelSeries keyboard and high-end Dynaudio and THX TruStudio Pro for superb system, video and

  • Intel’s Core i7-3612QM verified as 35W part

    Yesterday we broke the news about Intel's mobile quad core OEM Ivy Bridge processors and we now have confirmation that the Core i7-3612QM is a 35W part. Oddly enough the Core i7-3615QM and the Core i7-3610QM are not despite being a mere 200MHz faster.

  • Exclusive: Mobile quad core OEM Ivy Bridge processors unveiled

    A week ago we gave you Intel's mobile Ivy Bridge roadmap, but it seemed to be missing a few CPUs, specifically the much expected 35W quad cores. Well, today we bring exclusive details of a few additional mobile quad core Ivy Bridge processors destined for OEMs, the kind of CPUs that Intel doesn't put in its

  • Convertible Ultrabooks are in the pipeline

    Intel and partners are said to be showing off some 50 Ultrabooks at CES early next year and some of those are likely to feature a convertible form fact that allows for them to be used both as notebooks and tablets. This is by no means a new development in the notebook world, but it

  • Intel’s mobile Ivy Bridge CPU line-up revealed

    We've already seen what Intel has for us as far as desktop systems are concerned for most of 2012, Ivy Bridge-E not being part of that roadmap, but what about the mobile market space? Well, we have plenty of details for you with regards to what Intel has in store, ranging from high-end Extreme Edition

  • LG announces the X-Note Z330 in Korea

    LG Electronics has joined the Ultrabook crowd – if you can call a handful of companies a crowd that is – with its X-Note Z330 which appears to be limited to the Korean market for now. At first glance LG's X-Note Z330 could easily be mistaken for an Asus Zenbook, as the general design is

  • Intel planning wireless dock for Ultrabooks using WiGig

    It looks like Intel is having big plans for Ultrabooks, at least as far as docking stations are concerned as beyond the wired Thunderbolt docking stations we've already reported about, it appears that Intel is also working on a wire-free option. The peculiar thing here though is that Intel is planning on using WiGig technology