• Alienware M17x gaming notebook review – here comes the Alien mothership

    Think that you have seen everything that Dell has got to offer to the mobile gamer with our review of the Alienware M14x gaming notebook?? Well, you haven't seen everything yet. This time, we have in our labs what is probably the mothership of Dell's Alienware line of gaming notebooks, and we'd dare say that this

  • Western Digital releases standard-height, 1TB Scorpio Blue hard disk for notebooks

    Have you ever tried to upgrade your notebook's storage capacity by splurging on the latest 2.5-inch 1TB hard disk back then, only to realize that the upgrade was doomed to fail from the get-go simply because it was too thick to fit into the tight confines of your mobile PC? Well, we've got good news for you:

  • GScreen’s dual-screen Laptop Finally Available

    GScreen first introduced the SpaceBook laptop in 2009 which sports two pieces of 15.4-inch screen. However, the product was delayed as they decided to go for two pieces of 17.3-inch screens. Read on.

  • MSI announces the X460 notebook series

    We got an early look at MSI's new X460 series of notebooks back at Computex, but now the company has officially unveiled its new models. We've gotten our hands on the first official pictures of the X460 beyond the tiny ones supplied with the press release and we have to say that this looks like yet

  • Lenovo launches ThinkPad X1 in Singapore

    Yesterday, Lenovo Singapore held a media event on a yacht at Marina @ Keppel Bay to launch their thinnest business laptop, the ThinkPad X1. VR-Zone brings you the coverage.

  • Lenovo launches the ThinkPad X121e

    Lenovo has unveiled yet another addition to its ThinkPad series of notebooks, this time an 11.6-inch model called the X121e. It will be available with a choice of one Intel CPU or one of two AMD APUs, with the Intel model also having the option of being kitted out with an SSD.

  • Toshiba launches Qosmio F750 gaming laptop with glasses-free 3D technology

    Last month, VR-Zone had an exclusive preview of the Qosmio F750 and X770 gaming notebook PCs. And this afternoon, the computer manufacturer held an event in Singapore to announce their Qosmio F750 gaming laptop which boasts glasses-free 3D technology. Read on.

  • Sony announces new VAIO Z Series notebook for mobile professionals

    Notebooks may be getting smaller and more powerful as mobile technology advances with each passing day, but it does not change the fact that as far as mobile professionals are concerned, their machines of choice have to feature the best of both worlds in order for their mobile needs to be effectively served. And leave

  • Intel said to be putting a lot of money into Ultrabook marketing

    We were mightily impressed by Asus' UX21 "Ultrabook" at Computex and we weren't the only ones, but the company is pitching the UX21 as a high-end niche product, much like Apple's MacBook Air. Now news is hitting the web that Intel wants to hit the bit-time with the Ultrabooks and as such the company is looking

  • A Visit To ASUS Headquarters In Taipei

    While VR-Zone was in Taipei for the official product launch of Jay Chou edition ASUS N-series laptop, we also got the chance to visit ASUS headquarters and check out some of the new products which are going to be launched soon. Read on.

  • Samsung gives its Series 9 notebooks some Sandy Bridge love

    Samsung's ultra-thin 11.6-inch Series 9 notebooks have finally been upgraded to Intel's ULV Sandy Bridge CPUs, while the larger 13.3-inch version was given a spec bump or a price reduction. That said, neither model is exactly what we'd call cheap, but you do get a very sleek and stylish looking notebook for your money.

  • Too Hot to Handle: Sony issues BIOS update for 535,000 VAIO notebooks at risk of overheating

    Sony has just issued an urgent BIOS update for certain F and C series VAIO notebooks. The affected models were sold in the first half of 2010 and are at risk of overheating due to a faulty thermal management system. According to Sony, the BIOS update should fix the issue. More than half a million

  • Behind The Scenes: The Making of the Jay Chou ASUS N43 Notebook

    Today, VR-Zone barged into a secret ASUS design facility where Jay Chou has been spending some of his time to design and develop the N43 notebook. We are shown with some of his works that are eventually incorporated into the final design of the notebook. Let us walk you through the workplace of Jay Chou

  • MSI’s CX480 notebook features top mounted battery indicator

    So far we've already seen quite a few notebook models from MSI this year, but the company is continually updating its line up and the new CX480 follows the CX640 in terms of overall design, but it has a few features of its own. MSI has really started to get the fact that design matters

  • ASUS and Jay Chou jointly announce special edition N series notebook PC

    Today, ASUS and renowned Taiwanese musician, singer-songwriter and actor Jay Chou have jointly announced the new special edition N-series notebook PC. The 14-inch notebook PC features the latest second generation Intel processor, SonicMaster audio technology (from the collaboration with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower), and unique designs from Chou. VR-Zone brings you the coverage. Updates : Check out Behind The Scenes:

  • Asus N43SL Gets Jay Chou Endorsement (Live Coverage)

    Asus is launching a certain N-series laptop with Jay Chou endorsement in W Hotel. Our correspondents who are now in Taipei is uncovering what secrets there might be with this Jay Chou endorsement. Hop on to find out more. *Update* Check out more videos inside as well as our official coverage here. Also check out

  • Sony launches sub 1.2kg VAIO Z

    There's no doubt that there's a certain love/hate relationship for many with the Sony VAIO Z series of notebooks, the hate mostly coming from the fact that the Z series is so expensive that most of us can only dream of owning one. However' the company's latest incarnation of the Z series have taken things

  • Sandy Bridge-powered ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook shows up in Amazon

    HP's ENVY 14 Beats Edition notebook may be well-known among audiphones and notebook users as one such device which boasts some serious enphasis on how notebook audio can and should be, but the fact that HP has yet to refresh the notebook with some love in the form of Intel's latest processors may probably turn

  • Fujitsu Lifebook NH751 gaming notebook review

    Fujitsu may be one of the more popular brands for notebook PCs here, and while their products usually span the entire gamut of possible hardware configurations ranging from entry-level machines to mainstream-grade notebooks, it does not change the fact that the company has never released a high-performance, gaming-grade notebook for sale in Singapore. That is all set to

  • Intel adds new ULV mobile CPUs to its line up

    This one nearly slipped us by, but Intel launched no less than four new ULV mobile CPUs on Sunday, ranging from a mere 1.1GHz all the way to 1.8GHz. These are of course all Sandy Bridge based CPUs and we're looking at two Core i7's, a Core i5 and last, but not least, Intel's first