• Lenovo Announces NVIDIA Optimus-capable Thinkpads

    Lenovo will be celebrating the sale of their 60 millionth Thinkpad notebook this month, and the company has something planned for its loyal consumers. In addition to the usual loyalty discounts, the notebook manufacturer has also announced its intention to boost the Thinkpad T Series with NVIDIA’s Optimus switchable-graphics technology, which it claims will result

  • MSI Announces GT663 Laptop With GeForce GTX 460M

    MSI has recently announced their new GT663 gaming laptop that features the powerful Nvidia GeForce GTX 460M graphics (with 1.5GB GDDR5 memory). This provides the performance edge over your opponents when you compete on the latest 3D games.

  • Philips Launches New Range Of Notebook Accessories

    If your laptop’s built-in speakers are giving average audio quality for your music, videos and gaming, perhaps its time to get that portable notebook PC speakers. Philips has recently launched their latest range of notebook accessories which include the light and portable Philips SPA5210/97 clip-on notebook soundbar and the Philips SDC5100/10 Notebook CushionSpeaker. More info inside.

  • LG Unveils World’s First Near Full HD 3D Notebook

    LG Korea has announced their new laptop that claims to be the world’s first to offer near Full HD 3D experience to the users. Shipped with polarized glasses, the LG A510 will be available in Asia, Middle East, South America and Africa next month.

  • OCZ launches Onyx 2 SSD, continues to drive prices down

    OCZ has unveiled the Onyx 2 Series 2.5-inch solid state drives with superior affordability designed for mainstream desktops and mobile systems. Offering higher durability and faster transfer rates of up to 270MB/sec as compared to traditional hard drives, the Sandforce-based Onyx 2 delivers excellent performance with lower price per gigabyte than that of other comparable

  • Intel launches eight new Core i5, Core i7 and Celeron mobile CPUs

    Intel has entry-level to high-performance markets covered with the introduction of eight new Core i5, Core i7, and Celeron processors to its mobile lineup. The entry-level Celeron T3500 and P4600 cost less than US$100, while in the US$200 range are the mainstream Core i5-560M, i5-560UM and i5-580M. High-end parts include the Core i7-640M, i7-660LM and

  • HTC Shift Tablet Found Running Mac OS X

    When it was initially announced, the HTC Shift gained fame for being able to dual-boot between both Windows Mobile and Vista itself, making it a unique hybrid netbook/tablet. But booting OS X on it? Apparently, that can also be done, courtesy of a member on XDA forums.

  • Sony Announces Updates to Existing VAIO Lineup

    Singapore may be in a pemernant state of summer all year round, but that is not going to stop Sony from releasing updated models of its VAIO computers in time for the Winter season. In addition to sporting newer CPUs and graphics cards, certain models are also going to come with some additional enhancements and

  • The HP Pavilion dm4: Return Of The Thin-And-Light Notebooks

    When it comes to mainstream notebooks, the thin-and-light models are fast becoming the choice of many consumers. After all, this class of notebooks generally offer most of the computational and graphics processing power found in their heftier counterparts, minus the weight and bulkiness. The new HP Pavilion dm4 is a shining example of such notebook, but how

  • LG CEO Resigns, Possibly Due To Phone Sales

    LG Electronics CEO, Yong Nam, has recently stepped down and according to speculations, it is likely due to the company’s poor sales of mobile phones. Nam was asked to leave immediately, though that wasn’t reported on LG’s website.

  • Review: ASUS N53Jn Laptop

    The ASUS N series are designed as multimedia entertainment notebook PCs. And the N53Jn is the latest member with Intel Core i5 processor, Nividia’s Optimus technology and audio by Bang & Olfusen ICEpower. VR-Zone checks out how good this machine really is at bringing the multimedia experience.

  • MSI Unveils FX600 And FR600 Multimedia Laptops

    MSI has announced the FX600 and FR600 notebook PCs that sport stylish designs and boast superb multimedia performance. Both are equipped with Intel Core i5 processors, DDR3 memory (up to 8GB) and THX TruStudio Pro smart wrap technology for cinematic audio experience.

  • GlacialTech announces GlacialPower AC090N notebook adaptor

    GlacialTech has announced the GlacialPower AC090N slim notebook adaptor. Besides being able to charge your notebook (obviously), the AC090N can double up as a battery charger for mobile devices.

  • AMD Plans To Drop Its Stickers From Desktops And Notebooks

    Do you get annoyed by the amount of stickers OEM put on your brand-new notebook or desktop? If so, you are not alone: AMD apparently also takes issue with the practice, and is working to develop stickers which peel off cleanly. That, or scrap its sticker scheme altogether. Sounds great for the consumer, no?

  • MSI Unveils GX660 And GT660 Ultimate Gaming Laptops

    MSI has announced two laptops for the hardcore gamers, the GX660 and GT660, which claim to be the ultimate gaming machines on the planet. Both are equipped with the latest Intel Core i7 quad core processor and top end discrete graphics cards – GX660 comes with ATi HD5870 while GT660 features GTX285M discrete graphics card.

  • Samsung Korea Introduces QX Series Premium Notebooks

    Samsung Korea has recently unveiled their new QX series premium laptops which come in three models: 13.3-inch QX310; 14-inch QX410 and 15.6-inch QX510. Powered by Intel Core i5 processors, the QX series laptops promise good looks, superior performance and long battery life for the mobile professionals.

  • Lenovo S10-3t review: putting the tablet into the netbook

    Tablets are the future of computing, right? It has to be: after all, Bill Gates himself predicted many years back that users would one day use the tablet for most daily computing tasks. Fast forward to the present, and we see that tablets are fast catching on in the market, albeit in a slightly different

  • Eurocom breaks 3TB storage barrier in its notebooks with Seagate Momentus 7200rpm drives

    Eurocom, which specializes in desktop replacements, has cracked the 3TB storage barrier on a single laptop by cramming up to four laptop hard drives in its mobile server and mobile workstation lines. High capacity laptop drives typically require three platters, resulting in a thicker drive. However, not only has Seagate managed to pack 750GB in two

  • Evercool Unleashes Battle Hero Laptop Cooler

    Taipei-based EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., has announced its Battle Hero laptop cooler, expanding its line-up of thermal solutions for laptop / netbook users.

  • MSI CR410 offers superb multimedia and performance at reasonable price

    This new MSI CR410 is based on AMD Vision platform and designed as an affordable mobile entertainment. The 14-inch machine features AMD Athlon II dual-core processor, DDR3 memory and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4270 graphics for your multimedia enjoyment.