• Samsung’s 17.3-inch Series 7 notebook with Ivy Bridge lands

    Another day, another new notebook from Samsung, what can we say, but the company is nothing but busy launching products. This time we're looking at the mid-range Series 7 Chronos, or more specifically the top of the range NP700Z7CH which comes with a Core i7-3615QM quad core Ivy Bridge CPU.

  • Panasonic shoves Core i5 chips in a netbook package

    Apparently Panasonic doesn't think Intel's Ultrabooks are all that and although its new Let's note J10 is a fair bit chunkier than an Ultrabook at 35mm thickness, these 10.1-inch notebooks somehow manages to pack a 35W TDP Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU without burning up.  What's even more impressive though is that they can

  • Panasonic announces its first Ivy Bridge notebook in Japan

    Best known for its Toughbook range of notebooks in most of the world, Panasonic produces a range of more consumer friendly notebooks in its home country of Japan and the company has announced its first Ivy Bridge based model, the Let's note B11. We're used to seeing fairly compact models from Panasonic, so this high-end

  • Exclusive: Intel’s mobile Haswell chipset names revealed

    Intel has as yet to launch all of its mobile Ivy Bridge chipsets, as we're still waiting for a couple of business-end chipsets, but VR-Zone can now exclusively reveal Intel's next generation mobile chipsets for the Haswell CPUs. Interestingly, Intel has cut back from no less than seven chipset for Ivy Bridge to a more

  • HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai

    VR-Zone is one of the media to attend the HP Global Influencer Summit in Shanghai, China this week whereby the company unveiled more than 80 products for both business and mainstream consumers. President and CEO Meg Whitman, and executive vice president, Printing and Personal Systems Group were also present at the event,

  • HP’s Steve Wolff dismisses claims of imitation – says Apple doesn’t own silver

    HP executive Steve Wolff responded to a question about the Envy Spectre XT laptop's uncanny similarity to the MacBook Air, saying that Apple does not own silver.

  • HP’s Envy Sleekbooks and Ultrabook’s announced, not as small as the names suggest

    In addition to the Envy Spectre XT, HP also announced an additional four Envy notebooks, the 14 and 15.6-inch Envy Sleekbooks and the Envy Ultrabooks. The main difference is that the Ultrabooks will be Intel only, whereas the Sleekbooks will feature Intel and AMD processors, with the Sleekbooks having a lower starting price.

  • Sony outs new entry-level Vaio Fit notebooks in Singapore

    Sony has introduced their new entry-level line of VAIO laptops. The new VAIO Fit series, available in both 14-inch and 15-inch screen sizes and a variety of colours, incorporates Sony’s latest visual and audio technology, offering both visual enthusiasts and audiophiles the best possible entertainment experience without them having to break the bank.

  • HP’s new Envy Spectre XT almost impresses

    Apparently HP didn't get Microsoft or Intel's memos about screen on premium notebooks/Ultrabooks being increased, as its new Envy Spectre XT ticks pretty much every other check box when it comes to being a premium Ultrabook. HP's new addition to its Envy Spectre range is by all means a nice looking notebook and the company has even

  • NEC equip ValueStar desktop and LaVie notebook models with Ivy Bridge

    NEC Japan has refreshed specs on both its existing ValueStar L Series desktop and LaVie L Series notebook models which include the use of Intel's third generation "Ivy Bridge" Core processors.

  • HP unveils more than 30 new products for business users

      Today in Shanghai, technology giant HP has announced 30 new products designed for the business users which include EliteBook Folio 9470m Ultrabook, the durable EliteBook P-series notebook PCs, as well as desktop PC series consisting of Compaq Pro 4300 Business Desktop and All-in-One PC, Compaq Pro 6300 and Compaq Elite 8300.

  • Samsung unveils more Ivy Bridge notebooks, this time it’s the Series 5

    It appears that Samsung is planning world domination, well, at least when it comes to Ivy Bridge based notebooks, as the company has unveiled another three new models. What we’re looking at this time around is the more affordable Series 5 and more specifically the 550P sub-set which consist of 15 and 17-inch models.

  • Upcoming mobile Ivy Bridge CPU pricing revealed

    Come next month, Intel will expand its range of mobile Ivy Bridge CPUs will some more dual core models as well as some new ULV models and although this in itself is no big secret, pricing of the upcoming models have now turned up. This gives us a good idea as to how Intel is

  • Acer sneaks out the Aspire E1-421 with Brazos 2.0 APU

    Brazos 2.0 has arrived, well, at least unofficially as Acer has started to sell its Aspire E1-421 in parts of Asia and it sports AMD's yet to be announced E1-1200 APU. The details are fairly slim at the moment, but the Aspire E1-421 is a budget notebook to every extent of the word.

  • Samsung pulls apart its Series 9 notebook for your viewing pleasure

    It's not too often that a manufacturer pulls apart one of its products down to near component level and then explains in detail what it has done to create the product in question, but Samsung has decided to give us a peek inside its 13.3-inch Series 9 notebook. In all fairness it doesn't give away

  • HP ENVY 14 Spectre Review: Ultrabook with unique glass design

    With more Ultrabooks coming to the market, consumers may be confused between them and the thin and light notebooks. HP had unveiled the stylish ENVY 14 Spectre at CES this year, but is this portable machine as good as it looks? VR-Zone finds out.

  • Ultrabook prices soon to take a dive with plastic material used

    A report from Focus Taiwan confirms that much cheaper Ultrabooks are around the corner. The Ultrabook market has remained very pricey no thanks to expensive all-aluminum chassis' people could often care less about.

  • Toshiba Singapore launches new notebooks and glasses-free 3D TV

    Toshiba Singapore has announced their latest notebook PCs which include the stylish Satellite M800, Satellite L800, Satellite C800 for the lifestyle and fashion-conscious consumers; Satellite P850 that offers glasses-free 3D technology and Qosmio X870 which claims to be the ultimate gaming and multimedia machine. On top of that, the company also unveiled the Toshiba 55RZ1

  • Sony launches VAIO T Ultrabooks, uses wrong CPU

    Intel's Ultrabook branding doesn't really matter all that much for some notebook makers, as they've been making ultra-thin notebooks for years and one of those companies are Sony. Despite this, Sony has announced a pair of VAIO T series Ultrabooks with 11.6 or 13.3-inch displays and a few other interesting features, but sadly Sony is

  • Samsung UK pre-announces 15-inch Series 9 Ultrabook with Ivy Bridge

    Intel's Ivy Bridge processors for Ultrabooks aren't set to arrive for another month, but that hasn't stopped Samsung's UK branch to show off one of its upcoming Series 9 notebooks featuring one of the new processors. The NP900X4C as the model is known as is Samsung's first 15-incher in the Series 9 family of notebooks