• Samsung launches the Series 7 Gamer with Ivy Bridge CPU

    When it comes to notebooks, Samsung has as yet to become a go to brand for most of us, but the company keeps improving and its Series 9 notebooks caught the attention of more than one notebook buyer. Now the company is trying to get into the already fairly crowded gaming notebook sector with its

  • Tim Cook Says Apple Will Not Combine iPad and MacBook – Mocks Windows 8

    According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple will not be combining the iPad and Macbook Air into a new product. Cook compares Microsoft's decision to run Windows 8 on multiple products to meshing a refrigerator and toaster.

  • Dell launches Alienware high-end gaming laptops

    Dell has launched three new Alienware laptops to fulfil the needs of mobile gamers, with a wide variety of choices available for an ideal gaming rig.

  • Lenovo Singapore launches IdeaCentre A720, IdeaPad Y480 and ThinkPad Edge E430

    Lenovo Singapore has announced the launch of their quad-core IvyBridge products – the IdeaCentre A720 all-in-one PC, IdeaPad Y480 and ThinkPad Edge E430 laptops. The A720 claims to incorporate a foldable screen with 10-point multi-touch for comfortable use; the IdeaPad Y480 is designed to bring high-performance entertainment, while the stylish ThinkPad Edge E430 is targeted

  • Apple dismisses laptop/tablet hybrid idea

    Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has dismissed the idea of developing a laptop/tablet hybrid, claiming it would compromise both products.

  • AMD Korea leaks Trinity benchmarks in retail material?

    It would appear that AMD's Korean branch office has been a little bit too eager to get its retail materials out to its partners and now some of that material has made its way onto the interweb. Normally this kind of stuff is quite boring and doesn't say much about the upcoming product, but AMD

  • MSI spills the beans on the GT70 and GT60 gaming laptops

    We've already shown you MSI's unique Super RAID which is present in the new GT70 gaming notebook, but the company has now revealed the remaining specs of both the GT70 and GT60. MSI is as you might've guessed already, kitting out both models with an Ivy Bridge CPU and a GeForce GTX 670M GPU, as well as

  • HP gives the Pavilion dm4 an Ivy Bridge makeover with a splash of Beats

    HP has put its new Pavilion dm4-3110tx on sale in China and although this in itself doesn't say much, the refreshed notebook model not only features Beats branding, but it also sports the just announced Intel Ivy Bridge processor. The rather stylish looking black and red Pavilion dm4 also sports a shiny new Radeon HD

  • AMD Radeon HD 7970M to Launch on April 24

    On the recently held investors call in regards to AMD's first quarter financials, AMD CEO Rory Read announced that the company will launch a top to bottom line-up of mobile discrete parts based on the 28nm Southern Islands architecture. Surprisingly how it may sound, but the parts are launching next week.

  • ASUS’ Transformer Pad 300 shows up via Amazon, arrives April 22nd

    If you had your eyes set on ASUS' Transformer Prime but find the price point to be a wee bit too hefty, you might wish to pounce on the slightly lower spec'd Transformer TF300 which is supposedly becoming available from as early as April 22nd according to a fresh pre-order listing appearing over at Amazon.

  • Kingston now producing system-specific SO-DIMM memory

    Kingston is making further efforts to separate itself from other SO-DIMM makers by being about as explicit as possible to its customers straight off the shelf in terms of which memory module(s) will work best with their specific notebook.

  • Alienware M18X R2 specs leak ahead of launch

    In 11 days' time the new Alienware M18X R2 should launch, but most of the specifications of Dell's new top of the range gaming notebook have already made an appearance online. We're not sure if an 18.4-inch notebook should really be classified as a notebook, but that's really a matter of opinion, but even so,

  • Sharp is ready for Intel’s 3840×2160 displays

    Although we wrote about it all the way back in January, Intel reiterated the fact that the company wants to push up the resolution of the displays we're using, no matter the device. Now it appears that Sharp might be the first display maker to actually meet Intel's 2013 target resolution of 3840×2160 thanks to its

  • Intel shows off hybrid Ultrabook with sliding design at IDF Beijing

    When it comes to inventing new and at least sometimes innovative designs, Intel isn't shy to try new things and at IDF Beijing that just finished, the company was showing off a hybrid Ultrabook known as the Letexo. What is a Hybrid Ultrabook you ask? Click on through and we'll tell you.

  • WD releases 7mm thickness 500GB Scorpio Blue HDD

    A new 2.5-inch HDD that is of particular appeal to the Ultrabook segment has been outed by WD today under its Scorpio family of mechanical drives. The company has released a new Scorpio Blue model that comes in capacities of up to 500GB while being just 7mm thick.

  • Sony unveils VAIO E Series 14P w/ webcam gesture controls

    Sony has just released its latest VAIO E Series 14P notebook, a 14-inch model which while not being worthy of ultrabook status with its 5.07 pound weight and residing DVD drive, does offer a number of attractive design cues and features.

  • Price of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga revealed in UK

    The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga was unveiled at CES 2012 earlier this year, which is designed as a multimode notebook PC with four intuitive usage modes – laptop, tablet, stand and tent. While pricing and availability details were not announced then, it seems that Lenovo UK has recently revealed the price to be  £1,200 (approximately US$1,900).

  • Toshiba Singapore announces new Satellite M800, L800 and C800 laptops

    Toshiba Singapore has announced their latest Satellite laptops – M800, L800 and C800 - that oozes style and versatility, and come in a wide range of configurations, screen sizes and colors. The new Satellite notebook PCs will soon be available in retail stores.

  • MSI shows off its Super RAID in the GT70 gaming notebook

    Notebooks with an SSD are hardly newsworthy these days, but MSI has managed to pull a fast one and made things interesting once again. The company has put what it calls a Super RAID inside its GT70 gaming notebook and it's unlike anything we've seen to date.

  • ASUS unveils AMD powered U82U 14-inch Ultra Thin Laptop

    ASUS is preparing a new "Ultra Thin" notebook for market which would have otherwise been referred to as an ultrabook if not for the AMD powered internals. The upcoming U82U uses AMD's E-450 APU comprising two Bobcat cores running at 1.65GHz and Radeon HD 6320 graphics.