• Kingston Factory Sneak Peek

    Today, we bring you a sneak peek of Taiwan’s Kingston Factory. Just a little glimpse of how your memories are prepared and shipped.

  • Computex 07: Memory

    VR-Zone brings you on a tour of the various memory brands and manufacturers’ booths at Computex 2007!

  • Corsair Fastest DDR3-1600 Dominator Memories

    Corsair today unveiled the worlds fastest production DDR3 memory rated at a blazing-fast 1,600MHz (PC3-12,800) and the world preview of the Corsair DOMINATORTM memory running at 2,000MHz (PC3-16,000). Live demonstration of the new DOMINATOR memory will be on display in the Corsair VIP suite (#1334) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. The TWIN3X2048-1600C10D DOMINATOR is the

  • Kingston DDR3-1066 Memories Are Intel Validated

    Kingston today announced its DDR3 1066MHz memory modules have been validated on Intel reference platforms (PMO). “As Kingston prepares for the industry migration to the new DDR3 memory technology, having validation on Intel Reference Platforms is critical to indicating we have a ready solution for PC system manufacturers, motherboard builders and the early adopter community,”

  • OCZ DDR3-1066 & 1333 Memory Modules

    OCZ today announced their official crossover into DDR3 memory to coincide with the recent launch of the Intel Bearlake Chipset. OCZ’s hand-tested DDR3 solutions enable ardent enthusiasts to take advantage of the highly-anticipated P35 platform while experiencing the legendary quality and reliability of OCZ memory. The first OCZ DDR3 products will accommodate standard JEDEC specifications

  • TwinMOS @ Computex 2007

    TwinMOS Technologies will introduce at booth D302-401, Hall 1, the 2.1ch miniBooM and BooM home-theatre sets for iPod®, the Global Positioning System (GPS), full memory card series, USB2.0 Mobile Disk and full DDRIII/DDRII series. In memory modules, besides the DDR2-1066, DDR2-850 and DDR2-800 of the Overclocking Series which displays the powerful R&D capacity of TwinMOS

  • Samsung DDR3 Memories Validated For Intel Bearlake

    21 of its SamsungDDR3 solutions have been validated on Intel’s reference platform to work with Intel’s next generation DDR3 chipsets. This is the largest number of DDR3-based solutions to have passed the validation program. Samsung’s Intel-validated solutions include 13 modules and eight monolithic devices in combinations of 512Mb/1Gb densities with speeds of 800 or 1066Mb/ps.

  • OCZ PC2-8500 AMD CrossFire™ Reaper HPC Edition

    OCZ announced the OCZ PC2-8500 AMD CrossFire™ Reaper HPC Edition. As some of the highest performing modules on the market, the PC2-8500 CrossFire features the exclusive OCZ CrossFire edition Reaper HPC heatsink for advanced component cooling. These unique DDR2-1066 modules feature the Reaper HPC (Heat Pipe Conduit) heatspreader which is engineered to deliver superior silent

  • OCZ PC2-5400 Titanium Modules For AM2

    OCZ today unveiled a unique memory kit for AMD enthusiasts and power users. The new PC2-5400 Titanium modules were designed exclusively for the AMD AM2 platform and are custom-tailored to the extended column address range of the AM2 memory controller. With a doubled page size, access penalties are reduced to ultimately improve system performance. Used

  • Micron Samples DDR2-1066 Memory Modules

    Micron announced sample availability of the industry’s fastest main memory 1 gigabit (Gb) DDR2 components, capable of running at 1066 megabits per second (Mbps). The DDR2-1066 components are produced on Micron’s industry-leading 78-nanometer 6F² process and operate at the JEDEC standard 1.8-volts. The 1 Gb component density allows for modules in densities ranging from 512

  • OCZ Reaper HPC Edition 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 1150 Review

    OCZ Technology, the brand name built on overclocking and hardware enthusiasts, had a great show at CEBIT 2007, showcasing a bunch of innovative and unique items, such as the Gaming Brainwave Actuator and it’s air-water Hybrid Cooler with a carbon graphite base. Today unfortunately, instead of these interesting items, we are reviewing something more common…

  • Samsung 4GB DDR2 DIMMs On Stacked Process

    Samsung has developed the first all-DRAM stacked memory package using ‘through silicon via’ (TSV) technology, which will soon result in memory packages that are faster, smaller and consume less power. The new wafer-level-processed stacked package (WSP) consists of four 512Mb DDR2 DRAM chips that offer a combined 2Gb of high density memory. Using the TSV-processed

  • OCZ PC2-9600 Flex XLC Module

    OCZ today announced the PC2-9600 Flex XLC series. The latest edition to OCZ’s esteemed enthusiast lineup implements the proprietary Flex XLC design and is engineered to produce extreme speeds with rock-solid stability. The PC2-9600 Flex modules are guaranteed to run at 1200MHz with ease thanks to the supreme component screening and thermal management of “Flex.”

  • Walton Chaintech Presents its New APOGEE GT DDRII 1066 Memory Module

    Taipei, Taiwan, April 11, 2007|Walton Chaintech, the world’s renowned memory module and graphic cards maker, introduces its new APOGEE GT DDRII 1066 memory module. Designed to fulfill the speed and performance requirements of extreme gamers and computer enthusiasts, APOGEE GT DDRII 1066 module is believed as an innovative addition to the GT line up. Featuring

  • OCZ PC2-9200 Reaper HPC Modules

    OCZ announced a high-speed version of the new OCZ Reaper HPC memory line, a PC2-9200 rated kit, making it the world’s fastest memory that takes advantages of the heatpipe design to effectively offload heat and increase performance and stability. This unique Reaper HPC (Heat Pipe Conduit) heatspreader is engineered to deliver superior silent heat dissipation

  • Qimonda Prepares GDDR5 Memory Chips

    For R700, G90 & Larrabee Qimonda plans to skip the GDDR4 graphics memory technology generation in favor of GDDR5. With the move, the company seeks to address the high end of the market. In 2011 the mainstream memory technology in this segment will be GDDR5 – not GDDR4. Most customers will move from GDDR3 directly

  • CeBIT: Overclocked RAMs + Thermalright =???

    Team group has some impressive enthusiast RAMs on display at CeBIT. Partnering with Thermalright, they have came up with this.

  • CeBIT: A-Data SSDs, Mickey Mouse & other Disney Thumbdrives xD

    A-Data has some pretty interesting flash-based devices on display at CeBIT, including some flash drives with Disney Cartoon Characters.

  • CeBIT : Chaintech Apogee to use Elpida Chips

    We had a talk with the guys over at Chaintech and more details about the Chaintech Apogee Enthusiast RAMs were revealed to us; the Apogee will be using Elpida chips and will be released in 1000Mhz and 1066Mhz CL5 variants, and it will be quite impossible to run these RAMs at CL4 and below or

  • Kingston Technology Releases High Capacity, Low-Latency

    Kingston Technology Company today announced its 800MHz DDR2 low-latency HyperX memory is now available in 4GB capacity kits and 2GB modules. The ability to reach higher speeds while using less power makes the memory a perfect choice for overclockers and PC enthusiasts. Available in 1-, 2- and 4GB memory kits as well as modules ranging