• Chainteh APOGEE GT DDRII 800+ CL4 Modules

    Walton Chaintech is releasing its new APOGEE GT DDRII 800+ low latency memory modules designed for gamers and advanced users wanting to maximize the performance of their systems.APOGEE GT DDRII 800+ delivers superior memory performance at 800MHz and supports the timing 4-4-4-12 in this speed grade. APOGEE GT DDRII 800+ memory module adopts an extruded

  • Kingmax Mars DDR2-1066 Memories

    Kingmax is ready with DDR2-1066 512MB/1GB Mars series memory modules to leverage these computing advances. Utilizing Nanya chips, which are inherently high quality and comparable with Micron D9 chips, and backed with eight years of experience in BGA packaging, each of Kingmax DDR2-1066 512MB/1GB Mars series memory modules is shipped at close to 10% overclocking

  • Intel Prepares For Phase Change Memory

    Intel is preparing to sample a 90-nm 128-Mbit phase change memory to customers in the first half of 2007. Mass production could begin before the end of 2007. The 128-Mbit had demonstrated 100,000,000 cycles endurance and much greater than 10 years data retention. The phase change memory gets pretty close to Nirvana and it will

  • Kingston Technology Releases 2GB microSD Flash Memory Cards

    Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the release of 2GB microSD Flash memory cards. The capacity boost of the tiny microSD form factor will be welcomed by consumers needing more space to store and transport mobile content on sleeker multifunction mobile phones. “With our new 2GB microSD cards,

  • Kingston Technology 2006 Sales Jump to $ 3.4 Billion

    Kingston Technology Corporation today announced that the revenue figures for 2006 climbed to $ 3.4 billion—a $ 400 million increase from 2005 sales—exceeding initial forecasts and marking the highest revenues the company has attained in its 20-year history. “Reaching $ 3.4 billion as we turn 20 is remarkable,” said John Tu, co-founder, Kingston. “Our continued

  • OCZ PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Series

    OCZ unveiled the OCZ PC2-8500 Reaper HPC Series. This 2GB dual channel kit features the proprietary OCZ Reaper HPC (Heat Pipe Conduit) heatspreader, engineered to deliver superior silent heat dissipation over traditional heatspreaders. As heat rises into the thermo-conductive copper heat pipe conduit, it is dissipated through the strategically-placed compact aluminum fin array. By guiding

  • TwinMOS DDR2 Memory Modules For Apple Mac

    Mac computers have been the favorite among trendy consumers for their design that combines style and technology. The simple white and clean lining together with the humanistic system specifications make every generation of Mac computers attractive. With the leading-edge technology and know-how, TwinMOS Technology today announced ” Apple Series ” , the DDR2 modules for

  • Final Call for all Ye Valentines!

    Final call for all the Lover Boys and Gals out there: Enter the Kingston Valentine’s Special Contest and win attractive prizes for your love! Contest ends on 13th April Valentine’s Day Eve so hurry up and click on the entry pictures above to enter this fun contest!

  • TwinMOS Twister X – 2 x 512MB PC2-6800

    It’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at TwinMOS Memory modules. This time, we take a look at their DDR2 Twister X series. From the label on the kit, the RAMs are rated PC2-6800 and I was curious about the rated clock speed as most of the manufacturers rate their memory as PC2-6400

  • OCZ PC2-6400 Flex XLC CL3

    OCZ today announced the PC2-6400 Flex XLC CL3 series. This latest edition to the highly-awarded OCZ Flex XLC product family is engineered to produce significant performance gains on the latest NVIDIA® nForce® SLI™ platforms by implementing Enhanced Performance Profiles (EPP) and allowing the memory to operate at a stable 800MHz at CL3 upon start up.

  • OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Edition 4GB Dual Channel Kit

    OCZ today announced the PC2-6400 Gold Edition 4GB (2x2048MB) dual channel kit. These new modules are optimized for perfect compatibility for extreme gamers transitioning their high-performance systems from Microsoft Windows® XP to Vista™. These new 800MHz modules are the ultimate upgrade for gamers taking advantage of the feature-rich, yet demanding operating system. The PC2-6400 Gold

  • FTC Force Rambus To License DRAM Chips

    U.S. government regulators will require Rambus to license its DRAM chips to other vendors, and will cap the royalty fees Rambus can charge to both current and future DRAM manufacturers. The order “is designed to remedy the effects of the unlawful monopoly Rambus established in the markets for four computer memory technologies that have been

  • Corsair DDR2-667 SODIMM For Mac

    Corsair today launched Mac Memory, their first memory DDR2-667 SODIMM products to support Apple PCs. Three products were announced today, the 1GB upgrade module, the 2GB upgrade kit (two 1GB modules) and the 3GB upgrade kit (one 1GB module and one 2GB module). The 1GB upgrade module and 2GB upgrade kit are compatible with the

  • RED Donors’ Day @ Heights with Kingston!

    Kingston Technology announced today the “RED Donors’ Day @ Heights with Kingston – GIVE a Little, SAVE a Life!” blood donation campaign, which will be launched at Braddell Heights Community Club, Multi-purpose Hall, Level 1, on February 11th , 2007, from 10am to 4pm. To raise awareness about the need for blood donation, Kingston runs

  • OCZ Vista Upgrade 2GB & 4GB Kit

    OCZ today announced their Vista Value Upgrade series which includes the highly anticipated 4GB (2x2048MB) dual channel kit. The new lineup of memory is optimized for perfect compatibility for those transitioning from Microsoft Windows® XP to Vista™. The OCZ Vista Upgrade series will be available in both DDR2-667 and DDR2-800. For gamers shifting to Vista

  • Corsair ValueSelect DDR2-667 2GB SODIMMs

    Corsair today unveiled production-ready 2GB DDR2-667 (PC5300) ValueSelectTM SODIMMs. Designed for current generation notebooks and mini-PCs, the new high density SODIMMs allow users to maximize memory bandwidth and minimize performance bottleneck to deliver superior user experience. The Corsair ValueSelect SODIMMs are optimized for Microsoft Windows VistaTM client operating system. The Corsair ValueSelect 2GB SODIMM memory

  • Hynix Developed 2GB DDR2-800 Memory Modules

    Hynix has developed a 2GB DDR2 memory module with operating speeds of 800 MHz, which makes it the fastest of its kind in the industry. The 2-Gbyte DDR2 is based on 90-nanometer process technology. It was able to produce the improved module for personal computers using advanced wafer-level packaging technology (WLP). WLP technology enables it

  • Kingston Hyper-X PC9200 DDR2 1200MHz

    Today, I am going to introduce to you the latest top-end DDR2 Memory from Kingston’s premium Hyper-X range. The Memory kit in question is rated to run at DDR2 1200MHz (PC9200) at CAS Latency of CL5-5-5-16. This is performed under the specified voltage of 2.3-2.35v. This kit we have on hand is 512mb x 2

  • OCZ PC2-6400 FlexXLC 2x1GB Kit

    OCZ today launched the OCZ PC2-6400 FlexXLC 2x1GB Kit, the mainstream edition of the recently released DDR2-1150 memory part. Intended for the enthusiast looking for the absolute highest performance and value, the new PC2-6400 Flex XLC delivers unprecedented speed, signal integrity, and thermal management, all at a lower price point than the current flagship high-speed

  • Kingmax World’s First 4GB & SD 2.0 microSDHC Card

    Kingmax Digital Inc, the leading Taiwan-based manufacturer of memory storage products, is the world’s first company to release a 4GB SD 2.0 compliant microSDHC memory card, which will be on display at 2007 International CES from January 8 to 11 in Las Vegas. With this product, Kingmax answers continued consumer demand for high capacity and