• GSkill F2-6400CL4D-2GBHK Review

    DDR2 Memory Market has grown so competitive in the past few months, we see makers ceaselessly expanding their range of offerings, dividing and segmenting products down to nitty price range. On top of trying to offer the fastest official specs, makers are building a diversity such that consumers get quite a big choice according to

  • Corsair TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF DOMINATOR 2GB Kits

    Corsair today unveiled the new TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF DOMINATOR™ memory kits. Designed for overclocking and achieving the highest frequencies in mind, the TWIN2X2048-10000C5DF DOMINATOR is rated and tested at a frequency of 1250MHz, thus making it the world’s highest frequency production ready memory. Specially designed for NVIDIA® nForce™ 680 SLI™ media and communications (MCP)-based motherboards, the new

  • Samsung Developed 2GHz GDDR4 Memories

    Samsung Electronics will publish some details on their 80nm 512Mb GDDR4 SDRAM running at 2GHz frequency with max data rate of 4Gbps/pin at ISSCC. In comparison, the fastest commercially available Samsung GDDR4 memories clocked at 1.4GHz while ATi Radeon X1950XTX runs at 1GHz and ATi R600 is rumored to run at 1.1GHz. To save power

  • Qimonda To Make 75nm XDR Memories

    Rambus announced that Qimonda AG, a leading global producer of DRAM memory products, recently signed a technology license agreement for the Rambus XDR™ memory interface solution. The Rambus XDR solution will be implemented in Qimonda’s 75nm process technology for integration into high-volume applications, including game consoles, digital televisions, set-top boxes and PC graphics. Rambus XDR

  • Samsung Samples 16Gb Flash Memory

    Samsung is now sampling its 16-gigabit (Gb) NAND flash memory with customers – the first NAND flash using 50nm process technology. Early market introduction of 16Gb and higher density NAND flash memories is expected to accelerate the adoption of non-volatile memory applications such as flash-based solid state disks. Samsung plans to begin mass producing its

  • EDevices DDR2 1066MHz Memory

    EDevices is a Singapore based company which produces Memory products, consumer graphics cards, Storage Media and Audio devices. We take a look at their latest Memory products after our last look at their DDR Memory- DDR2 1066 1GB Modules. Manufactured in EDevices’ factory in Suzhou China, which also manufactures SDRAM, DDR-DRAM, RAM Module, VGA Card

  • Samsung Develops 1Gbit mobile DRAM

    Samsung has developed what it calls the industry’s first 1Gbit mobile DRAM for mobile products, using 80nm process technology and plans to mass produce the new device in the second quarter of 2007. The new chip, also known as low-power DDR or synchronous DRAM, will be more cost effective than other high density mobile solutions

  • Transcend 1GB DDR2-800 SO-DIMM

    Transcend announce the release of the world’s highest speed 1GB DDR2-800 Non-ECC Unbuffered SO-DIMM memory modules (P/N: TS128MSQ64V8J). Transcend’s 1GB DDR2-800 Non-ECC Unbuffered SO-DIMM memory modules are engineered using 16 pcs of 64Mx8 original brand name DDR2 FBGA chips. The eight-layer PCBs used in Transcend’s modules are designed to meet the highest specifications by minimizing

  • Elpida 70nm DRAM Enters Mass Production

    Elpida has begun mass production of the DRAM industry’s first 1-Gigabit and 512-Megabit DDR2 SDRAMs using 70-nanometer process technology. The 70nm process technology enables 800MHz and 1GHz speed functionality in combination with high-performance operations, but it also provides for a reduction in chip size allowing incrementally more chips per DRAM wafer which increases productivity and

  • Hynix 1Gbit DDR2 Chips on 60nm

    Hynix introduced a family of components and high capacity modules based on its 60nm-made 1Gbit DDR2 DRAM chips. This new memory is suitable for high density DRAM components and high performance products such as graphic and mobile DRAMs. It will commence volume production in the first half of 2007. The 1GB and 2GB UDIMMs run

  • Kingston Technology First with Fastest 1.2 GHz Memory

    Kingston Technology Company today announced the immediate availability of 1.150 GHz and 1.200 GHz DDR2 HyperX memory modules. To the delight of gaming and computing enthusiasts worldwide, Kingston is first to bring 100% production tested PC9600 HyperX memory to market and is concurrently bringing new high frequency PC9200 modules to market. “Achieving the highest performance

  • TwinMOS TwiSTER DDR2-850 CL5 OC Modules

    TwinMOS introduced the brand new TwiSTER DDR2-850 CL5 over-clocking DRAM modules after previously announced TwiSTER DDR2-800 CL5 and TwiSTER DDR2-1066 CL5 last month. So the 3 kinds of overclocking modules make TwiSTER series are specially designed to meet the demanding hardware requirements of over-clockers, advanced game players, and enterprise users. New-generation, high-performance 0.09μm original dies

  • Kingmax SuperRAM DDR400 w/ Decoder Chip

    Kingmax releases the latest version of its SuperRAM DDR400 in a bid to greatly protect consumer rights by combating counterfeit goods on the market. The SuperRAM DDR400 has been completely thoroughly repackaged, and now has a clear distinguishing mark: the color of the PCB board has been changed to deep blue, replacing the wine-red color

  • Next Gen Memory Demonstrated

    Scientists from IBM, Macronix and Qimonda today announced joint research results that give a major boost to a new type of computer memory with the potential to be the successor to flash memory chips, which are widely used in computers and consumer electronics like digital cameras and portable music players. The advancement heralds future success

  • OCZ APAC Summit 2006

    OCZ, a company known for Enthusiast range of Memory and Power Supplies, dips into the graphics cards market. Pretty unexpected, and there are some more interesting stuff they have in store, announced during OCZ’s APAC Summit 2006.

  • Transcend’s JetFlash USB Flash Drives work with Windows Vista and enhanced for Windows ReadyBoost

    Transcend Information, Inc. (Transcend) is a leading manufacturer of Flash Memory products. It is therefore with great pride that we are able to announce that all our JetFlash series of USB Flash Drives (both Hi-Speed and V Series) completely work with Windows Vista. In addition, many of our Hi-Speed USB 2.0 JetFlash models are enhanced

  • Kawaii Kingston Children Gaming Day

    On the 24th November, Kingston organized the Kawaii Kingston Children Gaming Day, in collaboration with the Salvation Army and VR-Zone, supported by Razer. It was a fun-filled and memorable day for many of us, including the children.

  • OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC Modules w/ Hybrid Water Cooling

    OCZ today unveiled the OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC 2x1GB Kit, a revolutionary new memory solution that offers unprecedented speed, signal integrity, and thermal management. These new modules feature the new OCZ FlexXLC heatsink that delivers superior heat dissipation via a hybrid copper and aluminum design alterable between passive air or water cooling. Thanks to OCZ’s FlexXLC

  • Kingston 4-GB ValueRAM DDR2 DIMMs

    Kingston today announced the release of 4-GB 533 MHz and 667 MHz ValueRAM® DDR2 registered ECC DIMM memory modules. The advent of new larger capacity, high-performance memory, combined with AMD Opteron(TM) processors, the latest in processor technology, and cutting-edge TYAN motherboards meets the critical performance demands of high-end computing and server applications. Kingston ValueRAM DDR2

  • OCZ XTC Cooler

    OCZ today unveiled the premier memory overclocking accessory, the OCZ XTC Cooler. As active cooling becomes increasingly important for today’s high-speed memory solutions, OCZ developed the XTC Cooler for effective heat management of OCZ’s proprietary XTC (Xtreme Thermal Convection) modules. Once installed over the memory subsystem, the XTC Cooler’s dual 60mm fans channel a steady