• Micron 4 GB DDR2 RDIMMs Validated

    Micron is the first supplier to validate 4GB DDR2 registered DIMMs and the first to validate a high-density DDR2 module solution employing stacked component technology, with Intel. The industry-standard, 240-pin PC2-3200 DDR2 RDIMM, is populated with thirty-six 1Gb DDR2 components using Staktek’s high-performance Stakpak® technology. Micron’s 4GB RDIMM, MT36HTJ51272Y-40E, is in production and currently available

  • Kingston HyperX DDR 2 PC2 -6000 (750Mhz) released

    Kingston has just announced the release of their HyperX DDR2 750MHz (PC2-6000) memory modules. These new HyperX DDR2 unbuffered DIMMs are available in capacities up to 1GB to support the latest generation of computer platforms. HyperX 750-MHz DDR2 Features: - Tested at 750-Mhz for optimal performance - 1.9 Volts operation, reducing power consumption by about

  • Corsair Unleased XMS2 6400 at 800Mhz

    Corsair today unveiled the industry’s first DDR2800 MHz memory modules optimized for the latest NVIDIA® nForceTM 4 SLI Intel® Edition platform. Designed with discerning overclockers and PC enthusiasts in mind and certified for the latest NVIDIA media and communications platform (MCP), the new XMS2 6400 modules feature carefully selected DRAMs that have passed the strictest

  • Corsair XMS2 5400UL (3-2-2-8-1T)

    Corsair today launched the world’s first DDR2 memory that delivers a guaranteed clock speed of 675 MHz at extremely low latency settings of 3-2-2-8-1T. Developed and certified to provide unparalleled performance for the new NVIDIA ® nForceTM4 SLI Intel ® Edition platform, Corsair’s new XMS2 5400ULTM memory promises unmatched speed and cutting edge technologies for

  • Infineon 2GB Dual-Die DDR2 SO-DIMMs & 512Mbit GDDR3

    Infineon unleashed a number of high-density memory products for notebook and graphics markets. For high-end notebooks, Infineon released engineering samples of 2GB dual-die based DDR2 SO-DIMMs which achieve the 2GB capacity using a form factor thickness of 3.8 mm and also 1GB versions of its DDR2 Micro-DIMM line for subnotebook computers.  Infineon also expanded its

  • OCZ PC-5000 Platinum DFI nF4 Special Series

    OCZ announced the release of the exclusive PC-5000 EL Platinum series, a line of memory specially designed for use with DFI nF4 motherboards. This ground-breaking member of the proprietary OCZ Platinum series is custom-built for premium operation on the highly-popular DFI nF4 motherboard series. At the extreme speed of 625MHz, the OCZ PC-5000 Platinum is

  • Corsair Memories For nForce4 SLI Intel Edition

    Corsair is pleased to announce a partnership with NVIDIA  for the development and launch of DDR2 memory solutions to support the new NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition MCP. Throughout the development of the nForce4 SLI Intel Edition MCP, Corsair has worked very closely with NVIDIA in testing and qualifying the highest performance solutions to provide

  • Rambus Micro-Threading For DRAM : 4X Boost In 3D

    Rambus today unveiled an architectural breakthrough of applying micro-threading to DRAM cores. This innovation significantly increases memory subsystem efficiency, resulting in up to four times greater performance when compared to a traditional DRAM in applications such as 3D graphics, advanced video imaging, and network routing and switching. A Rambus analysis showed that a standard GDDR

  • Toshiba Samples 512Mb XDR DRAM

    Toshiba has begun sampling computer memory chips with the world’s fastest data rate, and will start mass production of the chips in the second half of this year. The 512Mb XDR DRAM chips run at a speed of 4.8GHz, which is about 12 times faster than that of the memory typically found in today’s desktop

  • AMD & OCZ Rebate Bundle On NewEgg

    OCZ is pleased to announce the OCZ memory and AMD CPU rebate offer on From now till April 6th NewEgg customers can purchase OCZ memory products and an AMD 64 CPU and save up to $ 35! Patrons can select from nine OCZ renowned memory products including parts from the Platinum, Gold, Performance, and

  • TwinMOS Speed Premium DDR433 w/ Winbond BH-5 Dies

    TwinMOS recently announced the Speed Premium DDR433 series, the entry-level memory modules for overclocking. All overclocking settings have been completed before shipping, so users can easily enhance the speed to nearly 466MHz without operating complicated BIOS setup. The most significant feature about this model is the application of WINBOND BH-5 die which is known the

  • OCZ PC-3200 Gold Series w/ 2-2-2 Timings

    OCZ today announced the release of the ultra-fast PC-3200 Gold Edition DDR. As part of the award winning OCZ Gold series, PC-3200 Gold is built with leading edge technology designed to provide users with performance features capable of excelling in even the most demanding computing environments. At DDR400, PC-3200 Gold modules deliver heart-pounding 2-2-2 timings

  • Elpida 800Mbps 256MB DDR2 SDRAM

    Elpida today announced the industry’s first 256 Megabit DDR2 SDRAM devices that achieve 800 Megabits per second (Mbps) operation. The monolithic devices are available in either x 8- or x 16-bit widths and are intended for use in DDR2 Unbuffered DIMMs targeted for the high-end PC market. They are produced using Elpida’s advanced 0.10-micron process

  • TwinMOS DDR2-800 Memory Modules In June

    TwinMOS will start manufacturing DDR2-800 DRAM modules in small quantities later this year, probably in June. On its booth at the trade fair, TwinMOS has been displaying a working system using DDR2-800 modules from Elpida. The platform is built around Abit’s Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard specially designed for overclocking purposes. On this platform, the Intel Pentium

  • Rambus Demo 800MHz DDR2 Memory Controller Interface

    Rambus will demonstrate the industry’s fastest drop-in DDR2 memory controller interface at the Denali MemCon event on March 15, 2005 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Produced on 90nm process technology, the Rambus DDR2 drop-in memory interface operates at a data rate of 800MHz, which is twice as fast as the current DDR2 solutions on the market. For

  • OCZ Ultra-Reliable Titanium Series

    OCZ today announced the release of the revolutionary, extraordinarily reliable Titanium Memory series. The OCZ Titanium series is the first and only line of memory dedicated to the high reliability needs of high-end systems and servers. Sophisticated discrete IC screening and qualification ensures superior performance ideal for mission critical systems, high power users, and server

  • TwinMOS DDRII-533 SO-DIMM For Sonoma

    TwinMOS has completed the R&D of DDRII-533 SO-DIMM for the brand new Sonoma platform—the next generation Centrino platform Napa, comprising the Calistoga chipset and the next generation wireless LAN technology Golan, to be introduced into the market at the end of 2005. Moreover, TwinMOS Technologies is validating the compatibility of the Calistoga chipset of Napa

  • GSkill DDR600 PC4800 1T Memory

    G.Skill launch a DDR600 PC4800 1T 2.5-4-4-8 model of their F1 series memory which equipped with Samsung TCCD memory chipset, a well known ultra performance memory chipset. The new model is F1-4800DSU2-1GBFF, a matched pair of 512MBx2 dual channel DDR memory module. These modules are tested at DDR550 PC4400 1T 2.5-3-3-7 latency setting and DDR600

  • OCZ PC-4800 EL DDR Platinum Limited Edition

    OCZ today announced the release of PC-4800 EL Platinum Series memory, an exceptionally high-performing DDR600. OCZ’s PC-4800 Platinum Limited series with Enhanced Latency technology delivers extraordinary performance in even the most demanding computing environments by pushing the envelope of standard high frequency operation. Ideal for gamers, enthusiasts, and graphics professionals, PC-4800 Platinum provides unwavering performance

  • A-Data To Sample DDR2-800 & DDR2-533 FB-DIMM

    A-Data will be sampling both DDR2-667 and DDR2-800 modules in March with capacities 256MB, 512MB and 1GB sample modules fully-compliant with the JEDEC standard. ADATA will also start sampling new DDR2-533 unbuffered DIMM at 1GB and 2GB capacities in March. Although the DDR2-800 JEDEC specification is not yet finalized, A-Data is ready to sample its