• G.Skill releases the world’s fastest memory, DDR3 2500 MHz dual-channel memory kit

    G.Skill International Co. Ltd.,manufacturer of extreme performance memory and high performance solid-state storage, today announced it has created the ultimate extreme performance dual channel DDR3 2GB x2 memory kit, rated at 2,500MHz CL9-11-9-28 at only 1.65V, which is specifically designed for Intel Core-i7 860 & 870 processors and in co-operation with ASUS, the leading manufacturer of high performance motherboard. More

  • Kingston Launches ValueRAM Server Premier Memory Line

    “Kingston is pleased to introduce an addition to our existing ValueRAM server memory, ValueRAM Server Premier Memory, which delivers consistent and reliable performance,” said Ann Bai, DRAM Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston. More of the press release inside.

  • Corsair Expands Dominator 16GB and 24GB Memory Kits

    We continue to see increasing demand for high density solutions from programmers, scientists, videographers, and other data-intensive users,” stated John Beekley, VP of Technical Marketing at Corsair. “These new 1600MHz modules will enable a new level of processing speed for handling these large data sets. More of the Press Release inside.

  • Exclusive Tour of Geil’s Memory Test Laboratory

    We made our way to Geil to take a look at their memory sorting laboratory. Yes, we know it’s past their work hour, but we just had to bring you the peeks. Lab tour inside.

  • Walton Chaintech Rolls Out APOGEE GT DDR3-2400 Memory

    Walton Chaintech, announces the availability of its latest memory clock that can reach a memory speed of 2400MHz. To address consumers’ diversifying high-speed computing platform needs, this new clock is the industry’s fastest computing clock with a transmission bandwidth of 19,200MB/sec per transmission. 

  • Kingston Technology Creates World’s Fastest Memory

    Hsinchu, Taiwan — March 17, 2010 – Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced it has developed the fastest Intel-certified memory in the world. Running at 2400MHz, Kingston’s HyperX dual-channel DDR3 memory kit (Kingston part#: KHX2400C9D3T1K2/4GX) gained Intel XMP certification on the Core i7 platform.

  • Team Group to announce Xtreem LV DDR3 2400MHz kit at CeBIT 2010

    Team Group will be announcing a limited edition Xtreem LV DDR3 2400MHz 4GB (2 x 2GB) kit at CeBIT 2010. This high performance memory kit is targeted at enthusiasts and extreme overclockers. A 24-hour factory test using the industry-approved Memtest software is performed on all these 2400MHz modules before they are shipped for retail. Full memory module

  • Mushkin Unveils Volta and Joule Series PSUs

    Mushkin Joule PSU Mushkin, best known for its high performance memory modules, has unveiled the Volta and Joule series PSUs. Read more…

  • Sony Announces New Product Lineup at CES

    At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony has announced their line up of new products which include the 3D TVs, memory cards and USB portable power supply adaptor. Read on for the news releases.

  • Transcend announces Ultimate Class 10 SDHC Cards

    Photographers who do high-speed consecutive shootings must check out the new Transcend Ultimate Class 10 SDHC memory cards. The Class 10 cards boast transfer speeds of up to 20MB/s with storage capacity ranging from 4GB to 16GB.

  • Corsair launches Dominator GTX 2250MHz DDR3 Memory

    Corsair today announced the launch of its new Dominator GTX ultra-high performance DDR3 memory modules for Intel and AMD platforms, individually screened and tested on multiple Intel X58 and P55 chipset platforms to ensure that they operate at the incredible frequency of 2250MHz at 8-8-8-24 at 1.65V. Availability will be extremely limited and will be launched

  • Transcend launches StoreJet 35T External HDD and new 64GB CF Card

    Today, Transcend launched their new StoreJet 35T external hard drive which comes with TurboHDD USB transfer mode and One Touch auto-backup button, and offers up to 1.5TB capacity to store your photos, music and video files. In addition, the manufacturer has also announced their latest 64GB CompactFlash memory card that supports even the high-end digital

  • Kingston HyperX Triple Channel 12GB Kits Shipped

    Kingston announced it is shipping 2GB triple-channel HyperX memory kits consists of six 2GB modules running at 1600MHz and 1.65 volts specially for Core i7 platforms. The memory kit has been tested with great success on motherboards with six sockets such as the Gigabyte GA-X58-UD6 and Asus P6T Deluxe motherboards.

  • Samsung to collaborate with Microsoft to push Green IT

    Samsung has announced its collaboration with Microsoft to encourage users to use power-efficient PCs – through the use of the new Windows 7 operating system and 40 nanometer (nm) class DDR3 DRAM. Read on for the full story.

  • Arctic Cooling Unveils Arctic RC Pro

    Arctic RC Pro Swiss based Arctic Cooling has launched the Arctic RC Pro, its latest RAM cooler for both single and double sided DDR2 and DDR3 SDRAM modules. Measuring 126 x 76 x 1.5mm and weighing 74g, the aluminium cooler features long fins extended to 5cm and pre-applied “highly conductive” thermal pads for efficient heat

  • ASUS Engineers are here – ASUS Power Users’ Seminar

    ASUS listened. They flown in R & D Engineers from Taiwan to satisfy your crave!

  • OCZ Unveils Low-Voltage AMD Black Edition DDR3-1600 Memories

    OCZ expanded their lineup of DDR3 to include certified OCZ Black Edition 4GB kits for compatibility with AMD Phenom II processors. Featuring the AMD OverDrive™ (AOD) feature, users can select the remote stored profiles when used with 790FX / 790GX motherboards. They will be available as DDR3 PC3-12800 4GB kits operating at 1.65V.

  • Corsair releases 8GB & 16GB DDR3 Modules for Core i5/i7

    Corsair announced 8GB and 12GB module kits featuring Corsair’s DHX+ cooling technology with American Racing Blue fins for Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors. Both sets of modules have XMP profiles set at 1600MHz, with CAS latency settings of 8-8-8-24. An Airflow fan with matching blue highlights is included with both the dual and triple channel

  • [Press Release] OCZ announces DDR3 RAM kits for LGA-1156 CPUs

    OCZ has announced six 2x2GB DDR3 RAM kits for the upcoming Lynnfield Core i7/i5 CPUs. According to OCZ, they have been tailor-made for the P55 platform, which means they will also be supported by the subsequent Clarksfield Core i5/i3 dual-core CPUs releasing in Q1 ’10, also based on the LGA-1156 socket.     More details next page.

  • G.Skill’s Latest Wicked Looking Memory : The Ripjaws

    G.Skill unveiled the Gaming Series- Ripjaws DDR3 Dual-channel 1.65V memory with speeds ranging from 1333 to 1866MHz. G.SKILL also preparing production DDR3 dual-channel memory kits speeds range from 2000MHz CL9 to 2200MHz CL8 for upcoming Intel® platform.