• Microsoft launches mobile OneNote for iPhone

    Microsoft may have filed a lawsuit against Apple over “App Store” trademark, but that aside, it seems that the software giant has developed a mobile OneNote app for iPhone users. Like Evernote, you can create different notes and save them to the cloud, and access them from any Mac or iOS device.

  • MSI announces 10-inch WindPad 100W

    MSI has announced their latest 10-inch tablet on their website that boasts great portability and extended battery life, and ideal for communication and entertainment. It runs Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OS and features a multi-touch screen and comes with dual cameras and sufficient ports for most standard connectivity.

  • LG disappointed about Windows Phone 7 visibility at launch

    Even though Microsoft have announced the Windows Phone 7 few months back, with LG being one of the closest partners, it looks like the Korean manufacturer isn’t too happy about the weak visibility at launch.

  • Microsoft claims leaked copies of SP1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are not RTM versions

    Have you been caught up over the hype about Microsoft’s Russian division announcing news of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 being released to OEMs over the last few days? If so, hold on to your hats and stay that download manager: Microsoft has clarified that the aforementioned SP1 build

  • Microsoft Office gets a new competitor in the form of JUST Office

    It seems like Microsoft is going to face a little competition in getting its Office productivity suite into every single Windows PC, at least where Japan is concerned. A major Japanese software development company known as JustSystems has announced a new office productivity suite, JUST Office, which is said to be compatible with most of

  • Microsoft unveils LifeCam Studio built with 1080p HD sensor

    If you are looking to get a new webcam for video conferencing with your friends, family or colleagues, check out Microsoft’s latest LifeCam Studio. It incorporates 1080p full high definition (HD) sensor and claims to complement the new Windows Live Messenger 2011.

  • Microsoft files lawsuit against Apple over “App Store”

    “App Store” is too common a name to be trademarked, and that is exactly the reason Microsoft has given on why it filed a lawsuit against Apple. According to the filing, the term should be allowed to be used by other companies, not just Apple.

  • “On the second Tuesday of January Microsoft gave to me…”

    …two security bulletins for Patch Tuesday. Yep, you read that right: with only two security bulletins for users to take note of, this has probably got to be one more of the more lackluster Patch Tuesdays ever in Microsoft history. Not that it is a bad thing though.

  • Microsoft to investigate Windows Phone 7 data usage complaints

      Microsoft will be investigating data usage by Windows Phone 7 devices after internet forums have been flooded with complaints about unidentified data use charges.

  • Microsoft Surface 2: looks fantastic but will never ‘surface’ in homes

    Once again, Microsoft has shown the world why it is never a smart decision to write them off any competition, even if it has a less-than-stellar track record to back itself with. Hot off CES2011 is the software giant’s new Surface 2 tabletop computer, which actually sounds somewhat impressive based on the information that has

  • 5 Highly Anticipated Games to look out for in 2011

    This year, 2011 looks set to be an awesome year for gamers, here is a list of five upcoming games to keep an eye out for.

  • Acer debuts AMD Fusion laptops, ICONIA Windows 7 tablet, and Liquid Mini Android phone

    Acer has debut their line of new products at this year’s CES show including Aspire 5253 and 4253 which are based on AMD Fusion processors; ICONIA Windows 7 tablet; and Liquid Mini Android smartphones.

  • Microsoft’s Touch Mouse Brings Windows 7 To A New Level

    Click, flick, scroll and swipe, Microsoft unveils the new “Touch” mouse at CES 2011 today, introducing gesture-based actions with the mouse on Windows 7.

  • Microsoft Sold 8 Million Kinect Controllers, Avatar Kinect Announced

    Microsoft’s Kinect, the motion sensing controller for Xbox 360 garnered 8 million sales worldwide, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer said during his opening keynote at CES 2011.

  • Amazon announces new Android app store, and Kindle app for Windows Phone 7

    Amazon has announced the opening of a new Android app store to compete with Apple’s, and also a developer portal for coders who are interested in creating apps for the Android-based devices. On top of that, the online retailer has also announced the Kindle app for Windows Phone 7.

  • New Zero-Day Flaw Found In Windows, Affects All Versions Prior To Windows 7

    If you are one of those who think Microsoft’s efforts of convincing users to move to Windows 7 is nothing more than a money-making campaign, perhaps this announcement might help to change your mind a little. According to a security bulletin posted by Microsoft very recently. A zero-day flaw which could potentially allow hackers to

  • Russia to adopt Linux as Nation’s OS of choice by 2015

    While most parts of the world rely on Microsoft Windows as the operating system of choice, one of the largest and most powerful countries is taking a huge step away from that. Russia plans to move its computer infrastructure from the current Windows, to open-source operating systems like Linux.

  • Kinect Clone to be Introduced at CES 2011

    Only four months after it’s release, a clone of Microsoft’s Kinect for the Xbox 360 has already been announced for the PC. Jointly created by Taiwanese company ASUS and Israeli company PrimeSense the WAVI Xtion is a gesture control interface for interacting with content from your PC, on your TV screen.

  • Emails went missing in Windows Live Hotmail

    2011 has just descended upon us and already it looks to have caused the iPhone’s alarm to not work properly. And it looks like the “Y2K11″ bug may also be the culprit that caused some emails in Windows Live Hotmail missing.

  • Piracy Rears Its Ugly Head At Windows Phone 7

    Windows Phone 7 may have reached a new high in terms of user experience, but it appears that the Redmond giant has forgotten about one key aspect of the OS in their quest to make it as user-friendly and polished as possible. And it appears that this oversight may be coming back to bite them