• New ASUS Fusion Zacate Micro-ATX Board Is A Notch Faster

    Motherboard major ASUS unveiled a new micro-ATX motherboard based on the AMD E-450 accelerated processing unit (APU), the E45M1-M PRO. This board is nearly identical to the E35M1-M PRO, except of course its faster APU. The AMD E-450 is clocked at 1.65 GHz, a mere 50 MHz jump over the E-350, but the real improvement

  • TYAN Intros S5515 Single-Socket LGA1155 Server Board

    As more businesses move online, the hosting industry is only set for growth. With dedicated hosting, leasing a single multicore processor-powered server is an ideal option for small businesses. Often it's boards such as the TYAN S5515 released today, that make up such servers. The S5515 is a micro-ATX motherboard based on the Intel Q67

  • MSI set to launch two new AM3+ motherboards

    Details have started to emerge of two upcoming AM3+ motherboards from MSI, namely the 990FXA-GD70 and the 990XA-GD55. VR-Zone has managed to dig up some pictures of the 990XA-GD55 and some pricing on the 990FXA-GD70 and both boards should be out in time for AMD's rumoured September 19th Bulldozer launch.

  • X79 to have 10 SATA ports after all

    This is slightly embarrassing, but we have to start by apologizing here, as we got some information mixed up, but then again, no-one else spotted it either so there you go. It turns out that Intel's X79 chipset will have a total of 10 SATA ports after all, although there still won't be any SAS

  • Gigabyte quietly launches its H61 mini-ITX motherboard

    If you're on the hunt for a cheap mini-ITX board for Intel's Sandy Bridge processors then it looks like Gigabyte might have the solution for you with its new GA-H61N-USB3 motherboard. It's the more affordable version of Gigabyte's H67N-USB3 and even though it's using Intel's budget chipset, it's far from a budget board when it

  • EVGA releases Z68 FTW, Z68 SLI and Z68 SLI Micro

    EVGA has released three new motherboards based on the Intel Z68 Express chipset, namely the Z68 FTW, Z68 SLI and Z68 SLI Micro. The flagship Z68 FTW features processor socket pins with higher gold content, a 12-phase power design, NVIDIA NF200, voltage read points, multiple BIOS backup and more.

  • Gigabyte’s G1.Sniper2 features PCI Express Gen 3 support

    One feature that so far has been a bit of a secret with regards to Gigabyte's just launched G1.Sniper2 motherboard is that it features PCI Express Gen 3 support, or rather, it has a set of digital switches that should support PCI Express 3.0 unless something is drastically changing by now and the introduction of

  • Asus’ F1A75-I Deluxe makes timely debut

    We're surprised at the fact that there have been so few mini-ITX boards based on AMD's A75 chipset, in fact, the only board to launch so far to our knowledge is the ASRock A75M-ITX which is a fairly feature-light board. Now Asus has rectified that shortage to a degree with the launch of its F1A75-I

  • Exclusive: Sandy Bridge-E now expected to launch in November, X79 chipset getting further feature cuts

    We don't like to be the bringers of bad news, but it's come to our attention that Intel has decided to change its high-end consumer Waimea Bay platform one more time before it launches. The only good news is that we've managed to pin-point which month the platform is expected to launch and that is

  • Biostar readying improved Z68 motherboard

      It's tough being at the bottom of the list of motherboard manufacturers, but it doesn't stop Biostar from doing what it's doing and the company is getting ready to launch its slightly higher-end Z68 motherboard, the TZ68K+. It's not the most impressive addition we've ever seen, as Biostar has only tweaked a few minor

  • MSI’s upcoming A75A-GD55 motherboard pictured

    So far MSI has only officially unveiled a pair of AMD A75 motherboards, the A75A-G35 and the A75MA-G55, but the company should have at least another four models coming. VR-Zone has managed to get hold of some exclusive pictures of the upcoming A75A-GD55 model which will be MSI's high-end A75 motherboard and possibly also the

  • IDT announces its HyperGear VRM controller

    We've already seen a wide range of various power saving VRM controllers, least not from Intersil on Gigabyte motherboards, as well as various custom solutions like Asus' EPU and now IDT has announced a solution it calls HyperGear that not only promises to save power, but also to boost the system performance. IDT doesn't many

  • ASRock launches Z68 mini-ITX board

      If you've been waiting for an affordable Z68 mini-ITX motherboard, then your wait should be over, as ASRock has launched its Z68M-ITX/HT motherboard which should prove to be one of the more wallet friendly mini-ITX Z68 boards out there. That said, it's hardly a crowded market space at the moment with Zotac having the

  • MSI unveils two new Z68 motherboards

    One so far unseen Z68 motherboard model and one upgraded – if you can call it that – model has emerged on the MSI website today, namely the Z68A-G43 (B3) and the Z68A-GD55 (G3). This brings MSI's total Z68 board count up to seven, as three models are identical bar PCI Express 3.0 support.

  • EVGA LGA 2011 Motherboard Teaser

    EVGA has released a teaser picture showing its upcoming LGA 2011 socket based motherboard. More details inside.

  • Exclusive hands on pictures of ASRock’s new Gen3 motherboards

    Last week details of ASRock's new PCI Express 3.0 motherboards appeared on the web and today we bring you exclusive hands on pictures of the Z68 Extreme3 and Z68 Extreme7. ASRock will be using the new styling for all of its upcoming motherboards, so expect a lot more black and gold in the future, the

  • Intel mulling PCI Express x2 interface

    Here's an interesting thing we came across earlier today, Intel is considering getting a new PCI Express interface implemented, namely a two lane solution. Why? Well, simply because PCI Express x1 doesn't offer enough bandwidth for a lot of bandwidth hungry devices, but PCI Express x4 is too wide for many peripheral chips, especially considering

  • ECS Motherboards now equipped with Solid Capacitors

    Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), well-known for its motherboard products, has announced that all their motherboards will be using solid capacitors around the CPU region. 

  • ASRock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional launches

    We're not sure how much the Fatal1ty branding is really adding to ASRock's brand image, but at least the Fatal1ty series of motherboards stand out from the company's other products. The latest addition is the Fatal1ty 990FX Professional and as the name gives away, this board is based on the AMD 990FX chipset for AMD's

  • Intel might yet get Sandy Bridge-E out this year

    A couple of weeks ago we reported that Intel's upcoming Sandy Bridge-E processor and Waimea Bay platform had been delayed until January 2012. New information has reached us that suggest that Intel is trying very hard to get the new platform out this year, although this means that the company will axe a lot of