• MSI BigBang MPower Series Motherboards Detailed

    MSI Showed off its brand new line of motherboards for overclockers, the Big Bang MPower. The lineup includes two models, the Z77 MPower (LGA1155, Z77 Express), and X79 MPower (LGA2011, X79 Express). The design-focus is backing the platform with a strong VRM, and adding a load of things to tinker with. 

  • ASUS ROG Maximus V Extreme Pictured

    The third and final addition to ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Maximus V motherboard series is the Maximus V Extreme (M5E). ASUS reserved its launch to follow that of the Maximus V Formula and the already-launched Maximus V Gene, in what is a classic case of saving the best for the last.

  • ASUS ZEUS Combines X79 HEDT with Dual-GPU

    ASUS has an enviable amount of engineering potential and resources. Often, the two come together, to create magical PC enthusiast hardware, such as its ROG MARS and ROG ARES series super high-end graphics cards. The next such creation is ZEUS, which is a shocking fusion between a socket LGA2011 motherboard, and a dual-GPU graphics card. 

  • Gigabyte’s 32-Phase Power Motherboard: Z77X-UP7

    Gigabyte showed off their new flagship Z77 motherboard, Z77X-UP7 which comes with a supermassive 32-phase power design. It is also one of the first boards on Ultra Durable 5 technology featuring the new International Rectifier IR3550 VRMs.

  • ECS Rolls Out First Socket FM2 Motherboard – A85F2-A Deluxe

    ECS jumped the gun with launching its socket FM2 motherboard, the Black Series A85F2-A Deluxe. The motherboard seats AMD's next-generation "Trinity" accelerated processing units (APUs) in the FM2 package, and is based on the new AMD A85 FCH chipset.

  • Asus’ Maximus V Formula to be available in two SKUs

    So far Asus has been very secretive about one feature of its upcoming Maximums V Formula R.O.G. motherboard and even covered up part of the motherboard when showing off the board at various events. VR-Zone can now exclusively reveal what the hidden feature is and we've also found out that Asus will be offering two

  • G.Skill Memory Overclocking Extravaganza @ Computex Taipei 2012

    G.Skill has organized a "World-Class Overclocking Invitational" at their Nangang booth during the Computex Taipei 2012 show days, featuring international superstars like Kingp|n and Elmor from leading manufacturers ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte and EVGA.

  • Sapphire’s Pure White B75M-MA motherboard sneaks out

    Intel's B75 chipset appears to be popular with the motherboard makers, least not as a replacement for the H61 chipset for Ivy Bridge. As such, Sapphire has snuck out a new model based on said chipset called the Pure White B75M-MA which should end up being a very affordable board judging by the features.

  • Gigabyte unveils mini-ITX Q77 motherboard, destined for business AIO’s

    Gigabyte's OEM motherboard division has been busy churning out new products and one of its latest additions is the MSQ77DI, a mini-ITX motherboard based on Intel's Q77 chipset. The board is sadly not intended for end-user sales, as it's made to go into white-box All-in-One or AIO systems, but it's still a pretty interesting little

  • Gigabyte launches its first Q77 motherboard

    Following ASRock's early revelation of its Q77 motherboard, Gigabyte has decided to reveal its own Q77 motherboard in the shape of the GA-Q77M-D2H. For those not familiar with Gigabyte model names this is a micro ATX board with Ultra Durable 4 Classic and a wide range of display interfaces.

  • Thunderbolt comes to the Windows PC – ASUS P8Z77-V Premium and MSI Z77A-GD80 Review

    We evaluate two new flagship Z77 motherboards targeting different price points - ASUS's P8Z77-V Premium billed as a feature packed, four-way GPU capable workhorse while MSI opted for a more understated approach with their Z77A-GD80. Both of them feature a debuting Intel 'Cactus Ridge' Thunderbolt controller, which we will cover quite extensively in this piece.

  • VIA announces ultra-affordable $49 Android PC, we go hands on

    Google's Android OS has so far ended up in just about every device imaginable, but apparently one market has so far been ignored, the humble desktop. Taiwanese VIA Technologies spotted this omission though and has developed the APC – or Android PC – which actually is more of a motherboard than a complete solution.

  • Early MSI socket FM2 motherboard tips up

    Thanks to one of our forum members we can show you an early picture of an AMD socket FM2 motherboard from MSI. Admittedly the forum post doesn't mention the fact that it's from MSI, but the product model number gives it away.

  • ASRock first with Q77 motherboard, a little bit too early in fact

    Intel's Q77 chipset isn't expected to launch for another week and a half or so, but that hasn't stopped ASRock from launching its first product based on the chipset, the Q77M vPro motherboard. As the name inclines, this is a motherboard for business users and as such it comes with Intel's Small Business Advantage in

  • Asus’ P8C WS motherboard target Xeon’s with the C216 chipset

    It's easy to forget that the LGA-1155 platform is also home to Intel's E3-series of Xeon processors and Intel recently updated its entire E3-series of Xeon's to Ivy Bridge. To go along with the new CPUs Intel also released a new chipset, the C216 and Asus has produced a new motherboard based on this chipset

  • Asus gets official on its first two Thunderbolt motherboards

    A little bit earlier than we anticipated, Asus has unveiled not one, but two Thunderbolt equipped motherboards, the previously seen P8Z77-V Premium as well as the P8Z77-V Pro/Thunderbolt. The latter of the two is quite similar to the P8Z77-V Pro, although with some minor differences and of course a price tag that should be a

  • Intel’s first Thunderbolt equipped motherboard nearly here

    We have to say that Intel's first Thunderbolt equipped motherboard is something of an anti-climax, as the DZ77RE-75K is nigh on identical to the DZ77GA-70K, although we spotted at least one change beyond the Thunderbolt port. On top of that, it's also quite an expensive motherboard, more so than MSI's Z77A-GD80.

  • ASRock’s Z77 Extreme9 gets official, priced

    The first of the super-premium Z77 motherboards has arrived, ASRock's Z77 Extreme9 and it comes with a price to match. As loaded with features as this motherboard is, it looks like ASRock missed out on one must have feature for this segment – or at least so it appears – namely Thunderbolt.

  • Zotac GeForce GTX 680 2GB meets Subzero Ivy Bridge 3770K

    We've been covering the GTX 680 since day one with our reviews of several different cards. Today we're doing something a little different. We're going to have a look at the competitive scene benchmarking performance of the GTX 680 using a cascade cooled Ivy Bridge i7-3770K on an ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe. Zotac have kindly provided

  • Intel updates the DX79SI with the DX79SR

    If you remember, when Intel initially revealed the X79 chipset it was said to feature additional SAS ports which over time were meant to be additional SATA ports, but in the end the chipset arrived with no extra storage interfaces at all. Even though Intel was expected to remedy this with a later chipset revision,