• NForce 4 CK8-04 Chipset Info

    Socket 754/939 and 940 capable Multiprocessing capabilities up to eight way Support a maximum of 32 PCI-E lanes One x16 PCI-E slot One x8 for SLI card (x16 slot) Four x1 slots Five PCI slots Two NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet Nvidia RAID Support eight S-ATA drives and six P-ATA drives SP-10 Soundstorm 2 audio (Dolby Digital

  • Intel Lower 865 Chipset Prices

    Efforts by Intel to boost sales of its 845- and 865-series chipsets with favorable pricing are unlikely to result in significant results due to high inventory levels at leading Taiwan motherboard makers and channel distributors. Despite the recall of its recently launched 915/925 chipsets, Intel lowered some 865, 848 and 845 chipset prices on June

  • NVIDIA nForce 4 Chipset Info

    NForce 4 will be the name of the project that will finally bring PCI Express to the Athlon K8 market. This chipset will be socket 754/939 ready, 940 compatible supports Athlon 64s, FX, Semprons and Opterons will work on it. The platform will have one to two PCI express 16 slots making this Geforce 6800

  • Tyan Thunder i7525 (S2676) Board

    The Thunder i7525 introduces a host of features designed to provide customers with the latest range of workstation system capabilities. Using the incredible power of dual Intel Xeon™ DP processors with 800MHz Front Side Bus (FSB), the Thunder i7525 also has a PCI Express x16 slot to support the newest high-end video cards on the

  • Supermicro E7525 Boards For Nocona

    Supermicro has begun high-volume production of its new workstation/server platforms which support the latest Xeon® processors (code named Nocona). New Intel Xeon processor-based platforms include support for new technologies including PCI Express, DDR 2 and Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T®). Based on the Intel® E7525 chipset, these new Intel Xeon workstation/server platforms feature an

  • ICH6 Issue : CMOS Battery Draining

    We have managed to find out more information regarding the ICH6 issue of causing the real-time clock (RTC) circuitry to be susceptible to excessive leakage. This leads to failure to boot up or to freeze. According to our sources, ICH6 is draining the CMOS battery so fast that it will be flat in a month

  • ABIT Motherboards Roadmap

    Platform Chipsets Q3 ’04 Q4 ’04 Q1 ’05 Intel Intel AA8 (925X/ICH6R) AG8 (915P/ICH6R)) AG8-V (915P/ICH6) AS8 (865PE/ICH5R) AA8 Fatality (925XE/ICH6R) IG8 (915P/ICH6) IG80 (915G/ICH6) IG81 (915G/ICH6) AA8-Max (925XE/ICH6R) IG82 (910GL/ICH6) VIA VG7 (PT890/VT8237) VT7 (PT880/VT8237) VT8 (PT880/VT8251)   ATi IA20 (RS400/SB400) SiS SG72 (SiS661FX/964L) AMD VIA AX8 (K8T890/VT8237) KV80/81/82 (K8M800) AV8 (K8T800/VT8237) NVIDIA NF8

  • Intel Recalled Some Grantsdale Chipsets

    Intel is recalling a portion of the newly released chip set due to a manufacturing error that can cause a PC to fail to boot up or to freeze. Intel has discovered a glitch involving some of the I/O controllers in the company’s new "Grantsdale" chip set, which can cause a PC to fail to

  • TYAN Tomcat i915 & i925X Boards

    Tyan’s Tomcat i915 (S5120), based on Intel’s 915G Express chipset with Intel GMA 900 graphics core which supports DirectX 9 and OpenGL. Upgradeability is built right into the Tomcat i915 through a PCI Express x16 slot for support of the latest in video card technology. Other convenient features include integrated high-definition multi-channel audio with optical

  • 925X/915 Boards To Get Cheaper

    The ASP of new Pentium 4 motherboards based on Intel 915 and 925 chipsets may decrease in the third quarter as prices for LGA775 CPU connectors drop from US$ 7-8 per unit to US$ 3-4. The high-priced connector has pushed the prices of 915 motherboards to US$ 90-110 and 925 motherboards to as high as

  • ABIT AV8 First Look Part One

    E04hardware has just posted their first look on the upcoming ABIT Socket 939 motherboard, AV8. According to their observation, ABIT seems to have the CPU multiplier factor locked. Moreover, the DRAM advance setting seems to have some problem too.

  • Intel May Delay Sonoma Platform To Q1 2005

    Intel is likely to delay the launch of its Alviso chipset to the first quarter of next year originally planned for the fourth quarter of this year. The delayed launch of the Alviso will also affect the availability of new notebooks based on Intel’s Sonoma mobile platform. Taiwan’s notebook makers had originally planned to start

  • VIA & SiS Q3 Shipments To Grow

    VIA and SiS expect their third quarter shipments to grow 20-30% on quarter, despite market reports that local IC testing companies expect slow chipset demand in the coming quarter. IC testing companies argue that chipset inventory levels are high and that Intel is expanding its market share with aggressive pricing. Despite price competition from Intel,

  • AMD 8132 HyperTransport PCI-X 2.0

    AMD today unveiled details of the latest addition to the AMD-8000™ series of chipsets, the AMD-8132™ HyperTransport™ PCI-X® 2.0 tunnel. This is the latest product in a growing line-up of supporting devices for AMD’s Direct Connect Architecture. Designed for modes 1 and 2 operation, the AMD-8132™ component brings high-performance PCI-X® 2.0 connectivity to AMD Opteron™

  • DFI Showcases New Motherboards at Computex 2004

    During Computex 2004, VR-Zone had the chance to visit DFI’s booth in Hall 2. A total of 8 new motherboards were released. The new LANPARTY Intel boards (925X-T2, 915P-T)will feature: Socket 775 platform Karajan 8-channel audio codec High speed GbE LAN on PCI Express bus The new LANPARTY AMD board (nF3 ULTRA-D) will feature: AMD

  • IWILL Next Generation Server Technology

    We had a chance to take a peek at IWILL’s next generation server technology in Computex 2004. Two servers caught the eye, the 8P Operton and the 48 HDD quad Operton server. 5U8P: 8 way Operton 5U Sata Server - Supports up to 8 Operton 800 series processors - Supports up to 64 GB of

  • Intel Alderwood 925XE Chipset Info

    Over at Computex, several motherboard manufacturers revealed that they are not intending to make Alderwood 925X board right now because there is an updated version of the 925XE chipset coming out in August that has the ability to support 1066Mhz bus speed of the LGA775 Prescott and most probably DDR2-667 or higher as well. Anyway

  • VIA EPIA SP Mini-ITX Board

    VIA today announced that the new VIA EPIA SP Mini-ITX mainboard featuring the VIA PadLock Hardware Security Suite and the VIA CN400 Digital Media chipset with hardware-based MPEG-4 acceleration will be on display at Computex 2004, starting next week in Taipei. Optimized for the consumer electronics market, the VIA EPIA SP is the first VIA

  • SiS PCI-E Southbridges In Mass Production

    SiS has begun volume production of its latest south bridge chipsets, the SiS 965 and the SiS 965L, with the aim to compete with Intel’s forthcoming PCI Express-based 915 chipsets. SiS 965 and the VT8251 both will be paired with north bridge chipsets that are compatible not only with Intel’s 915 architecture but also existing

  • IWILL Dual Opteron w/ PCI-E DK8E Board

    After IWILL DK8N, based on NVIDIA nForce3 Pro 250 chipset, has become the best AMD’s dual Opteron workstation, IWILL has worked more closely with NVIDIA in develop the next generation workstation platform. This board is based on NVIDIA’s the next generation chipset, that supports 1GHz HyperTransport for faster data transfer between CPU and memories, and