• Asus brings back water cooling for the Maximus V Formula

    Although not available at the launch of Intel's new 7-series chipset, we can see a lot of Asus R.O.G. fans waiting to upgrade until Asus releases the Maximus V Formula. Not only has the company brought back water cooling to the R.O.G. platform, but there's plenty of other features on offer, some that were weren't

  • A quick look at Asus’s P8Z77-I Deluxe mini-ITX motherboard

    If you're a fan of mini-ITX motherboards, then Asus' upcoming P8Z77-I Deluxe is likely to blow your mind. We've seen a few high-end mini-ITX motherboards in the past from Zotac, but so far no-one has come up with anything like what Asus has created with the P8Z77-I Deluxe.

  • A quick look at Gigabyte’s GA-B75M-D3V motherboard

    Despite more and more features being integrated into the CPU, motherboard prices haven't exactly gotten any cheaper, although at least part of the reason for this is increased costs for the motherboard makers. However, Gigabyte has come up with an interesting board for those that are looking for something for a small business computer or

  • Gigabyte’s GA-Z77X-UD3H and GA-Z77X-UD5H hands on pictures

    After the gaming boards, we're moving slightly further down Gigabyte's new range of 7-series motherboards to the GA-Z77X-UD3H and GA-Z77X-UD5H. The Z77X-UD5H will for the time being at least be Gigabyte's high-end non-gaming specific model and the Z77X-UD3H is a slightly more wallet friendly version.

  • Gigabyte shrinks the G1.Sniper series to mATX with the M3

    So far, all of Gigabyte's G1 series gaming motherboards have used the ATX or XL-ATX form factor, but with the introduction of its 7-series boards the company decided to launch a much requested mATX model, the G1.Sniper M3. It shares some of its features with the G1.Sniper 3, but as it's a smaller board; some compromises

  • Detailed hands on pictures of Gigabyte’s G1.Sniper 3

    Earlier today we swung by Gigabyte's office for an update ahead of Cebit and we were pleasantly surprised when the company told us that we could post pictures of its near final revision motherboards as of today. Due to the fact that Gigabyte has several new boards, we'll be breaking this down in a few

  • Some of ASRock’s Z77 motherboards leak ahead of Cebit

    Come Cebit next week we'll get the first sneak peeks of what should be the final motherboard designs based on Intel's upcoming 7-series chipsets for Ivy Bridge, but details of ASRock's upcoming motherboards have made their ways online via a range of different sources, including pictures and specs of some of the models we can

  • The $35 Raspberry Pi computer launches, crashes servers due to demand

    If you thought the Apple fan boys (and girls) were silly for queuing up ahead of new product launches, then the craziness going on around the Raspberry Pi launch would have you flabbergasted. Not only has the $35 computer managed to crash the servers of both the retail partners, but people got up at daybreak

  • Intel’s revised Ivy Bridge launch schedule revealed

    Intel's excuse that it's a manufacturing issue that has delayed its launch of Ivy Bridge is highly exaggerated, but we'll leave you – our dear readers – to figure out the real reason so that no-one gets in trouble for us posting it here. Details of the new launch schedule have now made an appearance

  • Intel’s Extreme series Z77 motherboard spec’s revealed

    Over the past few days we've unveiled the details of Intel's upcoming 7-series motherboards and today we'll unveil the last couple of models, namely the Extreme series. We only have two models left and Intel will be keeping at least a couple of its current 6-series boards around for now.

  • ASRock launches the Fatal1ty X79 Professional

    Intel's Sandy Bridge-E processors are still in fairly short supply, especially the Core i7-3930K, but that hasn't stopped ASRock from launching its eighth X79 motherboard, the Fatal1ty X79 Professional. The new model is as with ASRock's previous Fatal1ty boards targeting gamers, but it's by far not the most feature rich board on offer by ASRock.

  • Hands on with VIA’s new quad core mini-ITX motherboard

    All the way back in May of last year, VIA announced its first quad core CPU, simply named QuadCore which was known as the L4700. Now the company has announced its first mini-ITX motherboards based on its QuadCore processor, albeit this time we’re talking about an E-series – or embedded series – processor on the

  • ZOTAC’s micro-ATX sized ZT-H67D3 exposed

    Chinese website Expreview has shared out images of a new micro-ATX motherboard from ZOTAC based on Intel's H67 chipset which could be quite the attraction for budget conscious HTPC / SFF builders.

  • Intel’s upcoming 7-series Media motherboards detailed

    We've already given you the specs of Intel's upcoming Executive series of motherboards and now it's time for the more consumer focused Media series. Sadly we don't have any pictures this time around, but we can at least offer the full specifications of another five models.

  • Exclusive: Intel’s 7-series Executive motherboards specced

    Back in November we gave you the model names of Intel's upcoming 7-series motherboards alongside some fairly basic details as far as the specifications went, but now we can offer you a much more detailed look at what Intel has planned for its Executive series of motherboards. These are Intel's motherboards for office computers as far as

  • ECS X79R-AX Motherboard Review

    ECS isn't usually the first brand name that springs to mind when considering an enthusiast motherboard despite being one of the largest motherboard manufacturers. Up for review today we have the X79R-AX, one of the most feature rich X79 motherboards available. Let's see if it can go toe to toe with the big boys and

  • ASRock enters the Industrial PC market with three new Atom boards

      Industrial PC motherboards are generally not that interesting, but at least a couple of ASRock's new models could be quite suitable for HTPC usage. The company has quietly added three IPC motherboards to its range of otherwise consumer focused products and for a first attempt, the company has done a pretty good job.

  • ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS – Dual Socket 2011 to have its second overclockable board

    It's confirmed, first hand – the ASUS Z9PE-D8 WS mainboard, shown at CES, is the second Dual Socket LGA2011 mainboard with full set of overclocking features. Only the matching unlocked CPUs are missing…

  • Biostar’s Z77 motherboard makes a surprise appearance

    It's easy to forget about the smaller players in the motherboard market, but Biostar has reminded us that it's still a player with the unveiling of its first Z77 motherboard, the TZ77XE4. The board itself isn't all that remarkable though, especially not for a high-end model, but it's the first Z77 motherboard to be officially

  • Intel Lynx Point chipset details leaked

    Ivy Bridge is still a month and a half out, yet details of Intel's 2013 platform keeps leaking like there's no tomorrow. The latest leak gives us a much better idea as to what to expect from the Lynx Point chipset, or the Intel 8-series as it will be known when it arrives sometime in