• Extreme Llano A8-3870K LN2 Action: 6GHz Attempt

    A few weeks ago AMD added a few new special SKUs to its Llano lineup, one of which really interested us as it came with an unlocked multiplier. The A8-3870K we have here with us today has been put through one of our famous bench sessions, follow us as we go through what we did

  • Issue 18 of The Overclocker now online

    The 18th issue of the web's most popular overclocking magazine, The Overclocker is now online for your reading pleasure. With it comes some assistance in helping you choose the right X79 motherboard, an investigative look at the claimed inefficiency of ASUS' Crosshair V and a one-on-one chat with overclocking extraordinaire, Andrew "DrWeez" Roberts just to

  • Gigabyte quietly launches the 970A-DS3 AM3+ motherboard

    With AMD more or less pulling out of the high-end CPU market, it looks like the motherboard makers are following suit, at least if Gigabyte's latest AM3+ motherboard is anything to go by. The GA-970A-DS3 is part of Gigabyte's Ultra Durable 4 Classic series which is a more affordable range of boards which is target

  • Motherboard prices expected to increase 10 percent by next quarter

    Thanks to increasing world market prices of copper, the major retail motherboard manufacturers are looking at increasing their motherboard prices by about 10 percent or so come April. This is bad news for Intel, as this will end up coinciding with Intel's launch of its Ivy Bridge processors and the new 7-series chipsets.  Updated: We've added

  • MSI X79 Big Bang X-Power II Review

    Today we take a look at MSI's flagship X79 motherboard. This feature packed overclocking board is aimed at anyone who wants something extreme. A 22 phase VRM coupled with quad SLI capability and every OC feature from direct OC buttons to manual PCI-E switches this board packs a strong punch, but does it live up

  • ABIT Website to close at the End of February

    There aren't many old-school hardware enthusiasts that didn't own at least one of ABIT's products in the past. Now, one final remainder of the motherboard that brought us the legendary Celeron overclock is dying at the end of February.

  • Jetway launches low-profile mini-ITX Cedar Trail-M board

    It looks like Intel's new mobile Atom processors are finding their way onto several mini-ITX motherboards and Jetway has joined the fray with a low-profile model of its own, not that dissimilar to Intel's own DN2800MT in many ways. The NF9C as the model is called is clearly targeting the industrial PC market, unlike Intel's

  • More MSI Z77 motherboards get previewed

    Our Chinese language site got a look at a couple of MSI Z77 motherboards back at CES, although early revisions and now pictures of what appears to be close to a final revision of a yet unseen Z77 motherboard has appeared online. The model in question is the Z77A-GD55, a slightly more basic model than what we've

  • LucidLogix Hydra destined to go the way of its ancient ancestor?

    LucidLogix made a technological breakthrough when introducing its first generation multi-GPU accomodating Hydra Engine to the world around 2 years ago now, which at the time by concept alone had people shouting out "Bravo!" thanks to the ability to mix up brands and models of graphics cards between the two major players, AMD and NVIDIA.

  • Gigabyte X79-UD5 Review

    Today we are taking a look at the Gigabyte X79-UD5, an eight DIMM slot E-ATX motherboard and one of four models in the streamlined Gigabyte X79 range. This feature packed board brings several firsts for Gigabyte including a UEFI BIOS implementation and a digital PWM system.

  • Intel’s mini-ITX Cedar Trail Atom motherboards are here

    With CES going on we almost missed that Intel quietly added all of its new Cedar Trail powered mini-ITX motherboards to its website. The company has launched five new models targeting a wide range of different market segments and some of the boards are actually quite decent, considering we're talking Intel motherboards here.

  • Zotac shows off three mini-ITX 7-series motherboards at CES

    For those of you that are into small high-end motherboards, Zotac was showing off no less than three new models at CES intended for Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. Two were based on the H77 chipset and one on the Z77 and in typical Zotac style all three features on-board Wi-Fi.

  • Gigabyte 7-series motherboard preview from CES 2012

    If you've been waiting for some more consumer friendly motherboards than the dual-socket workstation board we've seen so far from CES, then we have good news, we've got a few shots of Gigabyte's upcoming Intel 7-series motherboards. The boards on display at the show are far from the final versions and we do have some

  • Ultimate SFF Lanparty Machine: Intel Xeon E5 (SNB-EP 8C/16T) on an ASUS Rampage IV GENE!

    Here's a treat for all hard core enthusiasts – an engineering sample of the upcoming Xeon E5 (Sandy Bridge-EP 8 Cores, 16 Threads) was spotted by our team working on a ASUS ROG Rampage IV GENE motherboard, which was housed inside a small Thermaltake mATX lanparty box. This pretty much confirms internet rumors that have

  • ASUS’s Dual Socket 2011 Workstation Motherboard – Z9PE-D8 WS

    Performance zealots will remember the ASUS Z7S WS which went head on with then Intel 'Skulltrail' D5400XS Xeon luxury gaming platform (using dual unlocked QX9775 chips), but since then ASUS has done nothing of that sort, leaving EVGA with the iconic SR-2 to mop up things in the Xeon 55xx/56xx era. This is about to change

  • First Looks: ASUS ROG Rampage IV GENE (Intel X79) – mATX gaming powerhouse

    Much like the Rampage and Maximus series of yesteryears, ASUS has a microATX "GENE" variant for its Republic of Gamers X79 offerings, built for small form factor setups but yet offering similar overclocking abilities to its bigger Formula and Extreme brothers. We take an exclusive look at the new Socket 2011 motherboard…

  • Intel Prepares for Ivy Bridge: EOLs 25 Desktop Processors

    The company is getting ready to unleash the 22nm Ivy Bridge processors to the world by choosing to kill a lot of 32nm processors which currently make the desktop mix.

  • MSI launches Big Bang-XPower II overclocking motherboard

    MSI has launched its latest motherboard, the Big Bang-XPower II, offering plenty of overclocking goodness for the Intel X79 chipset.

  • Wibtek first to show off alleged Z77 motherboard

    Intel's partners aren't meant to be showing off any 7-series motherboards for a few days yet, but Chinese Wibtek apparently doesn't care much for Intel's restrictions and has shown off its first Z77 based motherboard. For something from a smaller Chinese motherboard maker it's actually not a half bad board, but it's not up there

  • Asus to launch Atom D2500 mini-ITX motherboard

    We've managed to dig out a few details of an upcoming mini-ITX motherboard from Asus featuring Intel's Atom D2500 processor and although this isn't the most exciting platform in the world, Asus has created something a little bit different. In fact, anyone looking at building a home server with some fancy features might just want