Mouse and Pad

  • Sharkoon DarkGlider Gaming Mouse Starts Selling

    Teased before and unveiled during CeBIT 2012, Sharkoon's flagship gaming mouse, the DarkGlider, is released to markets. The mouse is armed with a high-resolution sensor, adjustable weight, teflon glides, and a mid-range price. 

  • Logitech Intros G600 MMO Mouse

    Peripherals giant Logitech rolled out its latest G-Series gaming mouse, this time targeting the MMORPG market. The G600 MMO gaming mouse packs a staggering 20 buttons, and is designed for games in which quick access to as many macro buttons as possible, is key.

  • Corsair Vengeance K90 Mechanical Keyboard & M90 Gaming Mouse Review

      A few weeks ago we had a look at the Vengeance K60 Mechanical Keyboard and the M60 Gaming Mouse from Corsair, a set of gaming peripherals designed specifically to enhance FPS gaming. Although FPS gamers represent a significant portion of the gaming community, RPG and strategy games are equally popular. We believe that this

  • EpicGear CompoXite Gaming Mousepad Revealed

    EpicGear, the emerging gaming peripherals company behind the Meduza gaming mouse, and HybridPad, plans to launch a fleet of new products, at this year's Computex event. These include its first keyboard, named DeZimator, and a new mouse-accessory named Skorpious. It also plans to make additions to its mousepad lineup, with the CompoXite series mousepads. We

  • ROCCAT Shows Off Lua Entry-Level Gaming Mouse

    Hamburg-based ROCCAT Studios is looking to capture a key entry-level price-point with its newest mouse, the ROCCAT Lua. The ambidextrous mouse is outfitted with Pro Optic R2 sensor, three buttons, and a groovy illuminated logo. The Lua, according to its makers, is "The Classic 3-Button Mouse: Re-Mastered."

  • Corsair Vengeance K60 Mechanical Keyboard & M60 Gaming Mouse Review

      Corsair has always been a company close to gamers and hardcore enthusiasts. Although the company is primarily focused on delivering high speed RAM modules, SSDs and power supplies, today we are going to have a look at two products which literally place the company in direct contact with the gamers; the Vengeance series K60

  • Logitech Touch Mouse M600 arrives in Singapore

    The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 was unveiled in February, in the US, which features a touch surface that lets you navigate intuitively  with your fingers. But the Touch Mouse only made it to our shores recently.

  • Thermaltake’s Level 10 M mouse goes to 11

    Last week at CeBIT, Thermaltake officially unveiled the Level 10 M mouse which the company co-designed with BMW Designworks USA to much fanfare and the feature laden mouse does stand out from the crowd in more than one way. Sadly Thermaltake wasn't ready for hands on time, but we did at least manage to snap

  • Logitech launches the Touch Mouse M600

    A little bit late to the game, Logitech has launched its first touch mouse, simply called the Touch Mouse M600. Logitech has gone for a design that ends up somewhere between Apple's Magic Mouse and Microsoft's Touch Mouse, although it seems to suffer from the same low profile as the Magic Mouse.

  • Cooler Master COSMOS II contest: Comment and Win a CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse!

    To celebrate the launch of the COSMOS II in Singapore, Cooler Master Singapore is partnering with VR-Zone to give away ten CM Storm Spawn gaming mice. Read more for the details!

  • Logitech pocket-size wireless mini mouse M187 to be available in Singapore end January

    Logitech has announced their new M187 wireless mini mouse. The pocket-size mouse features reliable wireless connectivity, and fits easily in your purse, handbag or pocket. The Logitech M187 will be available by end of this month at authorized retailers.

  • Razer @ CES 2012: A Dalliance with the Project Fiona Concept PC Gaming Tablet

    The VR-Zone team @ Las Vegas had the exclusive opportunity of a back room hands-on session with Best of CES 2012 winner 'Project Fiona' Concept Gaming Tablet and to interview Razer's enigmatic CEO Min-Liang Tan. Also on display were the Blade Gaming Laptop and other new peripherals like the Naga Hex and SWTOR licensed devices.

  • More Wi-Fi mice coming thanks to Wi-Fi Direct

    We've already seen a few Wi-Fi mice from HP, although these weren't as far as we're aware using Wi-Fi Direct to connect. A company called Ozmo has announced that it has had its OZMO2000 wireless mouse reference design certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance as a Wi-Fi Direct enabled solution onto which its partners can base

  • Broadcom promises 10 year battery life for Bluetooth keyboards

    Don't you just hate when your wireless peripherals run out of battery? And there's never a spare set around when you need them either. Well, this may soon just be a bad memory, at last if Broadcom has anything to do with it, as the company has developed a new Bluetooth low energy based chip

  • The future of peripherals, in a glass pane

    Writers and movie-makers have gotten us to dream about this for years: a sexy transparent glass panel which we can type or doodle around to interact with a computer system. This is not too far away from us, now that a Kickstarter project is underway to bring this to fruition.

  • Genius Rolls Out Battery-Free Wireless Mouse

    Finally, freedom from wires, and bulky wireless mice. If there's one thing repulsive about wireless mice, it's probably the pair of AA or AAA size batteries running in them. Some higher-end mice use a lighter lithium ion battery, but that considerably steps up costs. Genius worked its way around the weight and price issues with

  • Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O.7 unveiled

    Over the past couple of years we've seen a handful of mice designed for MMO's and now Mad Catz has joined the fray with its Cyborg M.M.O.7 which builds upon is adjustable R.A.T series of mice. However, the M.M.O.7 has been given more buttons than the previous models to apparently make it more suitable for

  • Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate DSP Limited Pack Nanami Edition retails 4 November in Japan

    Microsoft in Japan will be launching a special limited pack Nanami edition of the Windows 7 Ultimate DSP. Aside from the operating system, the bundle will include the Microsoft Touch Mouse for use with Windows 7, and some additional content. Read on.

  • Microsoft launches limited edition Arc Touch Mouse and Touch Mouse

    Racking your brains on the perfect gifts to buy for your loved ones this upcoming Christmas season? Microsoft has launched limited editions of its Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and the Microsoft Touch Mouse that may just be the perfect gift. In addition, Microsoft says that every purchase of the Arc Touch Mouse, Explorer Touch Mouse

  • Logitech Gaming Mouse G300 lands in Singapore

    The G300 is the latest in Logitech's line of G-series gaming products, and this gaming mouse is targeted at PC gamers who want an edge over their competitors. It suits ambidextrous users, and features nine programmable controls, which let you access keyboard commands to buttons that are in easy reach.