Network Storage

  • Thecus Releases the High-Performance N2200XXX Personal

      The new XXX line of Thecus NAS is leading the way in catering to your needs. With Xreme power, Xtreme function, and Xtreme value, these Thecus NAS deliver. Whether it be a strong product for a budget price or a high-powered NAS for the tech-savvy, each model is extremely geared towards fitting you. From

  • RaidSonic Launches Icy Box IB-NAS6220

    RaidSonic has announced its Icy Box IB-NAS6220 NAS server, aimed at users who wants to share their data with family and friends online. The compact server, powered by a 1.2 GHz Marvel 6281 processor, has 256MB of flash memory, 256MB of RAM, a Gigabit Ethernet, three USB 2.0 ports, locks on both bays, a rear

  • Patriot announces 12TB Javelin S4 Media Server aka NAS

    Patriot Memory announces their easy to use 4 bay Media Server, the Javelin S4. Equipped with four 3.5 inch bays, the Javelin S4 supports up to 12TB worth of SATA / SAS storage, in a RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 configuration with Hot Spare redundancy capability.

  • ASUS releases compact NAS-M25 Dual-Bay Gigabit Network Attached Storage

    With its automatic ten second snapshot feature and ability to fully restore a PC hard drive in 30 minutes, the ASUS NAS-M25 puts fast and friendly backup technology within easy reach. This dual drive bay RAID 1 device works as a full network file and media server, too, while the compact design can slip into

  • Verbatim Launches MyMedia Server Home NAS

    Verbatim has announced the MyMedia Server Home NAS, targeting home users. Read more…

  • Thecus N0503 ComboNAS

    Most consumer and small office NAS devices use 3.5″ drives because these offer the best compromise between size, cost and storage density. Thecus’ latest NAS takes things one step further by letting one use either 3.5″ or 2.5″ drives – but is this feature worth all the hassle?

  • Buffalo Unveils LinkStation WXL-R1 NAS

    Buffalo LinkStation WXL/R1 NAS Buffalo Japan has launched its latest server product, the LinkStation WXL/R1 NAS server. Measuring 86 x 127 x 204mm, it features 2 bays with pre-installed drives with capacities of 1TB, 2TB and 3TB. With support for RAID 0 and RAID 1 modes, the LinkStation WXL/R1 has gigabit interface (supports transfer speeds

  • Patriot Announces Gear Box NAS Adapter

    Patriot Gear Box NAS Adapter Patriot, well-known for its Signature line of high performance RAM, has launched the Gear Box NAS adapter, allowing users to convert any USB 2.0-connected flash drives/external storage into a NAS solution. Measuring 67mm (D) x 50mm (W) x 30mm (L) and weighing a mere 62gm, it features 2 USB 2.0

  • QNAP Launches Low Cost 2-drive TS-210 Desktop NAS Server

    QNAP TS-210 Desktop NAS Server QNAP Systems, Inc has unveiled the 2-drive TS-210 Desktop NAS Server, adding on to its line-up of high performance Turbo NAS for the SOHO market segments. Measuring 165.5 (H) x 85 (W) x 218.4 (D) mm and weighing about 900g, the TS-210 is powered by a Marvell 6281 800MHz CPU,

  • NETGEAR announces Stora NAS in Singapore

    NETGEAR has announced their new Stora network-attached-storage with remote access that is designed for the home users to share photos with friends and family without the need to upload to online internet websites.

  • Patriot Corza NAS PCZ35SNAS2

    Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems have found their way into homes just as they did with the office space years ago. Prices for NAS server products have dropped to the point where it’s more expensive to buy the drive that goes in them than the actual storage device itself. Patriot, a company based around memory