• D-Link DIR-865L Wireless AC1750 Router Review

    The DIR-865L is D-link's latest 802.11ac entrant to join their Cloud router product line that allows users to remotely control and manage their network with little or no hassle through the mydlink cloud service.

  • Facebook’s Data Centers Move to Flash Memory

    Fusion-io will soon be helping Facebook move over to flash-based technology to help speed up their data centers.

  • Dell shifts focus with acquisition of Credant Technologies

    Dell has recently acquired Credant Technologies as part of their expansion plan of moving beyond the hardware business and more into services and management.

  • Cisco will acquire Meraki Incorporated

    Cisco Systems Inc. is offering over 1 billion dollars and other special incentives to acquire a privately owned cloud networking company called Meraki Inc.

  • The New Canon PowerShot S110

    Canon is known for their outstanding cameras that come in all manner of styles and user needs, but the new PowerShot S110 with its 12.1 megapixel capability is one outstanding buy. Priced around 450 U.S. dollars, the PowerShot S110 has an image stabilized zoom with a 5X wide-angel optical lens.  This little camera produces some

  • Asus RT-AC66U 802.11ac Dual-Band Wireless Router Review

    The draft IEEE 802.11ac spec provides for transmission speeds up to 1300 Mb/s, which is 3 times faster the current de facto 802.11n wireless standard. We find out whether Asus's top of the line RT-AC66U is able to widen the speed gap from its predecessors such as the RT-N66U that we reviewed earlier this year.

  • TP-Link Intros TL-WDN4800 Wi-Fi N450 PCIe Adapter

    Wireless networking major TP-Link launched the TL-WDN4800, an 802.11 a/b/g/n WLAN adapter with dual-band, 450 Mbps capabilities, built in the low-profile expansion card form-factor, with PCI Express interface. 

  • Patriot Releases Gauntlet NODE Wireless HDD/SSD Enclosure

    Patriot Memory made an addition to its Gauntlet family of storage devices, with the Gauntlet NODE portable wireless HDD/SSD enclosure. Carry terabytes of data around without bothering about cables.

  • ARM and Google Android own the skies with Qatar’s Boeing 787

    During the Farnborough International Airshow 2012, Qatar Airways demonstrated its latest airplane, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. However, for a technology site like VR-Zone we encountered something more interesting – the airplane entertainment system is powered by… Google Android.

  • KT will make indoor LTE speed faster with ‘One Chip Femto Cell’

    KT (formerly Korea Telecom) announced yesterday that it will eventually expand the commercialization of 'LTE Femto Cell' throughout South Korea.  'LTE Femto Cell' is a miniscule base station that allows users to enjoy fast LTE WARP even in basements, buildings and metropolitan cities.

  • Buffalo WCR-HP-G300 High Power Wireless Router Review

    Buffalo is well known for their high power AirStation wireless routers and their latest WCR-HP-G300 wireless N router aims to provide better wireless coverage by eliminating dead spots at an affordable price tag. Let's see how well this entry level router does.

  • GDDR6 Memory Coming in 2014

    Without any doubt, GDDR5 memory is prevalent high-speed memory of today. The standard attracted a lot of companies and powers systems from graphics cards to networking switches, from cars to rockets and even lunar landers. Thus, the big question remains, when the successor is going to arrive?

  • TP-Link launches its first N750 dual band router

    We got our first sneak peek at the TL-WDR4300 N750 router from TP-Link back at CeBIT in March and now the company has finally unveiled its new mid-range high-end router. Sorry about the confusion there, but the TL-WDR4300 is the middle model of TP-Links three new models, hence N750 which refers to the combined wireless bandwidth.

  • Georgia Telecom First to File Net Neutrality Complaint

    A small, controversial telecommunications company has fired off the first network neutrality complaint to the FCC under its new rules.

  • PQI launches the Air Card expandable Wi-Fi SD card

    One of the biggest gripes most people have had with the Eye-Fi cards is the limited storage space on offer, as to date the company has only offered 8GB cards at the most, something that has at last put off some people from investing in the standard. Now PQI has come up with a solution

  • Comcast Suspends Data Cap, Prepares for Tiered Pricing

    Comcast users outside two as-yet-unnamed markets will have unlimited data usage during the testing of Comcast's new data pricing model.

  • Logitec prepares super small LAN-W300N/RS 802.11n router

    . Logitec Japan has let leak images and details on its latest compact Wi-Fi router, the LAN-W300N/RS which is ready for an imminent launch.

  • Netgear first with USB 802.11ac Wi-Fi adapter, also announces second router

    Buffalo beat Netgear to retail by two days with its 802.11ac router, as by the time you're reading this, Netgear's R6300 802.11ac router should be available in retail, well, at least as long as you live in the US. Not content having one 802.11ac router, Netgear has also announced a second router, as well as

  • Buffalo first with 802.11ac Wi-Fi products in retail

    Well, that didn't take long; the first 802.11ac Wi-Fi products have hit retail courtesy of Japanese Buffalo Technology, so if you fancy getting some Gigabit plus speeds over the airwaves, you now can. That said, the company has only announced a router and a Wi-Fi bridge so far, so if you were hoping to get

  • Belkin is working on 802.11ac Wi-Fi products

    We've already seen a few 802.11ac "5G" Wi-Fi products and now Belkin has announced that it will be adding its own products to the handful or so already announced solutions from its competitors. Sadly Belkin didn't go into any specifics, but we do at least have a basic idea of what the company is planning.