• KingPin’s Traumatising 3D Mark Records!

    At the launch of the the 8800GTX and 680i SLI Motherboard from NVIDIA, overclockers and enthusiasts are all traumatised by outrageous 3D benchmark records, performed by the legendary overclocker, KingPin. Basically, the guy totally turned the 3D Records inside out!!! 23K in 3D Mark 06, 30K in 05, 75K in 03….Unbelievable Carnage done!! Congratulate the

  • 3D Marking DFI’s Abandoned Baby: LP NF590 SLI

    We all know that the evil DFI has aborted her baby, the DFI LAN Party NF590 SLI Intel Motherboard. After nursing this bruised infant for a week now, and plastering her up with a prosthetic BIOS, she was up and benchmarking fiercely with the rage of an abandoned child…

  • ASUS P5WDH Deluxe Testing

    We have ran some tests on a modified ASUS P5WDH Deluxe. Results are quite impressive. Take a look here.

  • The Gift From Hell…

    I opened up the mailbox today and found a Gift from Hell….

  • Scythe ‘Overclock to the Max!’ Contest

    Scythe, the Japan-based CPU Cooler maker is organizing an online “Overclock to the Max!” Contest extended to everyone on Planet Earth. Contestants are divided into 2 Categories, Air-Cooling and Extreme Cooling. For more details, check here.

  • Memory Extreme Italy Creates New 3D Mark 05 Record!

    Our Italian friends from MemoryExtreme has gathered 3 top overclockers- Max, Giampa and Giorgio primo together for a Liquid Nitrogen record smashing run with: Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 ASUS P5W-DH Deluxe 2 x 1024 Team Group Extreme PC6400 Sapphire X1900 Master & PowerColor X1900XTX PC Power & Cooling Turbocool 1000w They hit an insane

  • Coolaler’s New SuperPi World Record: 9.000 Seconds!

    Coolaler is breaking new SuperPi World Records every other day. His latest attack brought him down to 9.000 seconds in SuperPi 1M, less than a hair-line away from the 8 seconds frontier! Did it with Liquid Nitrogen Cooling on his Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 running at a jaw-dropping speed of 5526MHz, close to 2x

  • Coolaler Breaks 82K 3D Mark 2001 w 5.2GHz Conroe!

    Our overclocking Buddy from Taiwan, Coolaler has been up to some Liquid Nitrogen mischief again! This time, he acheives some very impressive scores in 3D Mark 2001 with his Intel Core 2 Duo X6800 running 3D at 5200MHz!! Simply awesome overclocking there. Take a look at his details and congratulate him here!

  • Benchmarking SLI @ x16 x16 w Intel Core 2 Duo

    Futuremark, the leader in making 3D Benchmarks, has just opened up the floodgates to allow users to publish their Intel Core 2 Duo results. We have ran SLI @ x16 x16 with Intel Core 2 Duo and published some orthodorx SLI results using Futuremark Approved Drivers. Interesting results from a chipset you have not seen

  • Revisiting the BadAxe: Smashes 81K 3D Mark 01, 61K 03, 25.6K 05, 16K 06

    No doubt the ASUS P5WH is faster, having had bad luck with it, and no higher Multiplier available on the DFI 975X Infinity, it was definitely time to pay the Intel Bad Axe D975XBX Motherboard another visit! Both Cross-Fire and SLI were ran! Cross-Fire with Catalyst 6.6, SLI with modded 84.66 Forceware to run SLI

  • New record of SuperPI 1M @Coolaler.com!

    Our dear friends at Coolaler has done it one again, attaining a very nice score of 9.64s, overclocking the Conroe 6800XE on SuperPi 1M!

  • ATi PowerColor Cross-Fireage on DFI 975X Infinity!

    Though I’m stuck on the 11x Multiplier and 380+MHz FSB choke on the DFI 975X Infinity, I decided to do some Cross-Fireage overclocking for the hell of it. Setup Consists of Intel Core 2 Duo X6800, DFI 975X Infinity, ATi Powercolor X1900 Cross-Fire running mildly chilled water and 2 x 512MBCorsair 5400UL @ CL4-3-2-1 480MHz!

  • Intel 975XBX, A Pencil & a Better Overclock!

    The Intel 975XBX Board has risen in popularity in the past few months, not just among the mainstream users but also among the enthusiast and overclockers. As a motherboard targeted at the mainstream consumers however, it is quite limited in the voltage options offered in the BIOS, particularly the Memory Voltage. Shaky hands and the

  • Memory Voltage Pencil Mods: Foxconn C51XEM2AA & Gigabyte 965P DQ6

    DDR2 Memory chipsets have matured and overclockers are starting to see DDR2 Memory sticks respond and scale very well with increased voltages. What was more than enough in the past seems limiting now. With just a sharpened pencil, you can take matters into your own hands… Voltage Mod your AM2 Foxconn C51XEM2AA and Intel Conroe

  • 7950GX2 Overclocking with Intel Conroe

    I have finished building the -30C Chiller for my 7950GX2s and X1900XTs. I’ve just tested overclocking the 7950GX2 on the Intel XBX Motherboard with Intel Conroe X6800. Click on to see the results!

  • VR-Zone’s Eskimo Party

    June is one of the hottest period of the year in Singapore… where we enjoy “warm climate” all year round. However a group of us chilled out for 3 days in our Igloo… at VR-Zone’s Eskimo Party! Held in Singapore’s only Ice Skating Ring Fuji Ice Palace, it is the FIRST in the world, Overclocking

  • Join The First Overclocking LAN Party On ICE!!!

    VR-Zone, together with our sponsors ATi, Gigabyte, Kingston, PowerColor, Intel, Planex, CoolerMaster, SeaGate And Toshiba brings to you the First Overclocking LAN Party on ICE!! For this 3 Days 2 Nights LAN Party, there will be an exciting Overclocking Competition on the First Day and many many fun competitions and activities throughout the continous 72

  • Records broken at DreamHack LAN Party with Intel Conroe on LN2!

    My friend Kinc from Sweden and his team-mates broke some 3D Mark records overclocking and benchmarking live at DreamHack LAN Party! they used a load of Liquid Nitrogen and Cascade Coolers. Huge Congrqats to them for scoring 74553 in 3D mark 01, 23945 in 05 and 13521 in 06, with ATi X1900XT CrossFire setup at

  • Close Look @ VR-Zone’s Dry Ice & Water-Cooled 7950GX2 Quad SLI System

    I’ve had quite a few people asking me to see more of the Inno3D Dry Ice Automater and 7950GX2 Quad SLI water-cooling system we displayed at Innovision booth during Computex 2006. Here are the details of it!