• Overtop Overclocking DDR DIMM Expansive Module

    OVERTOP, the product for Overclock DDR dimm expansive module which has been released. It is the unique product that it can increase the memory voltage which becomes 2.5V with rating depending upon setting the dip switch prepared on the base plate, to maximum 3.95V. The retail price of this overclocking tool is not decided yet.

  • Voltage mod Radeon 9800 XT with pencil

    Mod your Radeon 9800XT voltage with a humble pencil.

  • Abit AN7 Memory Voltage mod

    This will help to increase the memory voltage for Abit AN7.

  • Voltage Modding the Abit FX5600 Ultra DT

    Pencil V-mod your FX5600.

  • Voltage Modding Guide

    Voltage modding is very necessary for the maxing out of hardware. This is a detailed guide.

  • Dry ice cooling Guide and Adventure

    Dry ice is fun, cheap and very cold!

  • Chiller Adventures Part 2

    This is the second part of my Chiller journey. You can catch the first part here.

  • Chiller Adventures Part 1

    Looking at all the temperatures the Prometeia users were getting, not to mention the overclocks they were getting, I could not help but feel jealous. As the high price-tag of the Prometeias made them out of my reach, I decided to go about building my own phase-change cooler…

  • Regasing a Prometeia or Vapochill

    This is a simple guide to regasing your Prometeia or Vapochill. For refrigeration basics, you can refer to “Phase-Change Basics 1″ and “Phase-Change Basics 2″

  • Phase-Change Basics 2: Setting Up a System

    This is part 2 of the phase-change basic guide which walks through the set up of a simple phase-change rig. Part 1 can be found here.

  • Phase-Change Basics 1: Using the Tools

    This is the first part of the guide to phase-change cooling that covers the refrigeration tools and how to use them. PS: Please take note that refrigeration is dangerous business and you should not be trying it out if you’re unsure of what you’re doing.

  • Dual Cascade -111C Cooling Unit

    A 5 compressors cooling speed demon….VR-Zone will show you the performance of the Dual Cascade.

  • Prescott 2.4A SL7E8 Overclocking

    A mysterious Prescott 2.4A with S-Spec of SL7E8 has surfaced in Japan 2 days ago. It is running at 533Mhz FSB with 1.4V VCore but has no HT Technology. Prescott will take on a new D-0 stepping to replace the current C-0 stepping and D-0 stepping incorporates planned power optimizations to enable speed enhancements therefore

  • Prescott 2.8E @ 4Ghz Air Cooled

    Our good friend Katsumi from Japan has got his hands on the retail Pentium 4 2.8E SL79K and managed to overclock it to 4Ghz air cooled! Seems like the retail ones are doing better than the ES that the reviewers are having. This P4 2.8E is still based on the older C-0 stepping and the

  • Athlon 64 3400+ @ 381Mhz FSB

    Here’s another impressive memory overclocking from Japan with an Athlon 64 3400+ running at 381Mhz FSB at 1:1 CPU/Memory ratio. He has used SanMax DDR400 BH-5 256MB on a modified Shuttle AN50R board. No doubt AN50R is the one of the best Athlon 64 board for high FSB overclocking and you may check out how

  • Athlon FX-51 @ 291Mhz FSB

    The overclockers from Japan has constantly producing one of the finest overclocks around and this time round with an Athlon FX-51 running at 291Mhz FSB at 1:1 CPU:Memory ratio. He has used a pair of SANMAX ECC Registered 512MB (Winbond BH-5) on an ASUS SK8N motherboard. Of course, it can only be done with some serious

  • Soltek RedStorm 2 Overclocking Utility

    After the successful 1st version of RedStorm overclocking technology, Soltek today announces its second generation: RedStorm2 overclocking technology. From now on, overclocking becomes very easy! The latest Soltek innovation, RedStorm2 overclocking technology, providing overclokers an even more user-friendly interface. Soltek RedStorm2 overclocking technology is operated under Window 98/ME/2000/XP. With RedStorm2 overclocking technology, the CPU potential

  • Asetek New Versatile Socket Kit For VapoChill

    Asetek is proud to present the NEW VapoChill SOCKET KIT which easily fits both Intel S478 & AMD S754/940 CPUs. Now you will not only be able to obtain the greatest CPU cooling system in the world, but you will also be equipped with a system that is easy to assemble & has a flexibility

  • Quick How-to Create Your Dual 120mm Heatercore

    Our dear forum member, Weapon has written a simple and comprehensive guide on how to create your own 120mm heatcore. If you are looking for DIY solutions, make sure you check out what he has written. “For some time, I have been using 1971 Caprice heatercores when I wanted to use 2-4 120mm fans for

  • Photos From The ABIT Overclocking Contest

    Photos from the event have been posted in our forums. Those who are interested to catch a glimpse of the rigs that won the contest, head on down to the following URL. http://www.vrforums.com/showthread.php?s=&postid=471543#post471543