• Singapore ABIT Overclocking Contest Results

    After 1 whole day of tweaking, troubleshooting and benchmarking, the 1st Singapore ABIT Overclocking Contest came to an end on a high note. Congratulations to all winners and great thanks to all who represented VR-Zone in the contest. Open Category (3 Contestants) 1st : Shamino 2nd : RiStar 3rd : xtn32 w/ DriftDriver

  • Gigabyte 3D Cooler

    Gigabyte Technology introduces a new and innovative cooling solution to the market, the Gigabyte 3D Cooler. The cooler comes with an eye-catching LED light display and is light weight, attractive and dedicated to maximum cooling and minimal noise output. With its patent-pending copper base design, the Gigabyte’s 3D Cooler is compatible with a variety of

  • AquaGizmo Water Cooling Kit

    Soldam latest water cooling unit, the AquaGizmo will be available for sale from Dec 15th at a price of 35300-36800 Yen. AquaGizmo comes with a copper liquid-cooled jacket, flexible tube, micro pump and radiator built for compactness, quietness and durability. It has a cooling efficiency of 150W with propylene glycol antifreeze coolant. AquaGizmo is so

  • Intel P4EE and Hercules 9800 XT Overclocking Prelimary Results

    Check out Shamino’s prelimary overclock with dry ice on the Intel P4EE and the prometia on the Hercules 9800 XT.

  • Singapore ABIT Overclocking Contest 2003 – Digital Yuletide

    ABIT Computer Corp. and Convergent Systems (S) Pte. Ltd. will jointly run an overclocking contest – the first in Singapore. The finals will be held on 20 Dec 2003 @ Sim Lim Square Atrium. OC Contest Information – “This is the first draft of rules for the ABIT Overclocking Contest. It will be

  • Thermal Paste Shootout: AS5, AS3, CM ShinEtsu, White Goop

    Another unofficial review done by Sin22 on the thermal pastes (AS5, AS3, CM ShinEtsu and White Goop) avaliable in the market today. Check it out!

  • Asetek Announced New Additions To Their Waterchill Power Kits Lineup

    Asetek has extended the Waterchill Power Kits with a CPU and a CPU/VGA/Chipset Power kit. The Power kits, which will be available with both 10mm tubes (standard in Europe) and the larger ½ inch tubes, are upgrades of the well know and highly awarded KT03 CPU cooling kit and the KT12 CPU/VGA/Chipset cooling kit. The

  • Asetek Offers Massive Price Cuts on DYO component series

    The WaterChill DYO series, based primarily on the exixting high-end WaterChill components, represent dramatic price reductions up to 50% – when compared to the exisiting factory assembled WaterChill components. Already matching and exceeding the competition on issues of component performance and quality, the WaterChill DYO series – priced for example approx. 30 – 50% below

  • GlobalWIN Mini Watercooling Kit

    GlobalWIN announced the release of their new universal watercooling kit for P4-478 and AMD K7. The radiator specifications are as follows: Dimension (with housing) 95*85*29mm GlobalWIN Mini Watercooling Kit(Click to Enlarge) Material Copper(Heatsink and Pipe) Fan Dimension 80*80*25mm Bearing System One Ball One Sleeve Bearing Fan Speed 3000+/-15%RPM Air Delivery 38.88+/-15%CFM Noise Level 32+/-2dBA Rated

  • Thermalright SLK900A vs. Swiftech MCX462-V Shootout

    Our fellow forum member Sin22 has posted an unofficial review on the Thermalright SLK900A and Swifttech MCX462. A very good read for users who plan to upgrade to a top notch heat sink.

  • Guide to Insulation Against Condensation

    Extreme overclocking entails extreme cooling, and extreme cooling would require some measures against condensation. Here’s a rather detailed condensation prevention guide.

  • Thermaltake Smart Blue LED Fan

    Thermaltake just announced the release of their latest Smart Blue LED Fan. This new fan can be used on both the casing and the CPU. It comes with 3 attached blue LEDs and 3 different dimensions to suit everyone’s needs Smart LED Fan Full speed when jumper on Temperature control : Fan speed varies according

  • Guide to Insulation Against Condensation

    Extreme overclocking entails extreme cooling, and extreme cooling would require some measures against condensation. Here’s a rather detailed condensation prevention guide.

  • Swiftech MCX603-V™ Intel Xeon Heatsink

    SwiftTech announces the avaliability of the SwiftTech MCX603-V™ high performance heatsink for Intel® Xeon™ processors. Optimized performance characteristics at the lowest possible audible noise levels. Full compatibility with all Intel® Xeon retention systems, thanks to two different retention solutions: Plug-and-play installation with Intel’s validated retention mechanisms for OEM processors (does not necessitate removal of the

  • Mounting the Prometiea onto the Graphics Card

    A guide to mounting the Prometiea onto your graphics card without using a C-clamp.

  • AMD Athlon FX 51 2.2 @ 3.3Ghz!

    Our friend Katsumi from Japan has once again overclocked his Athlon FX-51 to reach a staggering 3.3Ghz using LN2 cooling and managed to set a SuperPI record of 27s! Check it out :  

  • OCZ Annihilator Water Cooling Kit

    OCZ is pleased to announce the release of the OCZ Annihilator water cooling kit, available for both Intel Pentium 4 and AMD Athlon XP processors. The OCZ Annihilator water cooling kit is the perfect solution for high performance PC users looking to keep their components cool without the noise that is typically associated with high

  • Athlon FX-51 2.2Ghz @ 3.05Ghz!

    Our good friend Katsumi from Japan has overclocked his Athlon FX-51 (2.2Ghz) to over 3Ghz! He uses ASUS SK8N with the new 1003.003 BIOS that allow you to change the multiplier. The multiplier is set to 14x up from the default 11x but the current version of CPUZ cannot detect the actual multiplier as yet.

  • Chip-con ApS changes company name to nVENTIV A/S

    Yes, believe what you are seeing. Chip-con, the makers of the Prometia Mach II Phase Change System has officially changed their company name to nVENTIV A/S.

  • Watercooling Guide

    Since I’ve seen quite a few people lately asking for advice on watercooling products and kits lately, I thought to write a ‘guide’ for watercooling and related products. It seems like it could be effective enough and helpful to newbies.