• Icy Dock HDD Enclosures Review

      Icy Dock designs and produces many PC peripherals but, undoubtedly, the German company is famous mostly for their vast range of HDD enclosures. HDD enclosures and trays are the kind of product which is usually overlooked; at least until you need one. Today we will be having a look at a variety of Icy

  • $80 Edifier 2.1 speaker system crying out for Alien dreadlocks

    There are some pretty strange looking speaker systems out there and this one from Edifier definitely falls into that category with the only thing missing being the Alien dreadlocks.

  • Adult industry seeks profit in 3D printing

    In the I knew this was bound to happen department it seems that the growing popularity of 3D printing has made it into the adult sex toys business thanks to Tom Nardone of MakerLove in an effort to be in the highly coveted first to market percentile.

  • ARCTIC Sound P301, P311 and P402 Headphones Review

      ARCTIC has been full of surprises lately, as the company has been diversifying towards other segments of the market rather than sticking with CPU and GPU coolers, the products which the company became well-known for. One of the new market segments ARCTIC has been trying to penetrate concerns sound-related products, with the company releasing

  • PCI Local Bus Turns 20, PCI-Express 10, PCI-SIG Looks Ahead

    The Peripheral Component Interface (PCI) Special Interest Group (SIG) celebrated 20 years of the PCI local bus, an I/O technology in use by computers to this date. This is also the 10th year for PCI-Express interface, which drives most of today's high-bandwidth computer devices. The SIG gave us a glimpse of what lies ahead. 

  • Logitech Touch Mouse M600 arrives in Singapore

    The Logitech Touch Mouse M600 was unveiled in February, in the US, which features a touch surface that lets you navigate intuitively  with your fingers. But the Touch Mouse only made it to our shores recently.

  • Kinect for Media Center is now available

    Following the recent release of Kinect for Windows, forms of further expansion in the differing ways Kinect can be used in Windows are starting to show face with the first major add-in being Kinect for Media Center.

  • MSI launches MultiConnect panel and Voice Genie

    A couple of new motherboard peripherals have been launched by MSI, one of which we’d say is far more useful than the other. First up we have the MultiConnect panel which is a 5.25-inch drive bay unit that sports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth among its features, with the second one being MSI’s Voice Genie card which

  • The future of peripherals, in a glass pane

    Writers and movie-makers have gotten us to dream about this for years: a sexy transparent glass panel which we can type or doodle around to interact with a computer system. This is not too far away from us, now that a Kickstarter project is underway to bring this to fruition.

  • Xebec Tech itouchpad diamond keyboard review

      Xebec Tech is a relatively new computer component manufacturer and designer, with offices in the UK, China and Taiwan. The company, for the time being, focuses their products line-up on computer peripherals only and especially input devices. Today we are going to have a look at one of their most innovative keyboards, the itouchpad

  • Razer unveils Transformers 3 gaming peripherals with movie DVD/Blu-ray release

    Besides the Transformers 3 DVD/Blu-ray movie release, you can now own a piece of limited edition Transformers 3 gaming peripheral from Razer. Razer, with license from Hasbro, has unveiled their new range of Transformers 3 gaming peripherals.

  • Kensington Delivers Physical Security for iPad 2

    Kensington, the company that invented the Kensington Slot that has long become synonymous with cabled security for laptops, has just announced its new family of SecureBack Security Cases for the iPad 2.  Designed to secure Apple's 2nd-generation tablet in public places, the Kensington SecureBack Security Case features a unique three-piece design with a patent-pending rail

  • Thermaltake Challenger Pro Gaming Keyboard & Black Gaming Mouse review

      Tt eSPORTS is a relatively newly found subsidiary company of Thermaltake, aiming to develop, manufacture and ultimately provide gamers with high quality gaming peripherals. The company currently has a long list of high performance keyboards, mice, headsets and other parts. Today we are having a close look on two of their more popular products,

  • Powered by USB to a green future

    Today we're kicking off something new here at VR-Zone with the introduction of the first feature written by a guest writer. If this proves to be popular we'll be doing more of these kinds of stories about various topics written by industry insiders from a wide range of technology companies. So please click on through

  • Silicon Power Releases Touch 835 Flash Drive

    Silicon Power releases the Touch 835 Flash Drive which will be available in 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities.  

  • Super Talent to ship USB 3.0 Flash Drive

    Super Talent has introduced their USB 3.0 ST2 flash drive which offers read speed of up to 67MB/s and write speed of 24MB/s.

  • PLAY AND WIN! – $1000 of Razer Gaming Peripherals on Game Servers!

    In the first of many contests to reward gamers on our servers, will be giving away $1000 worth of Razer gaming peripherals (Keyboards, Mice, Headsets, Mousepads)!

  • Razer Introduces Transformer 3 Themed Peripherals

    Razer, manufacturer of gaming mice, keyboards and other related accessories, has released a series of Transformer 3-themed peripherals. Razer has lined up a gaming mouse, mousepad and laptop sleeve case to help you in your frag adventures just in case you haven't had enough 3D explosions at the latest Transformers movie.

  • Lamptron to Release Slider-based Fan Controller

    Lamptron, a China-based manufacturer of computer modding accessories, has announced the FC9 fan controller. The FC9 uses sliders to control up to four fans and includes customizable LED lighting. See inside for more pictures.

  • Chill Innovation released Micro Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad for all equipment

    The Danish Company Chill Innovation A/S has just announced the release of a new, tiny bluetooth keyboard, claiming that it is "The ultimate media keyboard on the market". The tiny keyboard can work with HTPC systems, Tablet PCs, iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Symbian devices, the Playstation 3 and the list goes on to include any