• Logitech Turns Your iPhone or iPod Touch into Wireless Trackpad and Keyboard

    Fancy using your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless trackpad and keyboard for your HTPC? Logitech has released a free app that allows you to control your Mac or PC wirelessly over WiFi connection.

  • Razer Announced Advanced Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

    Razer has just announced a new light weight, gaming grade, dual-sided mouse mat, giving gamers the choice of speed or precision control surface, with comfort and ergonomics. The Razer Vespula will be available worldwide at a cost of US $34.99 or EU €34.99. More details next page.

  • Ultimate Ears Rocks Industry with Six-Speaker Custom In-Ear Monitors

    Ultimate Ears, leading supplier of custom in-ear montors for professional musicians and emerging provider of premium earphones and headsets for the consumer market, announced the new Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors targeting towards performing artists and audiofiles.

  • AMP Jumps on USB 3.0 Adapters Bandwagon

    Atomix PX Active Media Products (AMP), leader in netbook SSD upgrades, has unveiled the Atomix series of USB 3.0 adapters for desktops (PX, PCI-e x1 card) and laptops (EC, ExpressCard). Read more…

  • Smartfish Unveils ErgoMotion Keyboard

    Smartfish ErgoMotion keyboard Englewood-based Smartfish Technologies has announced the ergonomic friendly ErgoMotion keyboard.   Read more…

  • Mad Catz Announces Updated Eclipse Keyboards and Mice

    Eclipse Litetouch Keyboard (Wireless) Mad Catz, a global leader in providing innovative peripherals for the interactive entertainment industry, is unveiling the Eclipse Litetouch Keyboard, Eclipse Touchmouse and Eclipse Mobilemouse. More details…

  • Microsoft Arc keyboard coming to Singapore next month

    The Microsoft Arc keyboard was showcased at the recent CES 2010 and features a beautiful curved profile. It is lightweight, operates wirelessly (with a snap-in nano transceiver included) and comes with an on/off function for user to conserve its battery life.

  • SteelSeries Announces New Water And Stain Resistant Mousepad

    SteelSeries, leading manufacturer of gaming pheripherals and accessories, announced at CES 2010 the arrival of SteelSeries NP+ Mousepad, that is water and stain resistant.

  • Mad Catz New Range of Products Announced In CES 2010

    This year in CES, Mad Catz, a leader in third party interactive entertainment accessories  provider, announced a range of gaming peripherals and accessories for PC and Wii console, including the new range of Cyborg gaming mice, and the highly anticipated Pro Flight system.

  • A New Chapter for Razer

    Razer has recently announced their new range of gaming pheripherals targeted at the console xbox 360 users, the Onza gaming controller and the Chimaera headset.COST: Onza US $49.99; Europe € 44.99 , Chimaera US $129.99; Europe €109.99

  • Turtle Beach Unleashes Amigo II USB Sound Card

    Turtle Beach Amigo II Turtle Beach has unveiled the Audio Advantage Amigo II USB Sound Card, adding on to its Audio Advantage line-up of USB audio adapters. Read more…

  • VIA Group Announces USB 3.0 Hub Controller

    VIA VL810 SuperSpeed Hub Taipei based VIA Technologies has launched the VIA VL810 SuperSpeed Hub Controller, the world’s first “integrated single chip solution that supports the higher transfer rates of the new USB 3.0 specification”. More details next page…

  • UNITEK SATA USB 3.0 Converter

    Unitek SATA USB 3.0 Converter E-tailer Brando ( is selling the UNITEK SATA USB 3.0 Converter (Y-1034), a nifty device that adds USB 3.0 connectivity to SATA HDDs/SSDs. Read more..

  • Razer Imperator Review

    Razer™, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-end precision gaming and lifestyle peripherals, have recently released the Razer Imperator™ mouse. How does this mouse fair in both handling and performance?

  • Turtle Beach Unleashes Amigo II USB Sound Card

    Turtle Beach has unveiled the Audio Advantage Amigo II USB Sound Card, adding on to its Audio Advantage line-up of USB audio adapters.

  • NZXT Launches IU01 Internal USB Expansion system

    IU01 Internal USB Expansion system NZXT has unveiled the IU01 Internal USB Expansion system, a nifty device that boosts power to the front/top/side USB ports on the chassis. Read more…

  • Targus Announces ACP51US USB docking station

    ACP51US USB docking station Targus has released the ACP51US USB docking station, allowing users to quickly connect their external devices (e.g. external monitor, keyboard, mouse, printer, speakers etc) to the laptop. Read more…

  • FastMac Readies In-Wall USB Charger

    TruePower UCS Power Outlet FastMac is prepping the “TruePower UCS Power Outlet With Built in USB Ports Model: APP-7169” for launch. Read more…

  • Enermax Releases Acrylux Wireless Keyboard

    Black Acrylux Keyboard Enermax has launched the Acrylux keyboard, a slim and compact keyboard aimed at office workers and home users. Read more…

  • Vantec Launches SuperSpeed USB 3.0 Series

    SuperSpeed USB3.0 NexStar 3 Vantec Thermal Technologies, worldwide leader specializing in computer peripherals, has jumped onto the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 bandwagon and unveiled four products supporting the new interface. Read more…