Power Supplies

  • PSU Review – Xigmatek NRP-MC802

    Xigmatek was founded back in 2005 and is a company which primarily focuses on power supplies and high performance cooling solutions. Today we are putting to the test one of Xigmatek’s best power supplies, the NRP-MC802 800W unit, which boasts some very interesting specifications and features; we will see if it can perform as well

  • PSU Review – FSP Aurum Gold 700

    FSP (also known as Fortron-Source) is one of the world’s largest PSU manufacturers. They have been around since 1993 but it was not until 2003 that FSP started their own retail brand, offering their products directly to consumers. Today we are going to have a look at one of the latest and greatest FSP power

  • Why UPS systems are rated in VAs and PSUs in Watts; Explaining Watts, VAr and VA

    When shopping for an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), almost everyone would have noticed that they are either rated in VA's only or in both VA's and Watt's. This is not so with the vast majority of household equipment, including the very power supply unit (PSU) of the computer itself which comes rated in Watts only.

  • LEPA Debuts N-Series and W-Series PSUs

    LEPA, subsidiary of Ecomaster, is preparing to release its N-Series and W-Series non-modular PSUs, targeting mainstream users and gamers. The N-Series, comprising 400W, 500W and 600W variants, feature active PFC, one 12V rail, 120mm PWM fans for cooling, and various protections circuits (Over Power, Over Voltage, Over Current, Short-Circuit, and Brown Out).

  • The different types of UPS systems

    Technology enthusiasts and experts know that the presence of an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) can be vital to the longevity of their technology equipment, especially when they are powered by unstable and / or badly maintained power grids; however most people are unaware of the advantages that owning a UPS can have. But the real

  • How power supplies work

    Even though power supply units are the most critical part of almost every electronic device, being a component absolutely vital to their operation, they rarely are given the attention they deserve. Almost no technology equipment can operate without them since electronic devices cannot operate using the utility grid AC voltage, which also varies in level

  • AC and DC current: Fundamental differences and a simple explanation

    Through daily experience with common household equipment, many people should have noticed the terms AC and DC voltage and / or current; for example on a car battery which outputs 12V DC voltage or a household lighting lamp which needs 230V AC voltage. Yet only very few people can actually realize even that there are

  • Corsair Launches Enthusiast Series TX V2 PSU

    Corsair has announced the Enthusiast Series TX V2 PSUs, targeting gamers and enthusiasts. Available in 650W, 750W and 850W capacities, the non-modular 80 PLUS Bronze certified PSUs boast a single 12V rail, Japanese capacitors, active PFC, an updated DC-to-DC converter design (for tighter voltage regulation), and are equipped with a 140mm double ball-bearing fan for

  • Power Supply Unit Testing Methodology

    At VR-Zone.com, we continuously strive to provide you with the highest quality and most accurate product reviews. Thoroughly and accurately testing a power supply is a complicated matter, not only because the testing has to be done in a controlled environment and with full control over the power load but also because laboratory grade instruments

  • ACHTUNG! VR-Zone is looking for a full-time Hardware Writer

    VR-Zone is looking for a full-time Hardware Writer to work in Santa's Singapore Bencoolen Street Workshop +} Interested? Read on to find out more!

  • Thermaltake Updates Toughpower Grand Series PSUs

    Thermaltake has announced the Toughpower Grand 850W, 1050W and 1200W models, expanding its best-selling Toughpower Grand series of high-performance PSUs.

  • Scythe Introduces Gouriki Line of PSUs

    Scythe has launched its Gouriki 3 series of PSUs, designed for both gamers and mainstream users. Available in 500W, 600W and 700W capacities (modular and non-modular), the 80Plus bronze certified PSUs feature sleeved cables, two 12V rails, various circuitry protection (OCP, OVP, OPP, SCP, UVP & OTP), and is cooled by a 140mm Slip Stream

  • Enermax readies NAXN Series PSUs

    Enermax is preparing to release its NAXN line-up of PSUs, designed for both gamers and enthusiasts. Available in modular (NAXN 82+) and non-modular (NAXN 80+) models, they feature Heat and Air Guard functions, multiple protection circuitry (OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP and SIP), active PFC, and are cooled by a silent

  • GIGABYTE introduces GreenMax PSU Series

    GIGABYTE has launched the GreenMax, a performance energy saving family of PSUs aimed at mainstream users. Available in 350W, 400W, 450W, 550W, 650W, 750W and 850W variants, these 80 PLUS Bronze certified PSUs are ATX12V v2.3 compliant and boast multiple 12V rails, sleeved cables, Japanese capacitors, numerous protection features and a lifespan of 120,000 hours.

  • Thortech announces Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt PLUS Series Gaming Performance PSUs

    Thortech has launched its all new Thunderbolt and Thunderbolt PLUS Series high efficiency gaming performance power supply units (PSU). The Thunderbolt PLUS Series is equipped with the patented innovative iPower Meter interactive PSU control panel which allows the user to control fan speed as well as monitor actual efficiency, wattage and temperature. The Thunderbolt and

  • Super Flower Unleashes Market’s First Platinum PSU

    Taipei-based Super Flower Computer Inc, manufacturer of numerous professional switching PSUs and computer enclosures, has announced the SF-550P14PE, the first platinum certified PSU to hit store shelves.

  • Gigabyte unveils new 900W and 1200W Sumo Power PSUs

    Gigabyte is preparing to release its 900W and 1200W Sumo Power PSUs, aimed at hardcore gamers and overclocking enthuasists.

  • FSP Group Introduces Aurum Series PSUs

    Taiwan based FSP Group is readying its Aurum series of PSUs for release.

  • Enermax Readies ErPro80+ Series PSUs

    Enermax Technology Corporation, leading designer and manufacturer of high-end PSUs, PC cooling solutions, PC cases, and PC peripherals, is preparing to launch its ErPro80+ series of PSUs, targeting mainstream users.

  • OCZ unveils new Vertex 3 Pro SSD, Z-Drive R3 PCIE SSD and ZX series Power Supplies

    OCZ Technology Group, renowned manufacturer of solid state drives (SSD), power supplies and memory modules for computers, has recently unveiled their latest and fastest SSD solutions to date at the Consumer Electronics Show this year at Las Vegas. Among the new products showcased include Vertex 3 Pro SSD, Z-Drive R3 PCI-Express SSD, as well as their 80-Plus Gold