Power Supplies

  • Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center Begins Operation

    Taiwan’s first energy-saving and zero-carbon building in Taiwan, will be inaugurated on January 12th, 2011. Named after engineer-politician Sun Yun-suan, the Y. S. Sun Green Building Research Center is located in Li-Hsing Campus, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan.

  • VR-Zone Christmas Buying Guide 2010

    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and while there’s no snow in sunny-and-occasional-rainy Singapore, many of us still celebrate Christmas here. If you haven’t done your Christmas shopping for your beloved yet (you know who you are), here are twenty products, both hardware and consumer products, we at VR-Zone.com have come up with that we think

  • Antec Debuts High Current Pro Series Performance PSUs

    Antec, Inc. has announced its latest high-end line of PSUs, the High Current Pro series. Available in 750W, 850W, 1000W, and 1200W variants, these 80Plus Gold-certified PSUs feature high-performance full-bridge topology, active PFC, special heavy-gauge 16 AWG high current cable, gold-plated high-current terminals, 8 (1200W)/ 10-pin high current hybrid cable management connectors, double-layer printed circuit

  • Zalman Announces ZM1000-HP PLUS and ZM850HP PLUS PSUs

    Korean-based Zalman has launched the ZM1000-HP PLUS (1000W) and ZM850HP PLUS (850W) PSUs, targeting enthusiasts. These 80 Plus Silver certified PSUs features a two-forward switching design, a dual heat-pipe heatsink – 140mm fan combo cooling solution, active PFC, four 12V rails, and sleeved modular cables. They can be purchased from major retailers and e-tailers at

  • A-DATA Announces HM Series PSUs

    ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. has launched its HM series PSUs, targeting gamers and over-clocking enthusiasts. Available in capacities of 550W, 650W, 750W, 850W and 1200W (two 12V rails), the 80 Plus Bronze certified PSUs boast modular cables, 100% Japanese capacitors, a single +12V rail (except 1,200W variant), a triple color dual-ball bearing fan, a MTBF

  • Scythe Chouriki 2 Plug-In 650W PSU Review

    While Scythe is well-known for their cooling products, we are going to look at something different from the Japanese company – a power supply unit. Scythe boasts some interesting specifications and performance figures about their Chouriki 2 650W Plug-In PSU; we will thoroughly test the power supply and see if it can live up to

  • Thortech Thunderbolt PLUS 800W PSU Review

    Today we are going to test Thortech’s very first power supply unit, the Thunderbolt PLUS 800W. Thortech Power is a subsidiary of GeIL, a well-known RAM manufacturer. Seeing a RAM manufacturer releasing a PSU is nothing new; several more have done so in the past. However, GeIL’s approach differs because their PSU is designed ground-up

  • How To Choose A Proper Power Supply Unit

    While power supplies do not affect the speed of your system, it is the component that more often than not, determines system stability. Futhermore, more powerful power supplies are not necessarily always better. How to choose the right power supply for your needs then? Read on to find out.

  • Insights from the Inside: Interview with Antec’s Senior Vice President

    Want to know more about Antec’s new High Current Gamer and High Current Pro power supplies? What’s so special about the LANBOY Air casing? Does Antec have any plans for watercooling fans? Anymore cool stuff this year? Hear them all from Scott Richards, Antec’s Senior Vice President.

  • NZXT Presents HALE90 PSU Series

    California-based NZXT, well-known for their quality PC chassis, has jumped on the power supply bandwagon with the release of its HALE90 PSU series.

  • GIGABYTE Presents PowerRock Series of PSUs

    GIGABYTE has unveiled its PowerRock series of affordable PSUs, targeting mainstream users on a budget.

  • Thermaltake Presents Toughpower Ultra Slim 95W Power Adapter

    Thermaltake has announced the Toughpower Ultra Slim 95W universal power adapter, targeting notebook / netbook users always on the move.

  • Tagan Ships PipeRock III PSUs

    Taiwan-based Tagan Technology has started to ship its PipeRock III series of PSUs, targeting PC enthusiasts.

  • Scythe Announces Chouriki 2 PSU Series

    Scythe has launched its Chouriki 2 PSU series, expanding its diversified product portfolio from performance CPU coolers and chassis to PSUs.

  • Enermax launches MODU87+ 800W and 900W Power Supplies

    It seems that the rumors floating around earlier this week turned out to be true after all. Enermax, a well-known manufacturer of power supply units, has rolled out a couple of additions to its MODU87+ series: the EMG800EWT and EMG900EWT, which are capable of providing 800W and 900W of power respectively.

  • Win gold with Cooler Master!

    In celebration of the Silent Pro Gold power supply series, Cooler Master is giving away real gold and other exclusive prizes! There are two ways to win! Play the Flash game where you turn a friend into a gold brick and announce to the world, or get yourself a Silent Pro Gold power supply and

  • COMPUTEX 2010: Casings, Power Supply Units and Cooling Roundup!

    COMPUTEX TAIPEI brings together a disproportionate number of casings, power supplies and cooling products. SilverStone TJ11? Beefy 105A single +12V rail? Dual layer HDT heatsinks from XIGMATEK?  See them all in this show report!

  • OCZ Unveils Fatal1ty 750 Watt Modular PSU

    OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has launched the Fatal1ty 750 Watt Modular PSU, adding on to its Fatal1ty series of PSUs. More details…

  • Scythe Announces “Stronger” Series PSUs

    Japan based Scythe has unveiled its Stronger series of PSUs, targeting mainstream users. More next page…

  • OCZ Technology Group Announces the PC Power & Cooling Silencer Mk II Power Supply

    The Silencer has been a trusted PSU series on the market for more than twenty years and is built for best-in-class stability and reliability. Redesigned to provide a smaller form factor, quieter fan, and higher 80-Plus® certified efficiencies, the new Silencer Mk II Series offers a highly robust power supply to accompany a top-of-the-line professional,